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by Risha (#35393226) Attached to: Compared to a year or two ago, I find I'm printing ...
Then again, I'm now employed programming forms full time instead of part, and for a company that (for reasons that escape me) does not have software to print to instead of printers. You wouldn't believe the stack of paper you go through incrementally moving a bullet to find the thousandth of an inch that looks the best on the actual page.

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by Risha (#32705460) Attached to: 'Telecommuting' In Formula 1
Interestingly, apparently some of the drivers have trained for unfamiliar tracks using... GT4, I think? And Speed had an amusing segment a few years ago where they filmed a driver (Nico Rosburg?) do a virtual run all the way around the track with his eyes closed, with an accompanying feed showing that it would be very nearly a perfect run on the real thing.

+ - School District Spying on Students->

Submitted by Ma8thew
Ma8thew (861741) writes "A lawsuit has been filed against the Lower Merion School District by a student's family after a school principle disciplined a student for 'improper behaviour in his home'. It would seem that not only do the school district have the capability to remotely activate the webcams in take-home laptops, they also believe they have a right to monitor students wherever they are in the world."
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by Risha (#28158295) Attached to: How American Homeless Stay Wired
I was in group therapy with a man who had been fired from a high powered executive job that he had made his whole life, and his wife had asked for a divorce immediately after, and he had become deeply depressed. Despite the councilor's best efforts, so pointlessly angry that he refused to do anything like applying for a job that he felt was below the level of his previous job. As of his last day of the two month program, he was within a day of being thrown out of his condo. He was a perfectly nice guy, and I felt bad for him, so I gave real thought to inviting him home to stay with us for a couple of weeks. But in the end I let him walk out (after wishing him well, of course, and telling him to call if he had an emergency). I had been in therapy with him three days a week for a month, and KNEW that as long as he was living on my couch, he would do absolutely nothing to fix his situation, and in the end I'd need to kick him out into the same exact situation. I very much hope that he got it together once he experienced living in his car in NJ in February, but there was nothing I would be able to do to actually help him in any real way.
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Submitted by katicli
katicli (1139485) writes "Desert Bus, the adventure of driving from Tuscan Arizona to Las Vegas real time by Penn and Teller, was designed to be absolutely horrible and painfully realistic. There are no other cars, no scenery aside from the occasional cactus, and no other passengers. Only an occasional slight list of the bus to the right breaks the monotony of the trip (which is approximately 8 hours each way). If the bus is crashed it will be towed back to the city of origin (real time). If the player completes the trip they are awarded a single point and invited to drive back. There is no pause button. Needless to say it exceeded its design goal of complete boringness and was never released. Now the game is back, in its full Sega CD glory, for a second (first?) life as a charity event. Comedy group Loading Ready Run is playing the game to raise money for the Child's Play Charity (founded by Penny Arcade). Four members of the comedy group are playing the game non-stop for a sentence that increases by the amount of money that is donated (currently 104 hours and counting). You can tune into the wonderful adventures of this virtual road trip by a live feed of the video game, a live IRC chat room with the drivers and fans, or a live video of the group playing the game. Residents of Victoria BC invited to stop by for the event and are encouraged to bring snacks. Donations are accepted on the website."
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