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Comment: Re: Not forced... (Score 1) 249

by Richard_at_work (#49631735) Attached to: Uber Forced Out of Kansas

The NHS doesn't ask about the reason you ended up needing medical care, but you may find yourself being denied immediate access to treatments for non-life threatening issues if you indulge in activities which either hamper treatment or are exacerbating the issues - for example, smoking when being treated for COPD or lung cancer will get you into trouble, or being very overweight will cause surgery to be put off until you lose weight.

Comment: Re:why do we need a walled garden? (Score 1) 32

The walled garden here means free access for the user - no data charges, no access charges.

The alternative is for a user to have to pay data charges and/or access charges - in other words, the status quo. In many places, data charges can be expensive - in many parts of Africa, you can buy airtime in 15 cent vouchers, which sort of indicates the level of disposable funds people have. Data charges can fairly rapidly wipe out 15 cents, so people generally dont bother and stick to cheaper SMS and voice services.

So if the user isn't paying the data charges, who picks up the bills? Someone has to...

So why the hate for Facebook et al doing this? Do people really expect them to pick up the tab for everyone just because?

Comment: Re:Who will win? (Score 2) 175

Ok, so what is your argument about Uber flouting the laws in the UK, where anyone can get commercial passenger carrying insurance and then get a taxi cab license from the local council for less than £3,000 to operate from a taxi rank or a private hire license to operate point to point on prebooking jobs?

Is it perhaps because those drivers dont have to prove that they have taken out the commercial passenger carrying insurance, nor pay the license fees, and instead just sacrifice a smaller amount to Uber?

It just shows that when you remove undue barriers to entry, people will still cut corners in order to save that little bit more money, even when the fees are justifiable and fair. And that is why Uber is having the hard time they are.

Comment: Re:K Bye. (Score 4, Informative) 225

by Richard_at_work (#49592807) Attached to: Grooveshark Shuts Down

Who said they are getting to walk away with just an apology? Their statement includes:

“As part of a settlement agreement with the major record companies, we have agreed to cease operations immediately, wipe clean all of the record companies’ copyrighted works and hand over ownership of the website, our mobile apps and intellectual property, including our patents and copyrights.”

Note the "as part of a settlement agreement ..." part - which indicates that shutting down operations isn't the end of it for them.

Comment: Re:Can't wait to get this installed in my house (Score 3, Insightful) 514

by Richard_at_work (#49592659) Attached to: Tesla Announces Home Battery System

And if everyone does that, the cheap rate goes away - its only there because there is excess capacity at that time, and its not worth taking more generators off line during the middle of the night consumption troughs because it takes them time to come back up for the wake-up peaks. Thats the reason the cheap rate exists (we call it Economy 7 in the UK).

So if everyone avails themselves of the cheap electricity in the middle of the night to store for use during the day, the excess capacity vanishes and instead we get an actual load needing to be catered for in additional capacity. So the cheap rate would be discontinued due to changes in consumption habits.

Comment: Re:39/100 is the new passing grade. (Score 3, Interesting) 174

Psychology, sociology and other social sciences have always been given special treatment precisely because its difficult in some cases to get two independent groups together to rerun an experiment in the first place - and if you try and reproduce an experiment done in the 1950s today, are the results due to poor scientific method in the original experiment, or because the evidence gathered was misinterpreted, or because society has changed which means the results have changed?

Comment: Re:The male gave consent... (Score 2) 374

by Richard_at_work (#49577187) Attached to: Who Owns Pre-Embryos?

So what if he wanted to take the eggs and have a kid with another woman - what would your stance be on that? The combination of the two constituent parts should surely mean that if he wants to use them without her ongoing consent he would be allowed to just as much as she does now...?

Too many people here are jumping to the conclusion that the fertilised eggs are solely the property of the woman even though they are the result of two donations - why should the mans contribution matter less in these cases?

Comment: Re:Wow ... (Score 5, Informative) 263

by Richard_at_work (#49576669) Attached to: Crashing iPad App Grounds Dozens of American Airline Flights

The US naval ship Windows NT crash meme is somewhat of a myth - there was a testbed ship (USS Yorktown CG-48) running an experimental ship management and integration system. The crash did indeed occur, but it had nothing to do with Windows NT and everything to do with invalid data being entered into the apps management system causing all linked systems to stop working. While everyone jumps on the "Windows NT" aspect of this, it would have happened under Unix as well.

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