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Comment: Re:so um...Apple? (Score 0) 336

by Richard.g.k (#30462372) Attached to: EU Accepts Microsoft's Browser Choice Promise
Monopoly: (economics) a market in which there are many buyers but only one seller; "a monopoly on silver"; "when you have a monopoly you can ask any price ... Now lets see here.... Apple + Microsoft + 2346059 linux distros > 1. Microsoft has an absurdly high market share, that doesn't mean there isn't alternatives...

Comment: Re:!commonsenseprevails (Score 0) 129

by Richard.g.k (#27518679) Attached to: French Assembly Rejects Three Strikes Bill

I'm not trolling anything, the article states that the bill specifies those who 'have been found to download' to me that implies a burden of proof that an illegal act was committed.

Assuming that there is a burden of proof, than I absolutely agree that there should be a series of punishments for committing a crime.

You will not beat the RIAA/MPAA/etc by stealing their content, the only way to really affect the market is to support artists who welcome new technology. Claiming something isnt worth paying for and then downloading and listening/watching/wtfever to it simply gives them the impression that there IS a demand for their product and that they SHOULD keep fighting for its protection.

Comment: !commonsenseprevails (Score -1, Troll) 129

by Richard.g.k (#27517347) Attached to: French Assembly Rejects Three Strikes Bill
I fail to see how this is common sense

The internet community defends file sharing as a way to transfer things legally, this bill only addresses if you *break the law* and download copyrighted material

Just because you don't believe book/song/game/software/etc is good enough to pay fore, that doesn't give you the right to take it for free, period.

Common sense would dictate that when you steal something, you get punished

Comment: Re:Blame Obama (Score 4, Funny) 273

by Richard.g.k (#27517019) Attached to: Conficker Downloads Payload
See, if you're going to go all political and off-topic, you should at least try and make some sort of attempt to link it to the story at hand...

for example...

If you look at the facts the conficker virus and waladac botnet are CLEARLY parts of a vast left wing conspiracy which is obviously fronted by obama because the democrats want to take as much of your processing power as they do your income

Comment: openmarket (Score 1) 1

by Richard.g.k (#27503861) Attached to: How to set up a text-messaging server?
First you need to license out a shortcode out from http://www.usshortcodes.com/ (If you're in the United States), this is not cheap, running $500 a month for a random, $1000 a month for vanity code

After that you have to work with an SMS aggregator such as:

mBlox http://www.mblox.com/glossary.php (Commercial)
Kannel http://www.kannel.org/ (Open Source)

to setup your services

Comment: Re:Why not open it up (Score 1) 580

by Richard.g.k (#27503579) Attached to: Microsoft Ending Mainstream Support For XP
Do you really want microsoft to release their code openly to the entire malware world?

No matter how security conscious or computer adept you are, consider for a second the fact that the majority of people aren't, and will be more than happy to unwittingly let their computer become a member of a botnet, spamming your inbox, and bogging down bandwith everywhere.

The reality is that for the majority of computer users in their ineptitude(not an insult, simply reality, most people dont know, dont want to know, and dont give a shit about anything more than surfing the internet, checking their email, and using word) it is not in the computing worlds best interest for their core operating system software to be open sourced.

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