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+ - TU Delft's Nuna5 crashes during test drive->

Submitted by RicardoRT
RicardoRT (1187937) writes "The four time champion of the World Solar Challenge , NUON Solar Team from Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands, might be in trouble after a burst tire sent Nuna5, their current solar car, off the road during a test drive near Darwin, Australia. The race starts in 19 days and the car has suffered mechanical and solar panel damage. Jelle, the driver was unharmed."
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Comment: Feedback (Score 2, Interesting) 88

by RicardoRT (#21323529) Attached to: Thought-Controlled Prosthetics
Simple motions of a prosthetic device can be accomplished with this approach, but they will always rely on visual feedback. The problem is that it is too slow for more complicated movements, such as delicately grabbing objects of different stiffnesses. As long as no proprioceptive feedback is given to the brain, electromechanical prosthetics will remain cumbersome.

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