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Comment: Re:Rent-seeking? (Score 5, Insightful) 150

They have the cable tv mentality. I work for a small cable company and I can assure you that the ultimate goal is to leverage the small guys out of business. Tell me one large company in this country that isn't set up like a despots dream. Its funny how america is about democracy on the surface but allows non democratic entity to attain the vote in the country.

Comment: Simple really (Score 3, Insightful) 860

by Revek (#46407811) Attached to: Microsoft's Attempt To Convert Users From Windows XP Backfires

Most People don't want to relearn anything. They know how to do this or do that and its different the second you move up to the next version after windows xp and office 2003. Microsoft has to accept its customer base doesn't want to have to learn how to drive a new operating system or application every few years.

Comment: Hope they harden it. (Score 2) 180

by Revek (#46372887) Attached to: Your Next Car's Electronics Will Likely Be Connected By Ethernet

Ethernet is notoriously susceptible to the emp from a close lighting strike. If you don't think so, just work in the cable industry for a while. After every serious lighting storm we will have several modems that appear fine except the ethernet is blown. It is usually the only thing burned out in the house. Often the rf side is still working fine and sending information back to the management system. It will suck when you have to go into a parts store and say gimme a box of ethernet chips for my car.

Comment: booster/stresser sites (Score 1) 92

by Revek (#46255007) Attached to: 200-400 Gbps DDoS Attacks Are Now Normal

These services are available for any kid with five dollars. The last one that hit my network knocked us off and our upstream provider. They use spoofed packets to machines with services such as chargen/echo to amplify the attacks. If you contact one of these services they will threaten or try to extort money from you.

+ - Cheap online DDOS sites let anyone kick you off xboxlive

Submitted by Revek
Revek (133289) writes "I am the sysadmin for a small ISP. We have limited resources to fight ddos attacks. Now on a weekly basis we get hit with huge ddos attacks that never last more than a few minutes. The traffic sometimes knocks our provider off up the line. What we have discovered is that people, mostly kids are using sniffers to get the ip address of their fellow xbox party members ip address and using a stresser/booster site to knock the other party off. There are numerous videos on youtube that explains how to do it, including this jewel from a youtube user with a prophetic handle. The domains and websites are all based outside the US. Panama seems to be the prefered country to register them. My contact with these sites has resulted threats and extortion attempts. The FBI contact I have sent me to to fill out a complaint form that was really more for reporting consumer fraud. Microsoft tried to send me to their website to sign in to my account(I dont have one) and report it. These sites have no legitimate use as far as I can see and result in disruption of more than just someones gaming experience. My question to slashdot is; what other options do I have to eliminate/mitigate this problem other than canceling our customers accounts?"

Comment: Re:If you find an house with open door do you ente (Score 1) 248

Not the same thing. Not even close. Private dwellings on the internet are supposed to protected by some form of authentication.. Its a enormous library. If you want something kept secret don't be a luser and put it on the internet. I guarantee the root cause of this is some jackass who wanted to be able to access their data from home. He didn't go around url hacking, he used google. Its like they put it in the yellow pages and got pissed when someone saw it.

Comment: Re:Theft from an Unprotected Site is Still Theft (Score 1) 248

Go buy offline explorer and set it to any large domain or wget for that matter. Make it ignore robots.txt and grab every link and soon you will have yourself at terabyte of fun. Its bullshit to think that if its publicly accessible that person can't make use of it. How many times have you laughed and said I simply must have that cute little kitty for my person collection? Thats you lolcat thief. This is retaliation for some small minded crat who got his panties in a wad. The only place this guy went wrong is perhaps he should have told the journalist that he could search google for his search term and find the goodies.

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