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Comment: Scary name (Score 0) 270

"Sonic cannon"? Nice bit of hyperbole. Everyone else just calls them airguns.

That ~ 250 dB @ 1m is a bit misleading. It won't be that loud at 1m because airgun arrays are not point sources. Additionally, there shouldn't be anything that close as it's standard practice to start at a lower amplitude and ramp up slowly. The amplitude falls off with distance quite quickly.

This technology has been in widespread use for decades.

Comment: Re:i'm glad to work for free (Score 3, Insightful) 381

by Rising Ape (#47490885) Attached to: Dealing With 'Advertising Pollution'

you either get rid of advertising and pay to watch each video, or you put up with advertising.

I have no objection to paying for ad-free stuff. Of course, to be fair, I'd then like a refund on the part of the price of the stuff I buy that goes to advertising it.

That's the worst thing about advertising - it's surely more expensive than just paying directly, as you have to pay people to make the ad, plus various extra middlemen. And in return for that extra money you get to be assaulted by obnoxious audiovisual pollution.

Comment: Re:Fortran and vim (Score 1) 359

Actually, it's everything and vim, but I usually code in Fortran

Ah, so you're the other Fortran programmer on here. I've often thought I should learn a proper IDE because I'm working with code that needs serious reworking and something to automate the process would help. Emacs is fine for most things though.

Perhaps I should be thankful I'm not using a card punch...

Comment: Not so good (Score 1) 365

by Rising Ape (#47341681) Attached to: Germany's Glut of Electricity Causing Prices To Plummet

So what all this is saying is that at the times when the solar panels are producing the most power they can only sell it for peanuts? If it wasn't for feed in tariffs that guaranteed a big payment no matter what the selling price they'd be stuffed.

That's not exactly a ringing endorsement for solar power.

Comment: Re:Does VoLTE work from one carrier to another? (Score 1) 126

by Rising Ape (#47078445) Attached to: US Wireless Carriers Shifting To Voice Over LTE

Makes sense, but then surely the same gateway could be used to let an LTE mobile phone talk to a non-LTE mobile phone, without the need to kick the handset itself onto 3G. I can understand the lack of urgency though - VoLTE is hardly a selling point and they'll have to maintain the older network for the forseeable future anyway.

Comment: Re:Does VoLTE work from one carrier to another? (Score 1) 126

by Rising Ape (#47078157) Attached to: US Wireless Carriers Shifting To Voice Over LTE

It seems strange to me that VoLTE needs *both* ends to support it in order to work. What about when you want to call a traditional non-mobile number? Surely they can't intend to keep 2G/3G around forever for this purpose, or is this feature planned for a later version of LTE?

Comment: Re:Upset the industry? (Score 2) 234

by Rising Ape (#47030621) Attached to: Why Cheap Smartphones Are Going To Upset the Industry

I tried one of those Chinese smartphones. Absolute pile of crap - technically it worked but it was so slow and frustrating that trying to use it was an utter chore. My Nexus 5 cost three times as much but is easily worth it.

Agree on the contracts though - my monthly bill on Three PAYG is about £5-10.

Comment: Re:They've been pushing this angle for a while (Score 1) 362

by Rising Ape (#47025959) Attached to: Should Tesla Make Batteries Instead of Electric Cars?

Let it die in the middle of a big recession? Not the best idea to put countless people out of work, reducing tax revenue both directly and from less spending in the wider economy. The lower spending of these workers elsewhere would then have knock-on effects and the total damage could easily exceed the cost of the bailout.

Saying "just let them die" would needlessly destroy a lot of normally profitable and productive companies that struggle purely due to a recession that was outside their control, as well as make said recession a lot worse.

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