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Comment Blocking AdBlock (Score 2) 286

I've been to a few websites recently that detect AdBlock and redirect me to a page telling me to turn it off. What's really annoying is that we have WebSense at work, which blocks adverts, and then I get redirected to the switch off AdBlock page.

This is further compounded by some websites sticking up a dialog box telling me to register or "Like" them on Facebook if I want to continue browsing their content.

I suspect we'll be seeing more of this in future, meaning that I'll soon have to re-install NoScript just to browse without being nagged.

Comment Re:Does this law protect puppies? (Score 4, Insightful) 1168

Your analogy is completely wrong. Of course a pet store owner would be within their right to refuse the sale of an animal to a person that's going to abuse it.

A better example would be a shop worker refusing serve a gay man because the shop worker's religion says that homosexuality is a sin.

Religious Freedom is about the freedom to practice your religion, not to use it as an excuse to be an asshole to people.

Unfortunately, that's exactly what religion is about these days.

Comment But it is "good enough" (Score 2) 437

My phone (Galaxy S3) doesn't support Lollipop (and it's looking like Cyanogenmod isn't going to support it either).

To be honest, my phone works "good enough" for me. I'll upgrade when it gives up the ghost.

I haven't upgraded my laptop in 8 or so years, because it works "good enough". Same goes for my DVR, even though it doesn't support HD. The only reason I got a new TV was because my old one died (that said, being able to watch YouTube and BBC iPlayer directly through the TV is brilliant).

Comment Re:I don't get "smartphones are too expensive" (Score 4, Interesting) 150

what exactly is the point of this?

In some countries, people only earn a couple of dollars a day. They still want access to the internet, but paying hundreds of dollars (hell, even a hundred dollars) to do it on their phone is madness. A $29 phone is precisely what they want (and even at this price, I imagine a few people might have to give this investment some serious thought first).

Both Microsoft and Google (read: Android phone manufacturers) have moved to the emerging markets as they can see its potential. I have no idea why Apple aren't tapping into this, maybe they know their customers will blindly buy their next phone regardless of its features or price.

Comment Why I stopped going (Score 3, Insightful) 400

I stopped going to the cinema because of people talking to their mates (usually in any language but English) either because they were bored or couldn't understand what was going on. The second reason was people checking Facebook or something on their phone and causing a distraction.

That said, some movies simply don't work as well on the small screen. I watched Guardians Of The Galaxy a couple of days ago and wished I'd watched it in the cinema instead. The climatic battle at the end didn't feel as epic as it should have.

Provided it gets good reviews, I'll watch the new Star Wars film in the cinema, but as for everything else, I'll rent it off whatever streaming service hosts it.

Comment Fake torrents don't work (Score 3, Insightful) 130

Uploading a fake torrent would only work for about an hour before all the leechers find out it's bad and stop downloading, reducing the number of seeders to less than a dozen.

All these studios (not just Sony) need to realize that people don't want to subscribe to an entire suite of channels just to watch 1 show. HBO seems to get this, but I imagine their new service will only work in the US, meaning the rest of us will have to get Game Of Thrones the usual way.

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