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Comment Re:Give me a raise (Score 1) 327

Anyone who has any real world experience knows that management by committee just doesn't work.

I don't think management by committee is what they're expecting.

If you have a reasonably healthy team, someone will step up and act as an unofficial lead without too much fuss. The trick is they will not get paid to do this extra responsibility. Smart cost-cutting trick, right?

Well...if these unofficial leads are career savvy they'll leave in the usual 2-3 year time window. Which is exactly why managers are paid generously in the first place, so they're not as likely to run off to the next opportunity and turn the team into a chicken with its head cut off.

This is the kind of short-term stock-hiking brilliance C-level PHB's are paid the big bucks for :rollseyes:

Submission + - Donald Trump Calls for Higher H1-B Wages, More Domestic Hiring

An anonymous reader writes: In a recently released immigration reform plan, Donald Trump details a number of items that would change the landscape of technology workers in the United States, including raising the wage floor for workers coming in under the H1-B, and making additional requirements to hire citizens first if available. The plan cites statistics demonstrating a large pool of available, long-term unemployed Americans, and STEM graduates unable to find appropriate work. It claims the changes would spur hiring of domestic unemployed and underemployed persons.

Submission + - Donald Trump emerges as fierce H-1B critic (computerworld.com)

dcblogs writes: Donald Trump's plan for the H-1B visa is to make it harder and more expensive for tech companies to replace U.S. workers with foreign help. Trump's immigration plan, released Sunday, includes the ideas of the Senate's strongest H-1B critics, including Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala), who immediately endorsed it. "This is exactly the plan America needs," he said. Trump is proposing an increase in the prevailing wage to make it more expensive to use H-1B workers. Many visa holders are paid the lowest prevailing wage level set for entry-level positions. Second, Trump wants a requirement that companies hire U.S. workers first. Critics says without this requirement, visa workers can be used to replace U.S. workers. He also used to policy paper to call Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), "Mark Zuckerberg's personal senator," because of Rubio's support of the I-Squared bill. That bill seeks to raise the base H-1B cap from 65,000 to 195,000.

Comment Re:Autoplaying video ads (Score 1) 528

That is funny! I noticed Google Chrome now displays a sound icon when something in the tab is playing. "Hunt the noisy tab" is such a ubiquitous problem we're starting to see features to specifically address the issue.

Before that came out I had bought a pair of headphones specifically to avoid the embarrassment of noisy ads blaring out randomly at the office. Though with AdBlock, it is not an issue anymore.

Comment Re:Algorithm (Score 1) 233

No, what he was saying was valid. Since they were fresh profiles any behavior modeling would have to have come from other prior users from the same demographic.

It makes sense...women in tech are in demand, and are in very low supply so are more likely to have been able to negotiate to their satisfaction...therefore less likely to entertain a new position.

That I'd be willing to bet the female profiles that were targeted were within a limited specific distance from the Google office. You're going to have a tougher time convincing a women to uproot themselves and move away from their friends/family/support system than a man, for cultural reasons...boys are encouraged to GTFO, girls are not and there are safety concerns that guys don't have to worry as much about.

Comment Re:Well that's depressing. (Score 1) 205

Or the more stuck folks get in the same old ideas. Faster than light travel is not impossible, it is just impossible to measure if you constrain yourself to a single reference point.

And then there is brain dead simple stuff, like "dark matter", which happens to be so red- or blueshifted that we can't directly observe its existence. How hard is that grasp? Yet no one does.

Comment Re:You know what would REALLY motivate kids? (Score 4, Insightful) 208

These folks are informed by complaints from location-specific shortages from large corps like Microsoft and Facebook. Does any sane person really want to move to Silicon Valley, where your "generous salary" is effectively peanuts thanks to insane housing and services costs, and thanks to hokey startups job security is a joke? And there are zero decent women to date? Or how about Redmond, another overpriced sausage fest? Really, who wants to live in these places?

I'll tell you who...folks from overseas who don't know the area and can get suckered into moving there!

If you've ever lived in any tech heavy area, you get to know it sucks, you get out and you never go back again. Overpriced everything, the girls who like nerds are picked over or non-existent. If you bring your wife be prepared to face an increasingly demanding attitude and possibly divorce as she eyeballs the legions of available nerds who got lucky on an IPO and have fatter wallets, who are throwing themselves at her incessantly.

People who come from overseas learn these things too and GTFO. So when your entire workforce is really motivated to leave because no one likes suffering the buying power of a feudal serf, yes a perceived shortage is understandable. But completely manufactured by the culture of the companies themselves, and BS when you consider the entire market. The idea of the "tech hub" town needs to die in a fire. Their existence lowers the standard of living for practically everyone.

Comment Re:Usual answer to a headline question (Score 1) 461

Ditto, AOL was the first to offer unlimited hours for $20/month so it was the best deal out there from like '96-'98. Except for the fact that once they made it unlimited it was a crap shoot to get logged on during peak hours.

I remember having to dial the 2400 baud 800 number (that you use to find your local AOL exchange) a few times just to get on the internet for something because the lines were jammed. For the longest time you didn't even need an AOL subscription to get on the internet, just have the AOL program dial the free number, set your IE proxy to ie3.proxy.aol.com and boom you're on a (slow) internet connection, no account needed.

Comment Re: nature will breed it out (Score 1) 950

Still doesn't help those of us men who are between the generations. Most of the millenial girls in their 20s will not date older men because they don't seem to care about income or stability, and their peers have full view of situation on social media, and the few who think it is weird for a 27 year old to date a 30-something have a disproportionate voice in the matter. Meanwhile the oldest millenial girls and older purposefully date way older men and avoid younger ones, and social media doesn't really factor in.

I'd get out more if I had a partner but I really don't enjoy going stag to anything. And why bother looking, when all what is out there is garbage...single moms, pill addicts, morbidly obese...basically women who are social outcasts due to poor decision making.

You'd think an athletic guy with an engineer's income would be a hot commodity! Nope. Millenial women only seem to get interested in that when they've shit out a few love children and are desperate to move out of their parents' house. Or need money for Oxys. Or someone who has let themselves go so far I'd only think about them to stave off an unexpected boner at the office...sigh.

Maybe my standards are too high but I've dated all of the above and gave it my best, but all in all I'd rather play video games in my spare time than pretend I'm attracted to someone just to have an event partner and to avoid the guilt of masturbation.

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