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User Journal

Journal: Buchenskjoll

Journal by Rie Beam

Apparently Buchenskjoll has a stick up his ass over my conversion from metric centimeters to in/ft in a post meant simply as humor. Keep in mind this fact had nothing to do with the joke (which was about, of all things, tiny soccer-playing robots humping people's legs), so it came as a surprise to me that someone could honestly care so much over my translation of the measuring unit.
Here in America, a lot of the people I've met with have a poor grasp of the metric system, so whenever an occurance of it appears, I usually have to translate it for them. Thus, it's a bit of a force of habit, little more. Yes, I like the metric system - who wouldn't? - but that doesn't mean I would or can simply abandon the system I and those around myself were born and raised on. I translate out of habit, and in the theory that maybe someone doesn't get the full extent of the joke until I translated it (however small of chance).
Of course that apparently doesn't mean shit to Buchenskjoll - have a glance at his previous posts. Not to sound rude, but most just seem to exist to screw with the Americanisms used by the person posting, rather than addressing anything partially interesting about the article itself. Just another fucking Grammar Nazi, and although he lives in another sphere of grammar, just as intolerant of language variations as any other such Grammar Nazi.

Have you ever noticed that the people who are always trying to tell you `there's a time for work and a time for play' never find the time for play?