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Comment Re:Your move, Cox (Score 1) 166

Every time I've contacted one of these companies about payment to deliver those copyright messages to our customers they are refused or hung up the phone. It cost money to roll a truck or to have a CSR call the accused customer. These guys basically expect a ISP to be their process sever in their civil suit for free. Its been a lose-lose situation for everyone but them. I think COX would be better off to start billing them for every truck roll and put these shysters on the defensive.

Along another line of reasoning. Does this open a telco up to lawsuit for not taking action against fraudulent scams taking place on their network?

Comment So we never own anything buy? (Score 4, Insightful) 197

That is the dream of any manufacturer that they sell you something you never own. You can use it but heaven forbid you talk about it. I'm sure they will want to charge for chairs by the sitting next. Hey! you can't sit in that chair. I'm only allowed fifty sittings a month in that chair. Sounds crazy, just like this article.

Comment This is garbage that will just increase your bill (Score 1) 153

Count on it. You can't have it both ways. Every step you take to strip a company of revenue will just increase your bill. To bad few are smart enough to see it. Cable set top boxes use encryption and technology that is usually limited to a few types of set top boxes. Forcing cable to replace those systems will increase your bill. I don't think it will hold up in court since many industries have similar practices. Float the idea at whatever your job is of starting to give away what they have been charging for and see the response you get from the bean counters. I hope you don't get fired for suggesting it.

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