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Comment Re:made themselves irelevent (Score 2) 1034

Its funny. How do you think you take part. I've always taken part by reading. Lately when I look at a list of top scifi its all low rent soap opera in some vague dimensionless settings. In other words weather our new interlopers who confuse dragons and fairy's for scifi realize it. They have made the hugos irrelevant. Its amazing you think the main part of 'taking part' is worrying about some decrepit award. I've felt ignored for years by the awards. The crap that got voted in has mostly been crap. In truth to me it looks like the SJW has poisoned it to spite another diversity.

Comment made themselves irelevent (Score -1, Troll) 1034

As soon as you start ignoring your supporters you start losing all integrity. Science fiction is all about ray guns and aliens. How could these idiots think it was ever any other way. Was it because star trek used the stripped guys to lash out at the stupidity racial differences? Maybe. But more than likely its this new need for many writers to tell the story of some lame social fantasy and call it Scifi.

I call the SJW 'Social Justice Whores'.

Comment Media companies bribe for 10 year prison terms (Score 1) 274

Lets face it all of this crap comes from big media. They are using every tactic, even illegal ones to convince governments that the garbage they create is worth any price to protect. The average citizen of the western world doesn't give two cardinal shits about this. So who else is pushing for it?

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