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Comment: The Earth is not in Space (Score 4, Interesting) 174

by Required Snark (#49604423) Attached to: NASA Gets Its Marching Orders: Look Up! Look Out!
Yes, just like a little kid, every Republican knows that you see space when you look up. You can't see space when you look down. All you see is dirt, i.e. the Earth. So it can't be in space.

So let's just ignore the fact that the Earth is just one of the many things that are in space, and that it s the easiest thing in space we can get to. We're already here. It just doesn't count.

Also ignore that the Earth is the planet that we know the most about. So if we want to study other planets, we shouldn't study the Earth from space. There is no way that the things that we learn from Earth observation could be a baseline so that we know how to examine other thing that are in space, like say Mercury, Venus, the Moon, Mars, Jupiter and it's moons, Saturn and it's moons and rings, and the same for Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto (planet or not).

I hope this gives the Republicans amongst you a slight clue how stupid you sound. And how much you've substituted ideology for rational thought. But I warn you, don't let your vision of the US flag over every rock and planet in the solar system go to your head. It's only a mater of time until the christian fanatic wing of the party decides that the Earth is flat, the space program is a front for the devil, and the money needs to be spent on proving that the Earth is 6000 years old.

Comment: Re:If Boeing believed in software QA.... (Score 4, Informative) 235

by Required Snark (#49601435) Attached to: Long Uptime Makes Boeing 787 Lose Electrical Power
You have no idea what you are talking about. All FAA certified aircraft software has to conform to the DO-178B / DO-178C standard. The standard imposes design, testing, process and documentation standards that are extremely demanding.

QC isn't just a department or a step in the release process, it is built into the full life cycle of the software. Safety is the goal, and the requirement for good practice starts at the beginning of the process, with the requirement documents.

For example, there are five levels of error severity defined from A to E. E has no impact on safety and A is catastrophic, where a crash could occur. The level of software test and validation depends on the severity level.

The number of objectives to be satisfied (eventually with independence) is determined by the software level A-E. The phrase "with independence" refers to a separation of responsibilities where the objectivity of the verification and validation processes is ensured by virtue of their "independence" from the software development team. For objectives that must be satisfied with independence, the person verifying the item (such as a requirement or source code) may not be the person who authored the item and this separation must be clearly documented. In some cases, an automated tool may be equivalent to independence. However, the tool itself must then be qualified if it substitutes for human review.

Your inability to find a "QC" position is because you don't know the structure of aerospace software development and have no idea of the job titles or terminology used to describe the standards used. You are projecting your lack of knowledge into a inconceivable lapse of competence on the part of Boeing and the FAA. In what universe would there be no software safety requirements for the civilian aircraft industry? All you have shown is that you are ignorant and have a basic lack of common sense.

Comment: Re:A Fish rots from the head down (Score 1) 162

King George Bush 1st: Head of the CIA, just like Putin was the head of the KGB, and just like Putin, dedicated to democratic government and free enterprise.

King George W Bush 2nd: Dumber then a box of rocks. Hand puppet for Cheney. Known to be comfortable holding hands with (male) Saudi royalty. Ignored warnings about 9/11 attack, then invaded the wrong country. Engineered the worst financial crash since the Great Depression. Will eventually go down as the worst president in the post WW1 era.

King Jeb Bush: If elected, will complete the disastrous projects started by his father and brother. Invade Iran? Russia? North Korea? No matter what, will invade somewhere, since it's a family tradition. Will turn the economy over to Greenspan, or his current equivalent, and complete the destruction of the US economy. Convert the US to a right wing Christian theocracy? Possible. It's impossible to predict what he will do, because the Bush clan is so out of control that no sane person can foresee their future actions.

Before you go slinging mud, you had best consider what happened whey your side was in charge.

Comment: Just look at the previous post (Score 1) 162

Disney Replaces Longtime IT Staff with H-1b Workers

As I posted there:

Corporations only have one goal: making the upper management as rich as possible. They will throw anyone under the bus to achieve that end: employees, stockholders, customers.

I underestimated just how greedy the bastards really are. They will sell anything, including the ultimate weapon of mass destruction, to a country who's foreign policy goals include getting the US out of the Middle East, the end of the State of Israel, and replacing Saudi dominance with Iranian dominance. (Not that I think much of the Saudi government, but at least they are a devil we know, and can buy off.)

Ending the Iran embargo shouldn't mean helping them with their nuclear energy program. That's insane, unless the west has 100% access to all their facilities. The last I heard access was one of the main unresolved issues.

Clearly this is in the agreement due to corporate influence. At what point does profit become treason?

Comment: Re:Lesson for workers : Keep skills sharp (Score 5, Informative) 630

by Required Snark (#49583347) Attached to: Disney Replaces Longtime IT Staff With H-1B Workers

Everyone is expendable, from the CEO to the janitor.

I suggest that you leave your parent's basement and visit the real world some time. in the real world everyone is expendable except for the CEO and their cronies.

Look at all the big US companies after the 2008 crash. No CEOs, C-anything-O or boards of director were out and out fired. A very few CEOs (for example the head of Bank of America) were "retired", but given their fat golden parachutes they still ended up outrageously wealthy. There is no negative penalty, even for complete failure, for anyone at the top.

Corporations only have one goal: making the upper management as rich as possible. They will throw anyone under the bus to achieve that end: employees, stockholders, customers. If it's ever a choice between stockholders and management, stockholders get screwed.

For example: Deep Misalignment Between Corporate Economic Performance, Shareholder Return and Executive Compensation

For the vast majority of S&P 1500 companies, there is a major disconnect between corporate operating performance, shareholder value and incentive plans for executives. New research details an over-reliance on accounting metrics that do not measure capital efficiency, and how total shareholder return obscures a line of sight to the underlying drivers of economic performance. Economic performance explains only 12% of variance in chief executive officer (CEO) compensation.

What universe are you from? How can you make a statement that is so clearly false? Did someone pay to say that, or are you a free lance idiot?

Comment: Re:Why the surprise? (Score 0, Flamebait) 177

by Required Snark (#49575273) Attached to: When Enthusiasm For Free Software Turns Ugly
So it's not actually about the software, it's an excuse to throw a temper tantrum in public like a spoiled eight year old.

I would ask you to grow up, but that clearly isn't going to happen because you like being trash talking fool, and you get a lot of reinforcement for acting that way.

The only upside to all this is that if there is a genetic component to you behavior, it won't be passed on because with an attitude like that you will never get close enough to anyone to reproduce.

Comment: Why are they allowed to get away with this? (Score 1) 35

by Required Snark (#49574273) Attached to: RealTek SDK Introduces Vulnerability In Some Routers
Suppose you bought a kitchen appliance and under a particular set of conditions it fried all the wiring in you house, and perhaps caused it to burn down. There would be a recall, and a lot of civil litigation. Why are electronic equipment manufacturers allowed to get away with this kind of crap?

It's even worse, because unlike a lot of other gear, they can actually fix the problem in the field. They don't have to do a physical recall like car companies do. What they need is remote update features.

I think it goes back to Windows. Gates and friends set the standard that computers would break, and that the users had no recourse. If it crashed and you lost something important you were just out of luck. No guarantee on anything.

Now that everyone has accepted that manufacturers have no responsibility, we are completely stuck with infrastructure that makes it impossible to have secure online transactions. Users are deliberately kept in the dark and known bugs remain unfixed.

Until there is some change in the law that places liability where it belongs, on the manufacturers, nothing will change. Given the current political climate there is no chance of change. We're just screwed.

Comment: Their business model is based on theft (Score 1) 170

To be more precise, de facto monopoly, which enables non-competitive pricing. The lying goes along with the rest.


“It appeared that there had even been demonstrations to thank Big Brother for raising the chocolate ration to twenty grams a week. And only yesterday, he reflected, it had been announced that the ration was to be reduced to twenty grams a week. Was it possible that they could swallow that, after only twenty-four hours? Yes, they swallowed it.”

It's not they are alone. Most of the large scale US economy is organized this way: media, telecom, Wall Street, big Pharma, agribusiness. It's kind of like a mafia state: everyone has to give some money to the person above them, and all the wealth accumulates at the top.

Welcome to post-capitalist America: no competition, no democracy, no freedom of speech, no financial security.

Comment: Re:Just goes to prove what we knew already (Score 0, Offtopic) 95

Texas Lawmakers Want To Defy Supreme Court On Same-Sex Marriage

On the one hand,” Dan Quinn, a spokesman for progressive advocacy group Texas Freedom Network, said, “to run around and say we are sovereign and somehow don’t have to obey a Supreme Court ruling is the quintessential example of a temper tantrum. Some of the lawmakers, including the representative who introduced this bill, just refuse to accept what’s happening. This seems to be a way to stomping their feet and saying we’re not going to let that happen, which is absurd.”

Comment: Cost of a NOAA Doppler Radar (Score 4, Interesting) 100

by Required Snark (#49567449) Attached to: A Cheap, Ubiquitous Earthquake Warning System
The cost of a single NOAA Doppler radar in 2010 was $7,000,000. That's just to buy the system and install it, no operating budget.

This funding will complete the purchase of a Doppler Radar system for Southwest Washington and provide for the land and installation costs associated with the system.

The cost of the "expensive" earthquake early warning system is around the cost of 5 Doppler systems. As of 2013 the National Weather service has access to 159 Doppler installations.

In addition to the 122 NWS-owned radars, the full nationwide radar network includes another 37 radar sites owned by the FAA and Defense Department, which will be completely upgraded to dual-pol technology this summer. NOAA’s NEXRAD radar program is a tri-agency effort with NOAA, the Federal Aviation Administration, and the United States Air Force.

Note that the national radar network is being upgraded to high end Doppler for tornado and severe storm detection. So why do those in the Midwest, Gulf Coast and East Coast deserve early warning on tornadoes and California gets peanuts ($5,000,000) for the inevitable large earthquake? Politics.

Congressman Adam Schiff (D-Burbank) can't explain why more money wasn't approved.

"It's inexplicable given how much we have at stake here. Obviously these have been very tough budgetary times, but if you're going to invest in something that is significant down the road, this is about the best investment you can make," he said.

Japan, Mexico, Turkey and Mongolia already have similar systems in place.

So they can afford this in Mongolia and it's too much for California? Really?

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