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Comment Tempest in a teapot (Score 0) 346

Frankly, I could care less about "the fine print" as long as I have a carrier that offers good and consistent coverage. At the end of the day, for me it's just a "phone with benefits." Whoever offers me the best coverage is going to get my business. I even tolerated Verizon's sneaky BS and intentionally crippled devices because they offered reliable service in my somewhat rural area, but now they've clearly oversubscribed their infrastructure to the point where I consistently have connectivity issues. So I'll move on to a carrier that doesn't have that issue. If that happens to be T-MO, then so be it.

Comment Unsafe at any speed (Score 4, Informative) 28

I've always been fascinated with Jim Bede's designs and his "get shit done" attitude. Personally, my favorite was the BD-10, a supersonic jet for folks on a high end cessna budget.

However, he is also somewhat infamous in the industry for how many of his creations have crashed and resulted int he deaths of their owners. Spark of brilliance with a bit too little attention being paid to safety and reliability.

Comment Re: Harvard is the right place (Score 1, Insightful) 348

But of course....he "inherited" the failures, but owns any "successes".


It's the whole "Success has many fathers, but failure is always an orphan" thing. But Obama being the narcissist that he is, many fathers = himself.

I'll be glad when the current clown show is over. The melt down of American foreign policy along with the rampant deficit spending has been breathtaking in its lack of foresight and heaping truckloads of incompetence. Jimmy Buffet singing to the French after Charlie Hebdo? Really?

Obama will still be blaming Bush when he's in his 90's and trips over his walker in the nursing home cafeteria.

Comment Re:I've had the watch 10 days (Score 1) 113

And you're bragging about that? Call me crazy, but I'm accustomed to replacing my watch battery every few YEARS. Charging it daily (or when the battery wears down in 6-12 months) twice a day is a complete non-starter.

This is an interesting device, but a complete fail when it comes to utility.

Comment Re:Going off the grid completeletly is stupid (Score 2) 281

This is all a semantics game. Personally, when I think "off grid" I'm thinking "grid-tied, but I generate as much juice as I can through solar cells". Excess gets sold to "the collective" and on rainy days I pull from the battery that is the grid. Unless you live in a Seattle-esque climate, that is an achievable goal for most single family homes for not a whole lot of money. It takes pressure off the central grid and through tax incentives isn't even much of a financial hardship to implement.

Being entirely grid free is a much more expensive proposition since you need a fairly expensive bank of batteries to store energy and perhaps a generator (pick a fuel) to CYA when the weather isn't cooperative.

I've voted with my pocketbook and am going the grid-tied route. For about US$15k I will have a system that can power my home on sunny days and will likely pay for itself in 5-7ish years.

Comment Cool CNC machine (Score 1) 449

You can already finish an 80% AR-15 lower receiver with hand tools and a metal jig. There are companies selling the "paper weights" made from aluminum and some make them from plastic. I don't see what all the fuss is about.

That said, the machine appears to be a well made and sturdy. I'd be much more inclined to use it to make auto parts for my car projects. Hope his hand waving doesn't get him into trouble and that we'll be able to buy the machines.

Comment Re:Implement locally? (Score 1) 145

Sure, I get there are edge cases where you might want to get a call from an unknown caller. The circumstances on your list (for me) are rare. I'm talking maybe once every few years rare. Robocalls are obnoxious and legion. I pretty much don't even answer my landline anymore because it rings several times a day with junk calls. Registering the number on the do not call lists had zero effect. More needs to be done to punish purveyors of this service at the source.

It would be nice if you could have your telco provider apply an aggressive spam filter by default.

Comment Re:Welcome to the police state (Score 1) 152

If you're in the big chair, you're responsible. That's part of the package of being the President. If you don't like some existing policy then you work to change it. I haven't seen any evidence of that in this realm by the Obama administration. On the contrary, surveillance seems to be accelerating. And for the record, I didn't vote for the previous guy.

Comment bitcoin is circling the drain, but.... (Score 3, Insightful) 80

If the Winkletwins want to hype it up long enough so that I can dispose of the last of my BTC stash while 1BTC is still over US$200, I'm game.

Having bitcoins kept in a US bank seems to defeat the purpose of bitcoin, but it it helps me with my previous point, then by golly, full speed ahead.

Comment Re:Censorship? (Score 1, Insightful) 420

Yes, it sure does happen. Just ask the politically incorrect (for the current administration) non-profit orgs who got "special attention" by the IRS. Knowing where you live is one thing...having the ability to freeze all your assets or deny your org legitimate rights afforded to "politically correct" orgs that get little scrutiny is a whole new class of bullying.

Comment Re:Not expensive for an audiophile device (Score 4, Insightful) 391

For the "audiophile" market, it's all about marketing. There are companies out there that are quite successful at selling multi-thousand dollar speaker cables to the gullible with deep pockets. It doesn't have to actually "sound better". I doubt they expect to move these in high volume, but there are certainly a number of folks that will buy it as a prop and show that they really care about their music. :)

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