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+ - Muon Tomography Images Show Core Meltdown at Fukushima

Submitted by Required Snark
Required Snark (1702878) writes "Muon Tomography images have revealed core meltdown in the Unit 1 and Unit 2 reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi power station. Different techniques were used for each unit. The core material is no longer in the reactor pressure vessels, but the images do no show where the corium (melted reactor core material) ended up.

Each Fukushima reactor melted core has around 125 tons of corium. Chernobyl has around 180 tons and Three Mile Island about 20 short tons. In TMI the meltdown was partial and the corium was contained by the pressure vessel, unlike Fukushima and Chernobyl.

Fukushima Unit 3 has not been scanned. It's feasible to use muon imaging to find where the corium ended up, but that requires constructing pits for the muon sensors."

Comment: Re:Teddy Roosevelt rides again! (Score 3, Informative) 309

Stop lying.

The 2015 personal income maximum California tax rate is 13.30% for an individual making more then $1,000,000 or a couple making more then $1,039,374.

The 2015 California corporate tax rate is a flat 8.84%.

So are you a degenerate liar or just dumber then a box of rocks? The truth took a mindless Google search and about 20 seconds. Are you incapable of that level effort or do you expect that everyone one else is as uninformed as you are and will believe whatever drivel you post?

So go back to where you live in your mother's basement and look for the radioactive CIA mind control scorpions and leave the rest of us surface dwellers alone.

Comment: Re:Alamo Broadband's complaint (Score 5, Interesting) 309

You don't understand our new post-captialist economy. In post-capitalism, entrenched special interest have a right to make money and the basic purpose of government is to enact laws that insure profit. That is the law of the land manifest in the DCMA. So, for example, Kurig is using DRM to eliminate competition on refills for their machines.

Post-capitalism also conveniently eliminates pesky constitutional guarantees enforcing the rule of law. Contractual language can now eliminate search warrants and right of privacy when Stingray cellphone technology is used for mass surveillance. Both government and private enterprise benefit in post-capitalism.

Broadband providers have just as much right as any other business to run an entrenched monopolistic enterprise and make vast amounts of money. I fully expect that the current court system will correct the loopholes that threaten their guaranteed profitability, and give them the same protection under the law that other corrupt special interests enjoy in our post-capitalist system.

Why is this so hard to understand? It's obviously the American Way.

Comment: Re:Probably not acceptable to the hive mind (Score 1) 320

When I first joined the American Physical Society sixty-seven years ago

This is similar to what happened in geology when plate tectonics became accepted. There were a cadre of crusty (pun intended) old professors who just flat out rejected the idea that the surface of the earth could move like that. They stuck to their guns, and some of them spent their final years in academia trying to refute tectonic theory. I heard about this when I was a rockhound as a kid and went to amateur geology events.

I don't know if at that time anyone accused those adopting the new theory as being personally corrupt, but doubt it. Those were different times. However, when this guy starts calling the APS corrupt he's clearly gone into the weeds.

In reality there is corruption in the climate change debate, and it's all on the side of the fossil fuel advocates. They have a lot of money at stake, and they spend a relatively large amount defending their wealth. The poster boys for this are the Koch brothers, although they are not alone.

There's a position in the economics department of Kansas University funded by the Kochs. It's filled by a person who's previous job was as a lobbyist for the Koch organization. Among other things he lobbied against wind power subsidies, which is really blatant give the vast tax write-offs that fossil fuel companies get.

Additionally, another Koch funded economist at George Mason University has come out in favor of less democracy. Dr. Garett Jones published a paper titled “10% Less Democracy: How Less Voting Could Mean Better Governance" This is a step beyond the Republican program to keep the "wrong" kind of people from voting. It's starting to look like the Kochs are getting tired of the peasants grumbling, and are considering reducing their right to petition grievances before the king.

Comment: Re:NYPD (Score 0) 135

First of all Wikipedia isn't "public records".

First of all Wikipedia isn't "public information". Glad to clarify that for you. That nit must have been really bothering you.

So what line item in the NYPD budget covers lying to the public? When the description of an unarmed suspect is changed to armed that is not exactly a minor detail. In this universe it's called lying.

It's a crime to lie to the police. Do it and you could go to jail. Do you think that the NYPD is leading by example when someone at headquarters propagates lies on the internet?

If someone has the time to falsify a Wikipedia entry while they are at work does that mean that they are not busy enough? Why didn't they do it from home? Any possibility that they were trying to conceal their identity? Is that the kind of behavior we want from police personal? What kind of transparency is that, exactly?

So if I set up a Wikipedia entry about you and said that you were caught cheating at college and were expelled and furthermore you were fired from work for theft, it would be no big deal because "That's the way Wikipedia is supposed to work." According to you lying is "not criminal", so it must be acceptable. If slander against a dead person shot by the NYDP is no big deal, then lying about you is inconsequential. You're still around to fix the problem, so no harm. It's not like you're dead or anything.

Comment: Re:Mission creep (Score 1) 239

I am very dubious about how the FAA is dealing with this, but your suggestion is beyond stupid. You are advocating shutting down the mechanisms that make aviation possible. Do you think that shutting down national/international air traffic control is a good idea? Do you think that suspending oversight on aircraft maintenance will keep planes flying safely?

How stupid are you? Grow up. Your opinion is senseless. Do yourself, and everyone else here a favor and think before you post again. That is, if you can think.

Comment: Re:Runaway capitalism. (Score 3, Informative) 320

If I had mod points I would mod you up.

This is exactly what happened in Japan at the Riken Institute. A lead researcher made claimed to make a fantastic breakthrough, but it was unreproducible. Clearly the pressure to be a winner overwhelmed good scientific practice.

The FDA had to crack down on Big Pharma, because they were not reporting negative results from clinical tests. If you can pick and choose so that only positive outcomes are used, then it's as bad as not doing any tests at all. The motive was greed, and the public be damned.

The phrase "Publish or Perish" sums up the pressure that results in this behavior. It's exactly the same as predatory capitalism; if you can make money, then nothing else matters, even killing people.

Comment: Re:Shhhh! (Score 0) 54

by Required Snark (#49229481) Attached to: Sugar Industry Shaped NIH Agenda On Dental Research
Thank god for the 40 years of improved dental health that resulted from those tooth decay vaccines.

So you're quoting an article from an unnamed newspaper that is certainly based on a press release from the sugar industry. Obviously a high quality source.

How long did the research last? Who did it? How much did it cost? The last one is the real kicker. What are the odds that the did just the minimal amount to pretend that they gave a crap?

Go watch some late night TV and look at all the products that are "clinically tested". I'm sure they are of the same high quality that went into looking for a tooth decay vaccine.

Why are you making excuses for corrupt big business that games the system? Are you in the pay of the Koch (pronounced cock) brothers? I've never been able to fathom why so many people jump to the defense of those who put corporate profit before the well being of the citizens. Scratch the surface and it's not about liberty, it's about greed. What's wrong with you?

Comment: Re:Climate Deniers: What is your defence for this? (Score 1) 366

You're absolutely right. We must immediately allocate significant funding to give flat earth advocates the opportunity to make their case, because there are two sides to every issue. We also need to consider phlogiston theory, orgone energy, and whether sacrificial animal entrails can divine the future. All theories must be considered equally valid without regard to other supporting evidence.

Comment: Re:Throw "Freedom" On It (Score 1) 550

The Republican Party is the direct decedent of the White Citizen's Councils of the 1950s. Their agenda is the preservation of the status quo/Euro-centric political and economic power blocs in the US. That's why they hate Obama so much. He's the wrong kind of "uppity" person of color. Unlike Thomas, Condoleezza Rice, or Colon Powell, who overtly make themselves subservient to the existing power structure.

It's the same reason the House Republicans tried to shut down the DHS over the Obama administration's executive action on immigration. The only voting group of Spanish speaking people that they care about are anti-Castro right wing Cubans. They hate all the rest because of they're not white.

As for Right Wing "think tanks", the Project for the New American Century advocated deposing Saddam Hussein during the Clinton administration well before 9/11. Cheney, Bolton, Wolfowithz and Jeb Bush all publicly advocated this policy. Seems like that hasn't worded out so well, has it? Besides making ISIS possible, it also vastly expanded the influence of Iran. Real genius results on that side of the political spectrum.

The reason the GOP's behavior is "not conducive to their success" is that they are pursuing an overtly racist domestic agenda, their foreign policy is arguably the worst in the history of the US, and they severely mismanaged the US economy. (Remember the 2008 crash? Or have you ignored that too?)

You are false data.