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Comment: Re:I have done lots of both and say C++ absolutely (Score 1) 372

Actually I hate how many people beat the crap out of templates. I love the cleaner implementations of templates when used for things like vectors but I was looking at this guy's code and he was using templates in some obtuse way to literally initialize integers. I forget how he did it but he made "int x=5;" very very complicated.

The other thing that I see people doing is the nightmare of "future proofing" their software with templates. They will write functions that only take a single input type and return a single output type and use templates so as to make this generic. Except that this isn't some API situation but just a function that will probably never ever ever ever be expanded.

I lump these people in with those who will comment like this:

// This function will get the user's ID from their username
// Takes one parameter username which is the user's username
// Returns one integer representing the user's ID.
// Returns zero if the username is not found
// CREATED BY: Unknown [IP:] on Jan 1, 1970
// MODIFIED BY: Unknown [IP:] on Jan 1, 1970
// MODIFIED BY: Unknown [IP:] on Jan 1, 1970
// MODIFIED BY: Unknown [IP:] on Jan 1, 1970
// MODIFIED BY: Unknown [IP:] on Jan 1, 1970
int GetUserIDFromUserName(string username)
//Set the user_id to its default value
int user_id=0;
.... some kind of username lookup ...
//When complete return the user's id if any matches found. Otherwise return -1
return user_id;
Now these same pedantic asshats are doing the above function using templates just in case the user ID become boolean or something or the username becomes a float.

Comment: I have done lots of both and say C++ absolutely. (Score 1) 372

Basically some asshat at NeXT chose Objective-C and that has sort of percolated through Apple. Originally the only way to do iOS apps was Objective-C; so I learned Objective-C. I hated every minute of it. All those damned, [][]][[. The moment I found an environment where I could go back to C++ I was gone.

So if you have to make an iOS app and you must use the iOS SDK then I guess you should learn objective-c. But under any other circumstances learn C++.

Comment: Re:Thank you Epic (Score 3, Informative) 142

by EmperorOfCanada (#49168037) Attached to: Unreal Engine 4 Is Now Free
Already a few disappointments. One is that the installed app is around 250Mb for what is effectively hello world. Also the whole environment is slow as molasses and I have a mac pro 2013. On the good side I think that I could develop just about anything that popped into my head. I am a bit worried about this being one of those silver bullets where the normal parts are developed so quickly that the project is seemingly 90% done in no time but the fiddly bits then take 10x as long. One other thing is that I like to release my iOS apps going back to iOS 5.1.1

I love cocos2dx but I am starting to balk at the 2d part. They are introducing 3D so that is good. The documentation for cocos2d is sparse. The executables are small and the startup delay isn't too bad. It is 64 bit for IOS (critical). Very multi-platform (Win, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, and I think mobile windows). Their release schedule is very fast. Also the C++ is pretty close to the bone which means that the project sort of marches forward at a steady pace including the fiddly bits.

I recently played with Gameplay3d and was actually quite impressed. Very simple and it just sort of works. The only huge thing was that importing assets in from something like Maya was cumbersome and sort of sucked. The documentation is nearly nonexistent (documentation with useful examples) their sample code was trying to show off how they were such efficient coders and didn't separate out each bit of functionality.

The platform that attracts me the most is Openframeworks. Except that they don't yet do 64 bit on iOS which is a show stopper. They are promising this with their 0.9.0 release.

But I might have spoken too soon. I am going to continue now with cocos2d and probably deploy version 1 of my present project in that. But I am going to spend an hour an evening seeing how hard I can push Unreal.

What worries me is that with Unreal I might alter my game to fit their environment which might make for a very beautiful game that isn't much fun instead of the ugly game that I make that is fun.

Comment: Re:Best idea is not to hide. (Score 1) 243

If 95% of the entire world population was converted into zombies magically overnight, it would take the other 5% 20 days at 1 zombie a day to eradicate the horde. If any reasonable model of infection is consulted, a sizable enough portion of the worlds armies would remain uninfected to solve the issue in a matter of hours.

Comment: Hardly anyone says, "I don't use Google+" (Score 2, Interesting) 141

by EmperorOfCanada (#49163957) Attached to: Google+ Divided Into Photos and Streams, With New Boss
Hardly anyone says, "I don't use Google+". I know people who say, "I don't use Facebook", or "I dumped facebook." but with G+ it is just sort of assumed. Sort of like it is assumed that people don't use MySpace.

The only time anyone I know mentions G+ is when they blah blah about how G is being an ass about linking it to other things. Google tried to make it relevant but offered nothing that was really new. I found the whole circles thing a confused mess.

In fact the only people who I find tend to have a google plus presence also seem to have something to do with Google. Either they work for google or do something with Stanford and thus probably are surrounded by googly people.

I would be curious to know how much money has been spent trying to prop up G+?

Comment: Re:Oh God No... (Score 1) 222

by RivenAleem (#49162861) Attached to: Harrison Ford To Return In Blade Runner Sequel

I read this thread and wonder why nobody has mentioned Carrie Fisher. Isn't she returning to Star Wars despite not only aging but also having had a massive drugs and drink phase? Is that not a case where they felt that the only person suitable to play Leia is herself?

If you wanted to show Harrison Ford as an aged Deckard, but portray Rachel as unaged, you could cast Krysten Ritter in her place. They look similar enough and she could play the character fine I'm sure.

"Well, if you can't believe what you read in a comic book, what *can* you believe?!" -- Bullwinkle J. Moose