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Comment: Privacy (Score 1) 16

by RichardJenkins (#45742793) Attached to: Best arguments to defend privacy around the coffee table?

Do you close your curtains at night? Do you like to speak to your doctor alone? Do you lock the door to your bathroom when you take a piss? Do you do things out of work that you don't discuss with your coworkers? Have you done things in the past that you'd rather stayed there?

I do. I have plenty to hide and none of it's going to cause you any harm.

Maybe you do too.

Comment: Re:a rose by any other name (Score 1) 256

by RichardJenkins (#43620415) Attached to: Today Is International Day Against DRM

But without a big explanation, it doesn't look like you're attemping to point out that the actual name is a deceptive ploy to obfuscate what DRM does. It looks like you've made an embarrassing mistake.

People love writing off people who make silly mistakes as nuts.

Look at my post above - typed it on a phone, full of typos and grammar errors. If I was trying to argue something important there, anything that could be interpretted as error on my part invites ad hominem attacks which are always good for swaying the opinion of the masses.

Comment: Re:Facts! Don't talk to me about facts! (Score 2) 663

Most people I see on Slashdot, whether they think piracy is great, terrible or anywhere in between don't think the damage it does warrants special laws or draconian civil penalties. Reading anecdotes like this makes economic arguments for additional copyright legislation harder to swallow.

Saying piracy is theft confuses it with a completely different thing. Only good to call it that if you are looking to confuse people.

You (I guess?) live in a country where your copyright on what you create outlasts anyone alive when you publish it. Madness to think this is a good thing.

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