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by RicktheBrick (#46782605) Attached to: SSD-HDD Price Gap Won't Go Away Anytime Soon

I regret the large amount of space on my hdd. This computer is around 6 years old and it had a 500 gigabyte hard drive. When it was going bad, I looked into replacing it with a ssd. I had less than 100 gigabytes on the hard drive but even after making an image of the hard drive and booting from a flash drive the program would not copy the image onto a drive that was less than 500 gigabytes. I ended up buying another hard drive and got lucky since both were Seagate the program provided by Seagate did copy the original hard drive to the new one. Buying a ssd means one has to start over. This means one has to have a dvd with the ability to do a clean install of windows to the ssd. Most new computers do not have this option. Even then one has to reinstall all of ones programs and know where all the data for them are stored so one can copy them from the old hard drive. Lets take Realplayer for an example. It will allow one to download video from the Internet. But copying the video from one drive to another and having a clean installation of it recognize the video is a pain. Especially if one has renamed them. Look at the new computers at Walmart or Staples and one will not find one that starts with a ssd so until one can easily transfer everything from a hard drive to a ssd they will not be a option for the average computer user.

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by RicktheBrick (#46492013) Attached to: How Data Storage Has Grown In the Past 60 Years
So a hard drive can store 760,000 songs. Lets say it cost just $1 per song so that hard drive would have $760,000 worth of songs on it. I hope it is backed up and has an armed guard watching it 24 hours a day. It is obvious that most people can not legally come close to filling up their hard drives as it would cost many times what the hard drive cost. So lets store movies and songs that one will never again watch or listen to just to say we have them. So what are we using all this storage for? Soon I will have to file my income tax for last year. Is there a hard drive somewhere with all of my income data for last year? No! I have to keep watch on my mail for over a month in hopes that I do not miss a tax document amongst all the useless junk mail. It does not matter to me how much hard drive storage we have since we can not properly use what we have already.

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My calculations are 60 euro time 1.37 equals 82.2 dollars divided by 1000 or .082 or 8.2 cents per kilowatt hour. .5 euro times 1.37 equals .685 dollars divided by 1000 or .000685 or .0685 cents per kilowatt hour. The most expensive is close to what I pay and the cheapest is far less. At the cheapest rate my electricity bill would be less than 1% of what I now pay. 14.5 kilowatt hours per penny is almost free.

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by RicktheBrick (#45853541) Attached to: Bill Nye To Debate Creationist Museum Founder Ken Ham
There will be no fact given by Nye that Ham will not declare to be false. He will give names of a scientist that he says will agree with him. If this does not completely work for him he will say that it was a miracle of god. One does not cause another to give up a long cherished belief by giving them facts. The other will either ignore or deny that fact. To do otherwise would cause one to almost completely give no value to their life since they would have spent it supporting false beliefs. The stronger they believe in a fact the stronger they will deny anything that does not support it. The way to do it is to change their beliefs of a lot of smaller facts and than use those to change their beliefs on the important beliefs. But they would sense this way before that and would stop listening because nothing is more important to them than their faith. The only people this debate will help is those with a strong desire to find the truth but do not have a strong inclination toward any belief.

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I am making this comment on a desktop computer using vista. A couple of weeks ago I noticed that every time I go to the comment section, I get hit with a pop up video. I just saw an advertisement for Philips Sonicare and Walmart. When I got rid of that video, I noticed another firefox program being started and put behind the one I am commenting on. I minimized this one so I could close the other one out. The other day I left my computer on overnight and in the middle of the night since I had left firefox on and slashdot on a tab, a video started playing. It was the television program "The big bang". I also have a tablet but I do not have the problem of a tv program starting up in the middle of the night on it.

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Go into Walmart and look at the cheapest computer. Now think about 1983 and how much money it would take then to duplicate that computer. It would take billions of dollars and a huge number of people to support it and yet one can get that computer for under $500. Automobiles in the 70's did not last much more than 100,000 miles, now one can expect them to last to 250,000 miles or more. No one would even look at cars back then that are being sold for close to $10,000 today. Driver less vehicles are going to change the world more than any other invention in the past. The future is going to be so different than today so that devaluation of the dollar will be the least of one's problems. So what do I think the biggest fear is going to be? It is the fear that science is going to destroy religion. In my opinion science has already proved that the bible is false. So all of our cherished beliefs are going to be proved false. The only way to hold on is to appose progress.

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Draw a circle with a radius of a mile on a map with your home as the center and you will probably have close to 200,000 people living there. If I were to draw a circle with a radius of fifty miles around my house, I still would not get over 50,000 people living there(I live on Lake Michigan so half of the circle would be occupied by the lake). Now as for mass transportation, there is no passenger train within a 100 miles and as for subways Chicago is around 300 miles away since the lake is inconveniently in the way. The nearest bus depot is over 60 miles away. The nearest Walmart is around 3 miles. The nearest theater is 5 miles. There is a local bus that will pick someone up but one is limited to transport only what one can carry on their lap. There is around a 15 minute wait each way before it gets to you. There is no parking fees within 50 miles. Walking in the winter is out of the question since one would have to walk in the street since everywhere else is snow covered. It gets dark around 5 p.m. so unless one is retired and has no job, walking would mean walking in the dark on snow covered streets limited by what one can transport. I would not live here without a automobile.

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Schools have a lot to do with it. Here in Michigan if they did not go on daylight saving time school aged children would just sleep through an hour of daylight. It is easier than trying to make everyone start up an hour earlier. In the fall we have the opposite problem since if we did not fall back children would have to go to school in the dark. This would lead to more accidents and some deaths. I try to take a walk after my evening meal but tomorrow it will be dark around 17:30 so I will have to adjust the time when I eat that meal. The worst is around December 21st when there is only around 9 hours of daylight so it is either children getting hurt in the morning going to school or in the afternoon going home or playing outside.

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So I guess this means everyone should do whatever they want since god can not detect any change in the universe. I guess this goes along with the story of Adam and Eve since god did not detect that they had eaten the forbidden fruit until he came into the universe to talk to them. Stupid Adam and Eve! they would have gotten away with it if they had just acted like nothing had happened.

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An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. How much money and people would have been saved if someone had taken proper precautions against passengers hijacking planes before 9/11? How much money and people would have been saved if they had built the walls around New Orleans properly before Katrina? I would bet that a lot more money would have been saved even if the costs were tripled because of interest payments. Ignoring problems to save money will cost more in the end.

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The state of Florida's treatment of Ms. Hunt is prove of that. They are spending 10's of thousands of dollars persecuting this young lady for her sexual preference. She is a hero in my opinion. How many young women's life are being severely hampered because they got themselves pregnant at a very early age. I know several who would be a lot better off today if they had an affair with another female instead of a male. We should be thinking of the young female and her sexual needs rather than our backwards religious beliefs. In Florida killing another human being is fine. Giving them pleasure is evil.

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Why would anyone worship a god who first designed all of our problems such as virus, bacteria, and germs. Than knows all the solutions to these problems but refuses to give those answers to us. Finally has infinite wealth but still insists that the poorest among us contribute something to that god.

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