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Comment: Re:bah (Score 1) 261

Yeah, gotta love lunch meetings...basically work that doesn't count which you're paying for!

Which is a great example of what not to do. As a manager your job is to keep things stable, and acquire, retain, and get work out of your talent.

Which for most software folks simply means minimize the bullshit. Absorb the heat from customers, protect them from support people and owners, be nice and express concern/use guilt rather then use unjustified absolutes or anger, mediate personality conflicts immediately so they don't fester, keep meetings short and only have them if email doesn't make sense, allow flexible hours to minimize commute time, etc. And always take time to recognize and thank them accomplishments.

Basically, create an environment where it is hard for your people to leave because they like being there and getting work done.

Comment: Re:It's OK, every civilization collapses (Score 1) 110

by Richard Dick Head (#49313773) Attached to: A Sucker Is Optimized Every Minute
No, unfortunately it's a fitness and evolution thing. The minute you bring grain bags to a starving remote village, the hunger goes away and then they immediately start having sex and cranking out more needy humans. You can see this in dependent villages, you'll notice frequency banding in the ages of the children, all conceived at roughly the same time coinciding with aid drops.

Feeding the hungry sounds great, the hungry will multiply until you can't feed them all.

Comment: Re:Actually - This Perfect Day (Score 1) 532

by Richard Dick Head (#49096891) Attached to: Stephen Hawking: Biggest Human Failing Is Aggression
The other side of this that allows police states to form is the "few assholes ruin it for the rest of us" effect that helps us come to the conclusion that it is much easier to simply implement harsh sentencing laws, throwing aggressive humans in prison their entire lives. Not only does the problem go away for good, but the sweet perk of them not having any shithead offspring, starting the process all over again. If you overdo it and throw too many innocent humans in prison, who cares, it only takes 100 individuals to maintain a stable genome.

Comment: Re:Time for men's liberation (Score 1) 369

by Richard Dick Head (#49070893) Attached to: Two New Male Birth Control Chemicals In Advanced Stages

I'd have an easier time finding a unicorn in this culture than a woman who will truly commit to creating a family

Go overseas! The problem is lately people aren't going for foreign women, creating this artificial scarcity of women. A well-to-do 1st-world man can pretty much eat the lunch of the men in any smaller pond in the world. In many cases you can go take one home with you. With the add in benefit that you have good connections in case you need a cheap place to retire.

Comment: Re:Bollocks. (Score 4, Insightful) 138

by Richard Dick Head (#49067099) Attached to: NVidia Puts the Kibosh On Overclocking of GTX 900M Series
Yep. Which is why, every time, you should take apart the laptop, take off the cooler and apply a high-quality aftermarket thermal grease, and then test your temps after you OC to be sure!

Chalk this decision from nVidia as a few assholes ruining it for the rest of us.

Comment: Re:What happened? (Score 1) 422

by Richard Dick Head (#49003571) Attached to: What Happened To the Photography Industry In 2014?

The frame lag apologists argue that even something like 100ms delay won't make a difference because the difference it tiny and human eye can't detect time resolution that small. This is incorrect because
A. You're measuring the frame only, not the sequence
B. The sequence is competing against the opponent IN PARALLEL

Let us say two skilled players playing against each other and both a hand-eye reaction time of exactly 250ms, and their displays have a frame lag of 60 ms. They see each other at the same exact time.
Player1: Render--60ms---stimulus---250ms---Mouse1
Player2: Render--60ms---stimulus---250ms---Mouse1

So they are equally matched, and basically the randomizer that simulates bullet spread will decide the player who dies. 50/50.

Now lets put Player2 on a display with a propagation delay of 59ms.
Player1: Render--60ms---stimulus---250ms---Mouse1
Player2: Render--59ms--stimulus---250ms---Mouse1

Boom. Player2 is the first to fire, meaning his shots are always counted first. If this is a sniper battle that means Player2 wins EVERY time in this scenario. Add bullet spread, and still Player2 wins most of the time.

You might say this is only meaningful in the case of two very closely matched opponents, but this is actually pretty common because the more skilled you get, the closer you are to the human maximum hand-eye response time, therefore the more similar players get as skill increases.

Comment: Re:BASICally my reply is... (Score 2) 259

by Richard Dick Head (#48991147) Attached to: Washington May Count CS As Foreign Language For College Admission
Plus merging computer and soft languages will turn programming from a nerd thing into a gay nerd thing. I don't care how much a nerdy 16 year old would tolerate relearning the basics of today's instructional/non-production-ready grade-school programming tool (e.g. BASIC, Java, etc) for an easy A, he's not going to skip French 101 with 75% girls when comp sci 101 is packed with dudes. I know what choice I made back then (French!)

Comment: Re:Except inflation (Score 1) 226

by Richard Dick Head (#48944917) Attached to: There Is No "You" In a Parallel Universe
Yes it does. Consider the following [preferrably after green refreshments]:

Our universe was birthed as an explosion, and particles expand outward. Yet even if they approach an infinite amount of space between each there will remain an gravitational attraction between all particles that will bring them back together given enough time, and will return to the original configuration before the explosion.

At that point the explosion will recur.

You could plot the progress of those universes superimposed on one another and call it parallel. Which goes well with a mathematical model since the expansion and contraction is inherently and pervasively sinusoidal.

However that isn't a great approach as far as trying to navigate between them. You can't exactly "go back" like you would expect two independent functions, so the idea of what we could accomplish is more nuanced.

You could however consider that such a configuration doesn't result in "infinite" possibilities per se. The particles emerging from the big bang have certain properties, they combine in a certain way, and the major elements of the process are measurable and repeatable to some extent.

So instead if we were to plot it out each successive universe there would be a certain "wobble". Each iteration of the universe would be slightly different. If you know enough about the characteristic frequency of the wobble you could even move "back" and forth, although instead of going "back" you'd simply enter another iteration of the universe that is identical to a historical target.

Really this is the only way time travel is possible. You would have to position yourself to arrive at November 5, 1955 in a future universe identical to the current iteration.

Not exactly what you think of as time travel, but the only possible way it could work. And no, time paradoxes are silly and don't exist in this. If you "go back in time" and kill your grandfather you're only adding an additional harmonic to the characteristic frequency of the wobble of the universal life cycle. Instead of a progression of:

[exist in this universe], [exist in this universe]

You have:

[exist], [don't exist because you came here and killed your grandpa], [exist], [don't exist because you ...],...

And each interaction (or communication) adds an order of magnitude of complication of this harmonic. So the more interuniversal communication happens the harder it gets each time to calculate that "identical universe". In fact we could probably mathematically prove that it impossible to obtain such an identical universe after a certain amount of communication occurs for some meaningless constant which has likely already been surpassed by an infinite amount.

The reason that the communication is important is because if it didn't occur then we would be basically be trapped in a Star Trek-like where time simply loops, and we repeat the same actions over and over again for infinity. The communication/cross-contamination/what have you gives us the ability to pass on progress forward and have a evolving paradigm.

Comment: Re:Fire all the officers? (Score 4, Insightful) 515

There's a huge incentive to do that to a cop too, it seems. I mean hell, you're telling me I just have to:

1. Drive to Baltimore
2. Whip out my camera on the doughnut brigade
3. Take my beating
4. Collect $7 million

That's a hell of a bargain. Take 1 beating, then don't have to work for the rest of my life!

Comment: Re:that's because (Score 1) 376

by Richard Dick Head (#48448233) Attached to: Blame America For Everything You Hate About "Internet Culture"
That's because the US has always been the dumping ground of the world's dregs...puritans, slaves, shithead brats who hated their families and just had to move to another continent, shithead brats whose rich familes hated them and forced them to attend school in the US, Mexico and South America's uneducated and unemployed, Canada's alcoholics and meth heads, and, historically, the drunkest of the inbred Irish and the cattiest of the catty Dutch.

And for political posturing reasons, the US will continue to fill up with morons with no skills or social graces (who would leave their family, really?) which makes the US moron footprint on the internet even more over-represented.

The funny part is that anyone smart is really planning a exit strategy long-term, if they haven't left already. The US economy is like emptying a bath with the faucet of petrodollars left on. You could optimistically call the vortex above the drain a "whirlwind of activity"...but no, thats the sucking sound that happens at the end, and after sufficient time, the petrodollar will cease to exist and the bath will drain really quickly >:O

Comment: Re:Good idea (Score 1) 72

by Richard Dick Head (#48416411) Attached to: How Facebook Is Influencing Who Will Win the Next Election
And good for us who HATE those damned annoying automated app invites.

Basically what was removed is this:
1. You add <bogus political app>
2. <bogus political app> sends me an invite automagically, with your name on it
3. I get annoyed and delete it

Now what happens:
1. You add <bogus political app>
2. I don't give a fuck because it doesn't pester me with your bullshit
3. Fin

Bravo Facebook. If you're one of those annoying fuckers who installed that spammy ass Obama 2012 app, eat my shorts. And Zuckerburg's shorts too.

Comment: Re:Goddamn it! (Score 1) 276

It took me 3 attempts to pass that exam and now there are 5 year olds who can pass it?

Hey, buying a recent brain dump and using it to cheat on a cert is a great job skill FYI. There is no way a 5 year old actually passed legitimately, he's just being taught by pops how to win at the corporate game

Comment: Re:nice stats (Score 1) 334

by Richard Dick Head (#48347339) Attached to: Americans Rejoice At Lower Gas Prices
Bollocks. You didn't mean it, but you're basically saying "fuck the poor to encourage conservation". The majority of people, at least in the United States, just don't have the means to buy a bigger car in the face of falling gas prices, let alone buy a smaller car if prices rise. Fancy Pants Whitebreadland is a small, shrinking world these days, and many of the homes of those left behind by that bubble are still siting vacant, waiting for new prosperity that so far hasn't come yet. If you're still living in that bubble, lucky you.

Greedy politicians and big conglomerate executives (no difference nowadays) are dying to screw the poor with higher prices and higher taxes, and lower wages from cheap immigrant labor. What great lengths have been taken to justify that end with seemingly agreeable ideas...

-Let's bring in millions of undocumented immigrants and make them legal. That group will join the poor, and the new poor population as a whole will pay more taxes than the smaller, current crop of poor people, even if they individually make less money. Win for gov't for the tax proceeds, win for big conglomerates for dirt cheap labor.
-Fossil fuel tax. Make it uneconomical for the poor to own a car. Force them to live in local ghettos rather than commute. Bonus since the rich don't have to deal with their traffic.
-Carbon tax. Make it uneconomical for the poor to use electricity and natural gas. Make their home environments too miserable for their children to succeed academically.
-ACA. Tax the poor if they can't afford health care.
-Conservation. Seize land in the name of nature, forcing land prices up, property tax higher, forcing poor and subsistence farmers to sell their land and enter the job market with no skills.
-Cigarette tax. The poor are much more likely to smoke than the rich. Poor tax.

I mean, none of those things really disturb me that much, since I'm not poor and I can handle price increases by leveraging a raise. I'd especially love not having to spend an hour commute with every idiot loser and his brother who thinks they just *have* to own a car and drive it every morning. BUT...once the majority of the country is good and screwed, and there is no hope to be had, and no more can be squeezed out of the poor...who or what is next? Just think about that for a minute.

Comment: Re:the bottom dregs for the cloistered elite. (Score 3, Insightful) 284

by Richard Dick Head (#48261277) Attached to: Skilled Foreign Workers Treated as Indentured Servants
That wasn't his point. Some companies will locate in dangerous drug-infested ghettos to cut costs. But when you get there you realize that you really need to move to the more expensive area anyway, AND suffer a long commute and low salary. "Low cost of living" doesn't always work like you think it should.

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