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Comment Re:Vernal equinox in September... (Score 1) 454 454

ITYM "autumnal equinox", it's on the 23rd this year.

Since the equinoxes align with the tilting of the axis, one would think that they, and the solstices, would fall in the exact center of their seasons. However, temperature lag throws this off. I.e. in California, I consider fall as September, October, and much of November, and the greatest impact it has tends to be on clothes. So, come Labor Day I shelve my summer clothes and switch to more autumn items.

Comment Re:86K ? (Score 1) 178 178

Yes, but do those people have "getting shot" on their list of likely risks while on the job?

You mean like taxi drivers?

The risk of "getting shot" as a police officer is not nearly as great as some people seem to think. Most officer fatalities come from car accidents. Most cabbie fatalities come from assaults.

Comment Re:More american-centric blabbering. (Score 1) 1017 1017

Wow. As others have already addressed the incredible wrongness of the "no other country" bit, I'll take on the other half:

ATP can be generated from fatty acids. Eating sucrose, or glucose, is not a fundamental necessity of life. Your heart and skeletal muscles actually prefer fatty acids over glucose as a source for producing ATP.

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