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Comment: Re:Upgrades... (Score 1) 549 549

I fly USAirways a lot, and have hundreds of thousands of miles. I tried to upgrade my wife and I for our honeymoon last year (we were flying to Europe) and was told that international flights aren't eligible for mileage-based upgrades. Ugh. How on earth do you get upgraded on an international flight? Is the secret "don't fly USAir"? :)

Comment: Re:Bribery (Score 1) 773 773

Maybe it's just a Pennsylvanian thing, but all soft drinks are soda, making a copy is "making a copy," I ask for "tissues" when I want a tissue, and I never ever ask for Coke when I meant Pepsi (because Pepsi isn't good). When I say I'm googling something that means I am going to to search for it.

Comment: Re:They weren't bonuses (Score 1) 784 784

It's a little late to be posting, but here goes: my mother runs a small business. When times are tough, she and her partners take pay cuts, or DON'T PAY THEMSELVES AT ALL. Why? Because they want the business to succeed, and are looking beyond short-term worries. If you care about the place you work, why aren't you sacrificing to keep it going?

Comment: Re:I want... (Score 1) 596 596

The Canon G9 is, in my opinion, fairly awful. I have one and take it with me wherever I go. The low light performance is awful, even with image stabilization. I would be much happier if the camera was only 8MP like my 20D. The G9 is really noisy even at ISO 400. I use it, but I don't particulary like it. If anyone has a suggestion for an 8MP with 6x optical zoom (10x preferred) I'd love to hear it.

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