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Comment: Parental Involvement (Score 4, Insightful) 136

by Rhoon (#29742301) Attached to: Modern Games and Technology Challenging ESRB's Effectiveness
I have found that no rating or ruling agency (whether Government or Private) can replace the effects of parents who get involved with their children and actually attempt to understand what their kids are doing and who they're interacting with. I don't care what stamp or rating is put on the outside of the box, if I haven't researched whatever my children are doing, then I'd consider myself a failure as a parent, which is really what the underlying problem is here... not the fact that the ESRB doesn't rate online content / social interaction.

Comment: Re:Atom + Win7 = ? (Score 1) 501

by Rhoon (#29555269) Attached to: AU Government To Build "Unhackable" Netbooks
I have the Dell Inspiron mini 10v and it loads Win 7 like a charm. It's extremely fast coming out of sleep mode and is doing great as a development environment (Visual Studio for C# and XNA and Eclipse for Java). The only pain in the butt part of it was upgrading the RAM to 2GB (you essentially have to take almost every screw out of the thing to get access to the bottom of the M.B. where the RAM Chip lives -- definitely not easy access).

Comment: I thought this was already in the process... (Score 2, Informative) 33

by Rhoon (#29033291) Attached to: Xbox Gaming Platform To Span Web, Console, Mobile
With Microsoft's XNA programming wrappers for the DirectX SDK, I thought this was already in the process of happening. XNA games already run on the XBox 360, Windows and Zune. The next logical step is to take it into the mobile community much like iPod apps work on the iPhone. In reality this shouldn't be that big of a surprise to anyone.

+ - Arrest under new NY piracy laws

Submitted by AxminsterLeuven
AxminsterLeuven (963108) writes "The Beeb is carrying a story on new tightened New York anti-piracy legislation: A man has been been arrested, after smuggling video recording equipment into a theatre showing the new Transformers movie. "Kalidou Diallo, 48, has been charged with unauthorised use of a video camera in a cinema. Under upgraded legislation, he could face six months in jail and fines of up to $5,000 (£2,487) if found guilty," the BBC reports."

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