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Comment Re:Target audience (Score 1) 192

It's both. The average "newspaper" (more accurate would be "rough, ink-bleeding TP") contains paid ads thinly disguised as articles, shilling for their favorite party and to make that mix go down a little more smoothly they sprinkle in some copy/pasted press agency messages.

Care to inform me what anyone needs that kind of "newspaper" for? Especially online where you can't even use it as TP.

Comment Two, both for mobile devices. (Score 2) 472

(1a) Root/jailbreak everywhere, as an easy option (not called that any longer). Rather like the security control on Mac OS. "Security" on by default, but can be turned off with a click.

(1b) An unlocked SIM socket on every device, of every size, along with a dialer/calling app for mobile networks. So that I don't have to choose amongst the limited selection of "phablets" but can instead use an iPad Mini or a Samsung Galaxy S2 as my phone if I want to.

Comment The reason? A lack of programmers (Score 3, Interesting) 191

No, I didn't write "a lack of people who write code". I exactly mean what I wrote: A lack of programmers.

What we have today is a load of people who learned programming somehow, kinda-sorta, but without understanding just what they're doing. Now add how most of them gains information about how to do things. By looking it up on the internet. And taking the first solution that looks like it works.

Of course it's easier to simply concat strings than using prepared statements and parameters. It is simply more readily understandable and less convoluted for people who have little knowledge and less time to gain it. And they don't know anything about security and why this could possibly be a security problem.

These people are cheaper than people who know what they're doing. So much cheaper even that the additional time they need to get anything done is easily compensated. And whether it is a security problem is usually only found out after a security breach happens because, well, whoever hired them has even LESS knowledge about security.

And since every year a new batch of people comes out of schools that kinda-sorta learned how to kinda-sorta do queries, this problem will mean job security for me 'til retirement.

Comment "For the fans"? Really? (Score 1) 420

Last I checked Disney started putting light sabers into the hands and paws of their cartoon characters, bastardizing the whole crap. I sure as fuck don't want Lilo and Stitch running about spouting Jedi wisdom.

But I'm probably not the right kind of fan they're looking for. For example I'm not the kind that buys any and all merchandising rubbish they will near certainly crank out.

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