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Comment Media companies bribe for 10 year prison terms (Score 1) 267 267

Lets face it all of this crap comes from big media. They are using every tactic, even illegal ones to convince governments that the garbage they create is worth any price to protect. The average citizen of the western world doesn't give two cardinal shits about this. So who else is pushing for it?

Comment Re:Anyone know if this applies to free Wi-Fi? (Score 2) 99 99

I'm pretty sure the end user can filter anything they want. We still maintain a filter on the public parks around here. After all you don't want little johnny to have to ask mommy what the strange man with doing with his thing out on a park bench.

Comment So is there a form for the ISP (Score 4, Informative) 99 99

I really want to know so I can get people flagged for making false statements to that effect. We don't have a firewall at all on our internet customers. Its wide open and has been for years. We found throttling ports was self defeating in that the torrent hoarders used encryption and other means to hide their activity anyway. The filter we had was actually causing an additional 30ms of latency and I have missed it at all.

Comment Re:Masters of their domain (Score 1) 479 479

No I would have spotted bad hardware or a badly configured cpe device with our monitoring tools. Its really sucks when you deal with paltry little t1 lines and you end up working on a system that bears little resemblance to the equipment you normally work on. Truth be told a look at the CTMS log files would have showed a ip deadlock.

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