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Comment: Re:This pays credence to my rant about tech (Score 1) 120

by Rhywden (#48949409) Attached to: Can Students Have Too Much Tech?

Well, what do you expect me to do? Use chalk to theoretically discuss my Physics experiments on a slate?

Granted, I am doing that from time to time but I'm also a bit annoyed when my pupils still have to use pencil and paper to write down the data from experiments they're doing. That may be worthwhile the first two or three times to show them the ropes, but after that it gets old fast.

Or take chemistry classes - so, first the pupils have to draw the molecular structures on their paper and then draw it again on the whiteboard. That takes time which could be spent on actually discussing the problem.

There are countless of other examples where technology can speed up several processes quite a bit, particularly when it comes to sharing results.

Comment: Re:That's cool and all. . . (Score 1) 171

by Rhywden (#48876663) Attached to: Hands On With Microsoft's Holographic Goggles

It's the lightfield that's the kicker. Because that makes it NOT a simple 'picture projected onto a surface'. With this technology, your eyes should be able to focus on different parts of the image and actually getting the results your eyes expect.

Thus it should be possible to include a correction for near- or farsightedness. Your other complaints are merely showing your lack of imagination.

Comment: Re:What's the new hole? (Score 4, Interesting) 463

by Rhywden (#48732483) Attached to: Writer: How My Mom Got Hacked

So, the only thing between Cryptolocker and your user's files was the FILESYSTEM? And you think the problem was the OS?

Seriously, this thing was actually running on your Linux distribution (as you yourself admit) and the only thing that saved you was that it wasn't (yet) adapted to the filesystem. So, pray tell, how is Linux the magical mystery sauce which saves the day?

Comment: Re:International translation (Score 1, Informative) 234

by Rhywden (#48694943) Attached to: Being Colder May Be Good For Your Health

Not to mention that it's actually the melting point. Even when you have a well-defined pressure of 1 atm, water doesn't have to freeze at 0 C (and it also doesn't have to boil at 100 C). It is likely that it will freeze at that point, but far from being guaranteed. If you're doing things right water can go as far as -50 C before freezing.

Comment: Re:America, land of the free... (Score 1) 720

by Rhywden (#48551809) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Can a Felon Work In IT?

You misunderstand. I'm not for prohibition. I'm merely proposing that driving under the influence of any drug is a very bad idea.

In my opinion, you're free to rock your boat with whatever drug you choose - as long as you don't endanger other people. And hurtling along with at least 1 ton of metal while being drugged is endangering others.

Comment: Re:America, land of the free... (Score 1) 720

by Rhywden (#48544495) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Can a Felon Work In IT?

Well, I find it hard to sympathize - when you have drunk any amount of alcohol, you shouldn't be behind the wheels for any reason. Precisely because of crap like this. Additionally, counting the drinks is moronic - depending on what you ate and your current bodily constitution, your tolerance for alcohol may vary wildly.

Not to mention that alcohol impairs your judgment - it's like a drug-induced version of the Dunning-Kruger-Effect. You yourself may think that you have no problems driving with, say, a BAC of 0.04 - but how would you realistically know? Your judgment is already impaired...

Comment: Re:Thanks Momma Merkel! (Score 1) 55

by Rhywden (#48539021) Attached to: EU May Not Unify Its Data Protection Rules After All

I don't think that most of the industry understands the internet either. I mean, just look at the debacle with this moronic "Leistungsschutzrecht" where they tried to make Google pay them for advertising for them. And when Google refused to play ball (either by simply delisting them from search results or just returning results without snippets) they tried to get a law passed that would have forced Google to pay and list them.

Comment: Re:Why? (Score 2) 38

by Rhywden (#48456071) Attached to: Raspberry Pi-Powered Body Illusion Lets You Experience Parkinson's

Indeed. There are also suits and goggles which simulate old age so that youngsters can better empathize with the needs of the elderly. I mean, at some point you'll surely have stood in line behind an older person who took their sweet time to get the spare change out of the purse. With such suits, you can experience for yourself why that took so long.

It's one thing to intellectually know about a concept and a completely different thing to have actually experienced it.

You can do similar stuff when it comes to educating about the dangers of alcohol. Simply put on a special goggle (which emulates your field of view when at about 1.0 BAC and also induces vertigo) and you'll see why driving drunk is dangerous.

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