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Only the FCC dismantled any requirement that infrastructure owners be required to sell access to their lines at all, and certainly not at any kind of fair rate back in the mid-2000s, so the other providers over AT&T's fiber or copper will never be real competitors. They only exist at the whim of the wire owners.

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by k8to (#47280243) Attached to: Researchers Find "Achilles Heel" of Drug Resistant Bacteria

I'm a medical minimalist, but refusing to sterilize cuts is kind of stupid.

Your immune system doesn't need a significant exposure to antigens to trigger the normal hypothalamus reactions and induce immune-system learning and memory reactions. Meanwhile your immune system isn't guaranteed to win arbitrary scale battles and you don't really know what was on whatever cut you. It's not like really unfortunate bacteria are all that rare.

You should also realize that you get away with this because you live in a relatively low-bacteria environment, such as an arid or temperate one. By your logic you should move to the tropics because you'll get far more exposure to diseases. Only there refusing to sterelize cuts will lead to some really bad situations.

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by k8to (#47004841) Attached to: U.S. Passenger Jet Nearly Collided With Drone In March

If you don't see the usefulnes, I have to challenge your reading or thinking skills.

This is in a discussion inspired by a plaything endangering many human lives, in a subdiscussion about regulation of those things.

Obviously a good line like this allows for reasonable regulation of playthings that are frequently used in dangerous ways vs those that are not and thus should not need regulation.

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You're simply underinformed.

it's possible to have service level agreements about things like uptime of a service that is wholly managed by a provider that are sane. Things like how much is guaranteed before payment is reduced or no longer expected.

However that's not what IT departments deal in. No IT department starts losing funding if they fuck up the DNS infastructure for 2 weeks. No IT department loses its funding if they fuck up the spanning tree for the 5th time in a single year.

SLAs in this context are about "we promise to write a pointless reply email within 1 day" and such, which are the VAST MAJORITY of SLAs in the overall computing and IT industries. And if you had any breadth of experience you would know that.

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There have already been rulings that decided that headers that define a public api are not under copyright if they represent the only way that that public api can be declared.

In other words, this judge did not follow precedent, or they're in different jurisdictions (I don't actually know).

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More briefly: Service Level Agreements are accepting failure and then trying to limit it.

Service Level Agreements get demanded for communication paths or trust relationships that have already failed, and now someone is demanding a limit to the amount of failure.

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Far from it.

IT Departments fail from the inside over time, and are replaced by mindless outsourcers, contract buyers, and CIO magazine readers. Productivity decreases drastically as the employees are blocked from effectively doing their jobs by infrastructure problems, and no one at the top even understands the problem enough to be upset about it.

That's the usual pattern.

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by k8to (#46789313) Attached to: Detroit: America's Next Tech Boomtown

Communities and prevailing attitudes are pretty different.

And speaking as a gay person, I'm not very interested in the "gay communities". I'm interested in a place that I can live as an openly gay person without having to give a shit about it. Closest in the US to that is the Bay Area, definitely not Texas.

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