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Comment Re:Companies with stacked ranking don't do "remote (Score 1) 492

Setting goals you cannot achieve so you cannot get a bonus?

We recently had a similar case in Germany where a woman went to court because her company had promised her a bonus, but didn't want to pay it because the company as a whole had missed its target.

The judge didn't quite agree and pointed out that boni coupled to targets have to be set in such a way that it's possible for the individual to achieve this goal.

As a result, your firing over impossible to meet targets would have cost them quite a bit in severance pay...

Comment Re:Science is dangerous and math is stressful (Score 4, Interesting) 246

When I'm doing my safety lecture, I'm always demonstrating why some behaviours are not smart. Either by showing videos and photos, or actually doing an experiment which "goes wrong".

Much better if pupils know why some stuff is forbidden.

However, I'm, also showing them that the acids and lyes they'll be working with are not something to be massively afraid of. Respectful, yes. Afraid, no.

Comment Re:You stay classy, Irving ISD (Score 1, Informative) 657

110 V is not lethal - hurts like a bitch, but lethal? Nope. The AC makes it even less dangerous. Plus, if 110 V were lethal then how do you think people survive being hit by a taser where the voltage is a multiple of 10,000 Volts?

It's the resulting current, the amount of charge transferred and the length of the current which make electric appliances dangerous. But at 110 V you almost have to work hard to kill yourself.

Comment Re:Stupid people are stupid (Score 1) 956

I actually expect a modicum of general knowledge from teachers and not merely the particulars of their field. And it should be general knowledge that a) a circuit board is not explosive and b) for a bomb to be explosive it needs to have actual explosives.

Not to mention there's this small matter of how serious they actually were about this "bomb" (as pointed out by another poster downthread):

They did not evacuate the school. They did not call the bomb squad.

THAT alone should tell you all you need to know about those guys. And now go away. Try to find excuses for some other abhorrent and idiotic behaviour, you won't have much luck here.

Comment Re:Stupid people are stupid (Score 2) 956

Maybe you should take a look at a movie sometime. What does a "movie" bomb show? Lots of blinkenlights and circuitboard (in addition to the explosives, natch). So, the only way you could mistake an electronic clock for a bomb is if you equate "circuit board and lights equal bomb".

No disassembly required.

Comment Re:The reason for these laws (Score 1) 728

They are retained because Germans like such restrictions, not because anybody is forcing them to

Suuuure. In your righteous crusade against the stupidity of Germans, you're overlooking some realpolitic problems with your sentiment.

First of all, such a move would be political suicide. Political opponents of the politician proposing such a move would rejoice because he just gave them a big, fat bullseye. And don't tell me that other countries are better in that regard.

Secondly, there's the international level to be considered as well. Israel, for example, would be thrilled while we would probably get applause from countries like North Korea. Yeah, that will work well.