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by Richard_at_work (#48426117) Attached to: Lessons Learned From Google's Green Energy Bust

Really? Its 15.54 currently here in the UK, and its already dark. And I'm not even home yet. When I get home, there's the heating to go on (gas, luckily), food to be cooked (gas hob, electric oven), the house to be lit (electric), housework to be done (electric), and then entertainment for the evening (usually electric consuming). So from when I get home at 17.30 to when I go to bed at 22.30, there's 5 hours of electricity usage.

And that's not counting things like night storage heaters, economy 7 power use washing machines or dish washers that can be put on overnight etc.

So yes, the bulk of our power usage (and Im not the poster you replied to) is over night.

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Bankers drafts *are* cleared funds - the drawer pays the bank the sum of money, and the bank issues a cheque for that amount in its own name - once the recipient is in possession of the bankers draft, the original drawer is out of the equation, all interactions are then between the recipient and the bank. Unless something very very very unusual happens at the banks end, its a guaranteed transaction. Without the bankers draft, the drawer has no way to cancel the transaction - even if he loses it.

Debit card transactions have never been cleared funds however, as they occur based on one of several basis and can be reversed.

BACS transfers can also be reversed (had a once major UK supermarket do this with my wages back when I had just quit - deposited my wages in the morning as normal, so I drew some cash out. Came to pay something by debit card later that day and it was refused - odd as I should have had a lot of money in that account, but it had all vanished. The supermarket employer had reversed the BACS because they had "miscalculated" my end wage - infact they had undercalculated it, but instead of just giving me the difference they reversed the entire payment and ... sat on it.)

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What you are describing is what I already described via method #2. If and only if they are able to add their root public key to the user's computer will their fraudulently issued certificates successfully validate.

Actually I wasn't, because you specifically said in #2 "Somehow maliciously insert their own public key onto your computer". Key there is "maliciously". No need to do that as most governments have legitimately issued root CA certs in most browsers already. Including China...

No need to maliciously insert anything, they are already there waiting to be used.

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Cheques are notoriously bad for guaranteed payment - businesses would only accept a cheque if your bank also issued you with a cheque guarantee card (usually just a different design on your debit card), which means the bank would guarantee to cash the cheque up to a certain amount, taking the matter up with the writer of the cheque if it bounced. If you tried to cash a cheque without a guarantee (or a cheque over the guarantee amount) and it bounces, you are SOL and have to take it up with the writer yourself.

And cheque guarantees usually only went up to a few hundred quid.

Car dealers would typically want a bankers draft, which is a bit of paper issued by your bank for a specific amount and is treated as cash - the value is held on the paper, its not an instruction to transfer money, its an actual promissory note just like paper note cash is. Lose the bankers draft, and the money is gone, you can't get it back.

Bankers drafts cost you money to buy, and you have to go to a bank to have one issued.

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Pretty much no larger business accepts cheques these days in the UK, and hasn't for several years - cheques have essentially been relegated to inter-personal transactions or smaller business (single person style businesses) because of the cost of handling them as a business.

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If we can do this in a 250 employee company (and have done it since we had more than a handful of users), anyone can do it. And what, precisely, do you need in way of resources - select a subset of computers, roll out the patch, if nothing bad has happened after a working day, roll the patch out to the next batch and so on.

If you are "rolling the dice" then you are a fucking pathetic sysadmin and should be banned from being responsible for patching anything.

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If you roll out your patches the moment they come in, you are a retard - what ever happened to testing them in a subset of your organisation before releasing them to the general population, or do you enjoy running around like a headless chicken when theres a compatibility conflict?

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So you need to solve the issue of electricity, internet access, education to read and write, education to read and write English, and the inapplicability of most modern hints and tips to subsistence farming that goes on in most of sub Saharan Africa, and also local crops.

In most cases, the local farmers know how to get the most out of their land, that isn't the problem - its that getting the most out of their land does fuck all for them, it won't raise them out of poverty, just like it didn't raise their parents out of poverty.

And in most of Africa, it isn't the local officials which stand in the way of these sort of things, its the locals themselves - I have extensive experience of Uganda, Namibia, Botswana and other countries, and in pretty much all cases its the locals which reject real means of raising themselves out of poverty because they haven't changed their mind set about what is important. One of our friends is a qualified nurse, and all of his siblings have been through similar education, while his father cannot read or write, cannot speak English, and still lives in a mountain village with no running water, no electricity, and a several hour drive to a tarmac road. So how did he do it? He sold his land. Was it easy? No, the rest of the villagers derided him for selling his ancestral land and no one would buy the land off him for three years. But now he has seven educated children, and a comfortable retirement ahead of him, while he has already outlasted Ugandas average life expectancy...

In another case, my wife treated a man who had been put through university - be came to the hospital with a growth. Except he came far too late - he had had the local village "doctor" treat it for years, only coming when it started bleeding. Cancer, spread to the bone - he died later that night. Wasted money.

Its not technology, education, medicine, or farming hints and tips that is needed, its a fucking huge epiphany by the locals.

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