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Comment Re:The reason for these laws (Score 1) 678

They are retained because Germans like such restrictions, not because anybody is forcing them to

Suuuure. In your righteous crusade against the stupidity of Germans, you're overlooking some realpolitic problems with your sentiment.

First of all, such a move would be political suicide. Political opponents of the politician proposing such a move would rejoice because he just gave them a big, fat bullseye. And don't tell me that other countries are better in that regard.

Secondly, there's the international level to be considered as well. Israel, for example, would be thrilled while we would probably get applause from countries like North Korea. Yeah, that will work well.

Comment Re:Unions (Score 5, Informative) 585

I'm not quite sure why you're lambasting him for suggestion unions by listing the times where unions were indeed a hindrance... because he made this very point himself:

Can unions abuse their power? Absolutely, so stay involved, vote in your union elections, make sure your union reps are doing their jobs.

Or did you only read what you wanted to read? In fact, I think you stopped thinking the moment you read the word "unions".

Comment Nothing "odd" about the required update (Score 5, Informative) 27

The required update isn't "odd" because it facilitates two things:

First, it checks whether you're a owner of a affected device or not.

Second, if this is indeed the case it then facilitates getting the RMA number in conjunction with the website.

Basically, you go into "System" on your device, check the battery, it tells you that you're affected. You then open the website, enter the serial number of the device. You get an RMA number, and enter that into the device. You then get another number (some kind of receipt, probably) and enter that into the website, along with your contact information.

Sounds more complicated than it is and you're done in about 4 minutes, depending on how fast you type.

Comment Re:Deliberate 'overextraction'? (Score 4, Interesting) 67

The article talks, among other things, about biofuel cells which target glucose - so, actually, yes, using those devices would lead to weight reduction. Because that's one of the more important ways to distribute energy throughout the body: delivering glucose where it's needed which the cells then convert again in the citrate cycle to more readily usable stuff.

Thus, using machines based on this kind of fuel would lead to weight reduction the same way it would when you exercise.

Comment Re:No surprised in good ole Mass... (Score 1) 155

Oh, sure. Because when we create yet another government agency, that will be sooo much cheaper.

I could agree on giving them tax breaks or something if they buy disabled-fit cars due to regulations.

But if the infrastructure already exists and only needs to be added upon, why create yet another totally unneeded agency? Don't forget, the government wouldn't just have to buy such cars. They'd also need drivers, they'd need callcenter agents, dispatchers, managers, IT,...

Comment Re:Amnesty can go and fuck itself (Score 1) 112

It already has been explained to you that child abuse is not their mandate. Your "argument" is a common troll-tactic to "counter" someone's efforts:

"Oh, you're collecting money for the poor in the 3rd world? What about the religious persecution in your own country?"

It's a common attitude - because someone cares about an issue and you don't like this someone, it's an absolute monstrosity that he doesn't care about another (possibly even unrelated) issue as well.

Taking your argument to its ultimate conclusion, unless someone is willing to do something about every single issue on this planet he has failed in your eyes. All the while you're forgetting, that a person or an organization can only do so much in a 24 hour day.

Comment Re:Automatic updates broke Samsung laptops recentl (Score 1) 23

Well, let me put it this way: What kind of crap is Samsung shovelling out that the basic keyboard/mouse drivers which run on basically _anything else_ are able to render Samsung's hardware inoperable?

Plus: What kind of inept stunts is Samsung pulling that their drivers are automatically replaced?

Then again, given their track record with the developer's nightmare that is Tizen, this shouldn't surprise anyone. I mean, what is one supposed to think of a company who thought that an error message like "NAUGHTY PROGRAMMER!!! SPANK SPANK SPANK!!!" is a good idea? (Seriously:

Comment Re:Sounds like the move of ms office to dotnet (Score 1) 186

I think it's more likely a question of: "Does such a move make us money in a non-negligible way?"

Porting Office to Linux would be most likely a zero-sum game - a PC which formerly ran Windows now runs Linux. The amount of Office installations remains the same.

Such a move only makes sense for a company if they're opening up new markets - and currently it's obviously not a big enough number.

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