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Comment Re:The three keys on the top-right (Score 1) 503 503

I sit corrected. The article I used as a reference only told how to activate it on a working system, not how to make it active by default, and I misread. If you want it active at boot, you need to add the line kernel.sysrq = 1 to /etc/sysctl.conf.

Comment Re:Ageism for the next generation (Score 1) 159 159

Microsoft Windows nearly single-handedly created the antivirus industry by neglecting security (and still does to this day).

Microsoft, yes Windows no. I can remember using McAffee anti-virus on MS-DOS long before I started using Windows.

Comment Re:The three keys on the top-right (Score 1) 503 503

If you expect to need it, create the file /proc/sys/kernel/sysrq with the contents set to 1. This makes the key combo active by default, and survives rebooting. Of course, you need to test it while the system's in good shape because different mobos respond to different combinations. (I had one, once that needed Left-Ctrl, Right-Alt and SysRQ to work, and only that combo worked.)

Comment Re:So... redundant, in other words (Score 0) 33 33

While its true that SJWs pretty much ruin everything they touch in the case of Patreon there are just as many using it for good things. For example there are several reviewers of niche movies/TV/Music where you can "buy" an episode and choose the topic of that episode (as long as it falls into the niche) and dedicate it to someone, E.G. Todd In The Shadows has a show called "One Hit Wonderland" where you can choose any one hit band from the past 40 years if you wish to buy an episode. I have seen similar things done with reviews of games like World of Planes/Tanks/Warships where the buyer can choose which vehicle is under review next. Some of these reviewers also sell game time, where the person buying can be in the next review by joining up with the reviewer in game.

In these "works for hire" I see no issue as everybody gets the content for free, the one paying the money simply gets to choose the topic and be mentioned or appear in the video. Watching a few of these other than the person being mentioned in the front you'd be hard pressed to tell this from any of their other content so if it helps them continue to make entertaining videos we can all watch for free? I say go for it, especially when you can use it to help those that could really use it, like Chuck at SFDebris whose wife has a serious mental illness which requires him to be a stay at home dad.

Comment Re:Companies Selling Actually Free Software? (Score 1) 176 176

The problem with the GPL is the ONLY way to actually make enough money to keep your doors open (and feel free to try to prove me wrong with a single example, you can't) is through the "blessed trinity" which is 1.- Sell hardware, 2.- Sell support or services, and 3.-E-Begging.

So what is wrong with that? Simple the vast majority of software doesn't fall into those niches and thus there will never be a GPL equivalent. For a perfect example just look at how ID has given some of the most powerful game engines ever made yet you can't name a single player GPL game with the quality of Far Cry 1 or Bioshock, which are over a decade old, reason? Games don't fall into the blessed trinity so all you get are a billion piss poor Q3 Arena ripoffs because those are so simple any kid can whip one off in a couple months. This is why despite 20 years the best answer to Photoshop is the Gimp, which isn't anywhere near the same league, why you have no GPL small business software that comes even close to Quickbooks despite it being out there for ages, they simply do not fall under the trinity and so will never get made.

This is the problem with rigid dogma, it frequently ignores reality and becomes the classic "is ought" problem, saying their "ought" to be GPL for all forms of software while ignoring reality which "is" that someone devoting their full time to a software project needs to be able to eat and have a home. If you simply removed the "free to redistribute" clause this problem would not exist, after all we have seen that this works in the world of video games where many games let you modify the games and distribute those modifications (and some like ID let you have the code) but you cannot distribute the game itself, allowing the developers to get paid for their labor and make more games.

Of course I'm sure I will get nothing but hate for daring to say programmers should be able to make a living (and I notice RMS never says anybody else should give their work away for free, I bet he has no qualms with paying his doctor for the years of hard work he put in learning his craft while ignoring programmers often spend as many years learning theirs) but when you look at the GPL? It simply insures that many forms of software will simply never come to be, the license is too narrow to allow one to make a living unless you can do so through the trinity.

Comment Re:"...the same as trespassing." (Score 1) 981 981

This is why there are different states! Intelligent people can disagree on such issues - go live in a state whose laws you agree with. Trying to force your personal idea of what's rght on everyone everywhere is totalitarianism (with a large dose of intellectual arrogance).

Comment Re:"...the same as trespassing." (Score 1) 981 981

IR seekers are really easy to make and it's a fun robotics project. Simple to do with analog controls even (the principle is so easy it was highly classified for years). Launch your rocket into the Sun every time.

Tracking a specific target instead of the brightest heat source is much, much harder, but if the drone is the only dark spot in the field of view of the camera, that should be do-able. Fun to try, anyhow.

Comment Re:Blimey (Score 1) 473 473

Also you need negative mass, which doesn't exist even theoretically, oh and more mass energy than the entire universe

Are you thinking of a wormhole, not a warp drive? I'm not talking about a Star Trek FTL drive, but instead a device that warps space, just like gravity does, but asymmetrically. I don't believe it's possible either, but it's still allowed by accepted physics, and it wouldn't require lots of mass.

I don't think we'll know enough about this concept, or about negative mass, to rule them out until we finally understand how mass is quantized, or, rather, where rest mass comes from in the first place. Maybe when quantum gravity is finally understood there will finally be an explanation for rest mass, but maybe it's even further down the road.

Heck, we can't even measure the rest masses of quarks accurately -- not even one significant digit in some cases -- let along explain the values There's lots of physics left to be done there.

Just because i write down math does not make it a valid prediction.

The math of modern physics has been shockingly predictive. All sorts of crazy shit has turned out to be true - so much so that people believed in String Theory for 20 years with no evidence whatsoever (and some still cling to that belief). Those people aren't stupid: "following the math" has a really good track record. It's best to keep an open mind until we get better theories.

Comment Re:Thursday (Score 1) 99 99

Math and methodology only works if you know how and where to apply it. Not being an expert in any of the fields you are discussing, you wouldn't know.

That's hilarious. Data is data.

It doesn't matter where you apply your math or methodoloy, if you're doing them in an obviously incorrect way. A point which you keep seeming to miss. Scientists are not gods, they deal in the real world with real data just like so many others do.

Oh, the irony of you making that statement.

You don't seem to know what irony means either, Mr. Coward. Do you think I am not (or never have been) a scientist? On what do you base that assumption?

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