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by Revek (#48018711) Attached to: Bash To Require Further Patching, As More Shellshock Holes Found

Shill much? I had three machines. One running Ubuntu, one Centos and the last one FreeBSD. The FreeBSD box was scripted to update ports regularly. The Ubuntu machine also runs updates from cron. The Centos wasn't set to update automatically but updated without issue. I went ahead and made it update on a weekly schedule while I was at it. In short free does not mean maintenance free. Microsoft has had its share of bugs some of which remain unpatched to this day.

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by Revek (#47994361) Attached to: Why India's Mars Probe Was So Cheap

Ill just leave this here. Feel free to ignore it if it doesn't match your version of reality.
NASA can't hire enough engineers. Why?
NASA faces looming engineer shortage.
The ones they have are leaving. Why?
The Flight of Gifted Engineers From NASA
Bureaucracy is great when they are getting the job done. Not so much when they slow and often halt progress. They are inefficient with the current management style they use. Bureaucracy run amok is my take on it. Poor decision making and bureaucratic overhead preventing things from being done cheaper. Wasteful money pits where they pour cash and get nothing in return.
NASA Has Spent $20 Billion On Canceled Projects

Wernher von Braun settled for a V-2 when he coulda had a V-8.