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Comment: Nice for rural areas.. (Score -1) 41

by RightSaidFred99 (#46750509) Attached to: Google Buys Drone Maker Titan Aerospace

But wireless is fundamentally inferior to wired, I'd much rather have fiber in metro areas in terms of home internet. Mobile internet? Hells yeah, this could do an end-run around the big carriers. If Google truly wanted to "do no evil" they'd build a kickass flying infrastructure system and then lease it out to providers to sell.

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by RightSaidFred99 (#46729613) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How To Start With Linux In the Workplace?

What an asinine comment. So nobody should ever do anything new because, well, it's already been around for decades in some form or another.

Powershell is different from the UNIX shell environment. In some ways things are more difficult, in others much much easier and cleaner.

What does a neckbeard like you get out of this? Powershell isn't bash and sucks! What I get a kick out of is the plethora of bullshit UNIX shells and how they get a pass, even though they all have their own little quirks. Back when I was stuck on 70's technology, the rule was always use 'sh' for scripts, not csh/tcsh - those can be used for interactive but are poor choices for scripts.

Nowadays? Pfft, people using 'bash', 'sh', 'tcsh', it's a god damn mess. Then you have the cool kids using Python (Perl is so old school now, apparently, though it's 50X better for most routine UNIX scripting).

Don't be a tard, nobody will take you seriously.

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by RightSaidFred99 (#46729433) Attached to: The New 'One Microsoft' Is Finally Poised For the Future

OpenStack? Fucking please. I have to deal with that monstrosity at work. Good. Fucking. Luck. It's a piece of shit, a mishmash of half-working shit thrown together in more of a cloud "framework" you can maybe make work if you have 50 people to put on it than a "product". Mirantis (and others) have sprung up around it trying to make it something moderately less miserable to install and manage, but even the "easy mode" OpenStack is incredibly hard in a large, complex enterprise environment.

But it's definitely got momentum, I'll give you that. It's complete _shit_ compared to Azure, but Azure is also a different product - you can't (fully and well) install Azure in your own enterprise.

So to some degree they are different beasts. But if Microsoft were to focus on making Azure something you could deploy on-premises easily Openstack would be an epic fail in just about every way in comparison.

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WCF is still around because it works ridiculously well for SOAP based web services over multiple types of transports. There's nothing better.

Of course, REST is now where all the cool kids are going, but then again all the cool kids are using Web Scale MongoDB and Rubython with Djangeroo and WebFlops Celery, or whatever ridiculous mishmash of bullshit is popular now.

Comment: Re:Good for devs. (Score 0) 270

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WebAPI has not replaced WCF. Sure, all the cool kids think REST services are the only game in town, but it ain't so and WCF does a lot, lot, lot more than WebAPI.

Sure, they moved OData and REST to WebAPI, but that ain't the whole enchilada. Not sure why anyone using WCF would be "annoyed".

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by RightSaidFred99 (#46727925) Attached to: $250K Reward Offered In California Power Grid Attack

They lack imagination. Even simpler and more terrorizing would be Mumbai style attacks. 20 terrorists willing to die could cripple this country for weeks and cost us billions and billions by just murdering random people and trying to keep doing it as long as they can.

But they want big, showy, single-event terrorism.

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