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Comment: Blah (Score 2, Informative) 81

by Rib Feast (#30771044) Attached to: Augmented Reality To Help Mechanics Fix Vehicles

It feels like augmented reality is becoming the next buzzword to follow cloud computing. Honda in Japan have had HUD tech for years, where their repair people could identify engine parts. Apparently it made them something like 30% more efficient. Even this article has AR features and is from 2004.


Call me when it can be put inside a contact lense or into the eye permanently, until then it's just a mash of tech we've had for a while.

Comment: Re:Anyone actually use "Genius"? (Score 2, Informative) 174

by Rib Feast (#30001872) Attached to: Going Head To Head With Genius On Playlists

The biggest problem is that Apple is probably the closest internet-based distribution system to the record labels of old. Perhaps this is an "appeal to the masses" approach or to get onside with the labels.

The downside of this is that a collaborative filter based on genre and sales will never go deep. I doubt they'd ever use pearson's correlation coefficient seriously enough to offset the "this is the new hit everyone listens to so you should too".

I guess it comes down to musical integrity to the extent of ignoring trends to deliver truly accurate results... or hit 90% of the market with a simple solution that probably makes them more money and makes the record labels easier to deal with.

Glad to see they're thinking different and aren't just playing to the status quo.

Comment: Re:The Guardian says this is hot air (Score 1) 325

by Rib Feast (#27840237) Attached to: Apple Rumored To Want To Buy Twitter

Twitter would make absolutely no sense to Apple.

Twitter has no revenue model as yet, and I doubt some amazing twist will mean it starts a money printing machine. Just because a bunch of people find it fun or interesting doesn't mean it will make much. Same goes with Facebook - 3 companies I know used their ad system and the click to conversion ration was terrible. So bad the CPA meant we were better doing radio or tv.

Why doesn't Apple buy Adobe? They did it with emagic and made Apple a haven for audio production with Logic. They should do the same with Adobe.


ICANN Asked To Shut Down "Worst" Chinese Registrar 119

Posted by kdawson
from the pictogram-for-spam dept.
Ian Lamont writes "Anti-spam service Knujon has released reports highlighting how certain registrars in the US and abroad have consistently failed to live up to certain WHOIS-related obligations under ICANN's Registrar Accreditation Agreement (RAA) — specifically, the requirement that people or company registering domains provide valid contact information. Now the firm is requesting that ICANN shut down the worst alleged offender, Xinnet Bei Gong Da Software. According to Knujon, none of the WHOIS records in a sample of 11,000 alleged spam sites registered through Xinnet and reported by Knujon to ICANN's Whois Data Problem Report System were corrected in a six-month period ending in May 2008 — and the Chinese registrar continues to register about 100 spam sites per day. In many cases, says the Knujon document (PDF), Xinnet does not have 'any Whois record data for review while the sites are still active' and the spam sites further promote 'seal abuse' by posting bogus BBB, Verisign, and other trusted industry seals. ICANN says it is investigating. ICANN has just posted a draft revised RAA that is open for public comment until August 4. However, the wording of Section 3.7.8, governing registrars' obligations to check and correct domain owners' contact information, hasn't changed."

Water Ice On Mars 364

Posted by kdawson
from the not-wet dept.
cathector sends along a story from SpaceWeather.com on the discovery of water ice on Mars. "Scientists have figured out the mysterious white substance unearthed by NASA's Phoenix lander on Mars. It's frozen water. The breakthrough came last week when Phoenix's stereo camera caught the substance in the act of disappearing. Bathed in martian sunlight for four days, the white substance sublimated — i.e., it transformed from solid to gas without passing through the liquid state. This is how water behaves on Mars.... Some readers have asked, how do we know the white substance is not frozen CO2 (dry ice) instead of frozen water? Answer: Phoenix's landing site is too warm for dry ice. The average daily temperature is about -70 F while dry ice requires temperatures lower than about -109 F." The animated GIF showing the ice sublimating is pretty nice too.

SSL Encryption Coming To The Pirate Bay 267

Posted by Soulskill
from the privacy-arms-race dept.
An anonymous reader writes "The Pirate Bay, in response to Sweden's new wiretapping law, will start offering SSL encryption to its user base this week. Although copyright issues really have little to do with national security, The Pirate Bay knows its population is uneasy with the recent legal change. The encryption will mostly benefit Swedish users living under the current law. Since The Pirate Bay and its servers are not hosted in Sweden, the additional security offered to outside users could be comparatively minimal."

TV and Movies On YouTube? 101

Posted by Soulskill
from the legally-that-is dept.
CNet is running a story speculating on the potential for full-length television shows and movies on YouTube. Google has been looking for ways to improve the popular but unprofitable video-sharing site, including some experiments with movies that exceed the typical 10-minute limit. Incorporating a system similar to Hulu could draw the interest of more advertisers. "[Mark Cuban] wrote that Hulu is crushing YouTube in revenue per video and revenue per user primarily because 'Hulu has the right to sell advertising in and around every single video on its site,' Cuban wrote. 'It can package and sell any way that might make its customers happy.' YouTube doesn't have the same luxury because it can advertise only 'on the small percentage of videos on its site that it has a licensing deal with.'"

Fingerprints Recoverable From Cleaned Metal 178

Posted by Soulskill
from the leaving-a-mark dept.
dstates points out a recent article from guardian.co.uk which discusses a new method by which to recover fingerprints from metal. The method relies on corrosion caused by sweat and other biological residues on the metal's surface. Quoting: "The patterns of corrosion remain even after the surface has been cleaned, heated to 600C or even painted over. This means that traces of fingerprints stay on the metal long after the residue from a person's finger has gone. The chemical basis of the change is not yet clear, but [Dr. John Bond] believes it is corrosion by chloride ions from the salt in sweat. These produce lines of corrosion along the ridges of the fingerprint residue. When the metal is heated, for example in a bomb blast or when a gun is fired, the chemical reaction actually speeds up and makes the corrosion more pronounced."

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