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Comment: Re:Here in Massachusetts (Score 1) 145

by Richard_at_work (#47915551) Attached to: Court: Car Dealers Can't Stop Tesla From Selling In Massachusetts

Interesting to see that version of history making the rounds - the pilgrims weren't kicked out of England for anything, they left because they felt they didn't have the freedom to oppress their group members under English law. So they went somewhere with no laws.

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by Richard_at_work (#47887851) Attached to: U.S. Threatened Massive Fine To Force Yahoo To Release Data

Both the Libertarian Party and Green Party have promised to put a stop to the spying.

Of course they have, its called pandering to the masses. The masses want the spying to stop, so promise that. These parties know they will never have to actually do anything about it because they know they will never make the landslide gains needed to actually govern - but then their goals are not to form a government, but to increase the parties reach, so even a single additional seat does that.

And you are falling right into their hands.

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by Richard_at_work (#47869759) Attached to: Report: Microsoft To Buy Minecraft Studio For $2bn+

Good luck taking some vague hand wavy statements as evidence in any court case or consumer complaint. So, did he ever outline what a "minimum time" would be? 10 years? 50 years? His lifetime?

If its not written into the license you received when you purchased the product, its all too easy to dismiss in court.

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You can argue that all you want, buts its an incredibly twisted argument - basically your argument boils down to "Amazons hardware is more restrictive because Apple doesn't release stuff for it" which, while its true that Apple won't ever release it, doesn't mean they cannot do it (its fairly trivial to write something for the Fire series, its an Android device!).

Comment: Re:Why buy Amazon hardware? (Score 1) 134

I can buy an iPad and buy music and books and merchandise from Amazon. I cannot buy a Kindle and buy music from Apple. So I have less restrictions buying the Apple hardware than the Amazon hardware because Amazon software and content will run on more platforms.

Yeah, that isn't *ever* going to change because it would require Apple to do it, and they won't as you point out. So I don't have it backward at all.

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I disagree with you on the walled garden argument - I can read Amazon Kindle books on the Kindle ecosystem series of devices, Apple devices, Android devices, Windows 8 devices, Windows Phone devices, Macs, Windows PCs, Linux PCs, Blackberrys and others.

I can read Apple iBooks on ... Apple devices and Macs.

I can view Amazon Instant Video content on various Kindles, Apple devices, Android devices, Windows 8 devices, all the major consoles, tonnes of TVs natively, and of course Windows PCs and Macs.

I can view Apple iTunes video content on ... Apple devices and Macs.

My content purchased from Amazon certainly seems to be available on a much wider range of devices than content purchased from Apple...

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by Richard_at_work (#47860415) Attached to: Satoshi Nakamoto's Email Address Compromised

Why is it negligence on part of the email provider? What obligation do they have to take out email addresses permanently just because you can't be arsed to log into the account?

Does your logic carry over to domain names? Company names? Phone numbers? Addresses?

Your post shows an all too common insistence that third parties should protect you, rather than you protecting yourself.

Bringing computers into the home won't change either one, but may revitalize the corner saloon.