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Comment: Re:Can this be used for prank phone calls? (Score -1) 68

You really missed the boat on that. Before 2010's "Truth in Caller ID" act, and during the heyday of fly-by-night mom-and-pop VoIP telcos, you could call pretty much anybody, pretending to be anybody, and more or less get away with it. These days I whould just be content with listening to old Longmont Potion Castle LPs.

Cringely Predicts Apple to Ship OS X for Any PC 789

Posted by CowboyNeal
from the aqua-for-all dept.
boosman writes "In his current column, and in a similar op-ed piece in The New York Times, Robert X. Cringely predicts that Apple 'will announce a product similar to Boot Camp to allow OS X to run on bog-standard 32-bit PC hardware.' I dissect why this is unthinkable and challenge Cringely to a public bet on the subject."
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Journal: Heh. 2

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Here is my patented spam blacklist:


Compile with gcc and:

./a.out | xargs -L 1 -I target iptables -I INPUT 0 target -j drop

Edit: Wouldn't want to piss off the BSD users, so:

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