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Comment Re:Volvo AREN'T autonomous (Score 1) 229

There should be no difference with automobiles than with airplanes. A computer should know where every automobile(within its given area) is and its speed and direction of travel and last its destination. All this information would be erased once the automobile either reaches its destination or is out of its given area of concern for privacy concerns. Cell towers would be a great help here. All cell towers would have a computer to control the traffic around it. Any automobile would communicate with the tower any problems it is having. This information would be than communicated with all vehicles close to it. The speed of each vehicle would not be up to the driver but would be determined by the computer. There are occasion where there is a sudden loss of visibility. The computer would be able to slow all the vehicles to a safe speed at the same time. The question is how much are we going to sacrifice to save over 30,000 lives every year? Of course if we knew that it would be our own life that was saved, we would demand that the other drivers sacrifice a lot. But since we do not know whose lives will be saved a lot of us are not willing to sacrifice much.

Comment Re:One handed clap (Score 1) 103

Build far enough underground and there would be little need for air conditioning. There would be no weather problems. Driving in tunnels would be far easier as there would be no pedestrians or wildlife. Even if the costs are enormous and it take centuries to justify the expense, the savings after that would be far more than the expenses. We just need to learn from Bertha in Seattle.

Comment Re:Been there...ugh (Score 1) 115

Every thing that requires electricity should have a chip that communicates with the circuit breakers. Every receptacle would have only a very small amount of current until something was plugged into it. Once that happens communications would occur telling the circuit breaker how much current was needed. Only than would a large amount of current be available. Every electrical receptacle would have its own address and be controlled by a computer. The computer than would be able to determine if for instance "Is this window in sunlight and Is there need for heat in the room". When both of these questions are answered than the computer would know to either close or open the blinds or turn on a fan. When it is cold outside why do I need electricity to keep my refrigerator cool when all I should need to do is to get some of the outside air into it? There should be an easy programming language to control all of our devices.


HP's Spectre X2 Is a Solid Core M Powered Surface Pro Alternative For Less ( 93

MojoKid writes: Now that we're a few years removed from the introduction of the original Surface and Surface Pro, it's clear that Microsoft's vision had merit, and virtually all of the company's major OEM partners are producing at least a few machines that were influenced by Microsoft's design. HP's new Spectre X2 hybrid is as similar a machine to the Surface Pro 4 that we have seen to date. Its form factor, detachable keyboard design, kickstand and overall look at feel of the machine are very "Surface-like". But HP has made some well thought-out changes and packed the machine with different hardware. The end result is rather interesting, somewhat better experience in some respects, for a lower price point. The model tested here features a Core m7-6Y75 dual-core / quad-thread processor with a base frequency of 1.2Hz and a max Turbo frequency of 3.1 GHz. Its on-processor HD 515 graphics can Turbo up to 1GHz and feature all of Intel's latest graphics tech, like Quick Sync, InTru 3D, etc. Other specs include 8GB of LPDDR3 memory, a 256GB Lite-On SSD, a 12" WUXGA screen, 802.11ac WiFi / Bluetooth and Verizon LTE support, a various IO including a built-in card reader and USB type C. The machine's detachable keyboard is held in place by magnets, similar to Microsoft's method. However, the Spectre X2's keyboard is quite similar to a full laptop keyboard. It's arguably superior to Microsoft's Type Cover, both aesthetically and functionally. Power users looking for a high-performance mobile device for heavy-duty workloads would probably be better served by something powered by a Core i5 or i7-series processor, but for the majority of users out there, the Core m at the heart of this machine should pack more than enough punch.

Comment Re:Childish excuses (Score 2) 165

I was given a windows 7 laptop because the hard drive was not working and it would not boot. So I purchased another hard drive but I than needed to install an OS. The problem was that the sticker for windows 7 was worn and the code was unreadable. I suspect they put the code there so it would get worn. I installed Ubuntu on it since the laptop was not even worth the price Microsoft would have charged for a clean installation of any of its operating systems. It has been working now for more than a couple of years. Ubuntu is the savior of hardware and windows is a active destroyer of hardware. There are other reasons but for that reason alone Ubuntu is far better than Windows.

Comment Re:Safety devices (Score 1) 165

There is enough computer power that we could know where every vehicle is located and its speed and direction of travel at all times. Computers in every cell phone tower with communications with all vehicles should do it. Every vehicle would have to have a gps system, cruise control and a cell phone technology to communicate with the tower. With mass production that would probably be cheaper than anti-lock brake technology. In a given area all vehicle would travel at the same speed. Weather would be constantly updated to ensure that the road condition could support the speed. I am hoping that there could be at least a 90% reduction in deaths, injuries and property loss. It might even pay for itself in savings.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 3, Informative) 151

I iive in Masn County, Michigan. A while back there were rumors that the state of Michigan was going to build a data center by the pumped storage plant that is located in the county. The hope was that after the state built a data center here, that others would follow. There are several good reasons why they should build there since there is power from the pumped storage plant and from 56 windmills also in the county.There is also cold water most of the year that is pumped out of Lake Michigan that possibly could be used to cool the data centers. As one can see by this article ( that the project fell through. I believe we are still waiting to see if anything will be built. The point is that there are places that would welcome data centers in their backyard.

Comment Re:A Hitchcock (Score 1) 78

I would think that there are plenty of ways a clerk at a bank could set off an alarm that would notify the police and take air samples around a thief. One could put a piece of cardboard under the hundred dollar bills. If under duress one could just remove the cardboard with the bills. Or maybe the bank would take air samples from everyone just in case of a problem. There are probably ways of defeating this. If one were to wear a air and water tight garment and take a shower in it soon before attempting the robbery but this would significantly increase preparations for the robbery.

Comment Re: When will my car be able to take me home from (Score 1) 34

Your mom will not miss walking around a store to pick up a few items and than waiting in a check out line to go home again. I would think that she would enjoy shopping on the internet and having the items delivered in a self driving vehicle. I think that self driving vehicles will obsolete almost all or our present commercial areas. It will eliminate a huge number of jobs. It will also save 10's of thousands of death each year and hundreds of thousands of injuries each year. It will also save hundreds of billions of dollars in property damage each year. This also will eliminate a huge number of jobs.

Comment Re:Same reason we're looking for earth-like life (Score 2) 275

Right now you are right about not wanting contact with a lot of our fellow citizens. But suppose that one day you are so powerful that no one could possible harm you in any way. Suppose that you could provide them with almost infinite amount of power so that they could build huge areas with a constant temperature of say 70 degrees and 40 per cent humidity. Suppose just by living in those areas that they would be free from the suffering of either excessive heat or cold. Now don't you think you would be welcome as a hero? Now suppose that in your present country you are not considered as anything special. Suppose that you can not even reproduce since it is the law that someone must die for every new birth. Would one do almost anything to get to this new world? I would think that the more barbaric we are the more appealing we would be to someone who hopes to be a hero. It is an appealing thought that one day millions of people would remember my name as their savior.

Comment Re:wan port (Score 1) 123

It should also be a cable modem to so one could connect your coaxial cable to it. It should be a weather prove box so I could put it on the outside of my house. Therefore I should not have to put coaxial or ethernet cables everywhere in my house. My television set should be able to be placed anywhere there is electricity since it should be able to connect wireless to the router. I should be able to connect the tv to cable tv or to my desktop computer. I should be able to buy wireless speaker that have a remote so I can by wireless either connect them to the television or a stereo system or a desktop computer. Almost everything in my house should be connected. For instance my bedroom door should be connected so when I close it after using it in the morning my computer would know to either reduce the heating or cooling in that room until a half an hour before I would use it again. I should be able to attach a ssd drive to it and have several computer be able to boot from it. This is just a small start as there are a lot more things a smart router could accomplish.

Comment Re:I've had this as a plug-in. (Score 1) 190

You are watching a porn site when you decide that you have to get ready for your hot date. Since nothing is going on you just turn your monitor off and forget about it. You convince your date to sleep with you so you get naked and watch as your date does the same. Except an ad for viagra starts paying on your computer. You get up and turn the monitor on and now your date sees what you have been watching. She turns to you and says "I am not enough porn for you. Forget it. I am leaving". Your evening is ruined except for the fact that it was just a dream and the ad has awaken you from your wet dream.

Comment Re: Flying Car (Score 1) 158

According to the article
The benefits extend far beyond convenience and avoiding traffic jams. The opportunity to not just reduce, but eliminate, car accidents will translate to saving more than one million lives every year in the U.S. alone. This means saving $300 billion in economic costs due to car crashes, and reducing annual CO2 emissions by as much as 300 million tons, just in U.S.
According to the CDC there are about 2.5 million deaths each year and about 130,000 accidental deaths each year. So I very much doubt the 1 million figure. The 300 billion dollars saved is about a thousand per person so that would have a significant effect on our wealth.
But with a million less funerals each year, it would definitely effect the funeral homes bottom line. It would also mean a lot less cars being destroyed each year so it would mean a lot less would have to be made each year. Every dollar saved is a dollar less for paying other people's wages. Maybe we will spend some of the savings by travelling more since it will be safer.

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