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Comment: Re:Thoughts.... (Score 2, Interesting) 197

by Repton (#28021191) Attached to: Court Rejects RIAA's Proposed Protective Order

So, you're going to give your music files obfuscated names and locations? You'd better not import them into WMP or iTunes or any other media player with a database, otherwise the investigators will just look there to find out where the files are. Better clear your "recently played" lists from your media player, too, and take any shortcuts off your desktop.

...I mean, WTF? How much value do you put on your time and frustration? Just buy the bloody stuff already!

Comment: Re:Gas tax (Score 1) 1186

by Repton (#28007233) Attached to: US To Require That New Cars Get 42 MPG By 2016

Milage standards haven't worked before and they will continue to fail. Forcing car companies to make vehicles that people don't want to buy isn't going to do anybody any good.

If they take cars that don't meet the standards off the road, and apply the standards to imports too, then either people drive more efficient cars or they stop driving. Either way emissions fall.

Comment: Re:Denial - Not Just a River - Also Druids Canniba (Score 3, Interesting) 502

by Repton (#27991825) Attached to: Were Neanderthals Devoured By Humans?

I read an essay by Martin Gardner in one of his books on cannibalism, asking whether it really happened. The essay was really a discussion of a book, which made the claims:

  1. No anthropologist / explorer had ever witnessed cannabilism.
  2. No tribe had ever admitted to it.

The book claimed that all evidence of customary [1] cannibalism effectively boiled down to a tribe / people / whatever saying: "Those guys who live over there, they are cannibals!" So anthropology students have been taught for ages that various primitive tribes engaged in cannibalism, but there is seemingly no proof of this statement. This was controversial and a few years ago (10, perhaps?) so I'm not sure what the current state of the art is.

[1] There are obvious one-off examples, like recently those rugby players down in South America, and in (pre)history perhaps eating mighty chiefs/warriors to try to absorb some of their strength or mana. This is, rather, looking at the idea of tribes that eat people on a regular basis.

Comment: PIF files (Score 4, Informative) 613

by Repton (#27869017) Attached to: Windows 7 Users Warned Over Filename Security Risk

F-Secure points out that .PIF files will have their extension hidden even if you change the display option.

Q: Will that make all file extensions visible?
A: Well, no. There are executable extensions that will STILL be hidden even if you turn the option off.

Q: What?
A: For example PIF. This file type was meant to be a shortcut to old MS-DOS programs. Problem is, you can rename any modern Windows Executable to .PIF and it will happily run when double-clicked.

Q: How do you I make PIF files visible then?
A: Via a registry key called "NeverShowExt". We'd link you to an article in the Microsoft Knowledgebase... except we couldn't find any. But here's a Web page on the topic, from GeoCities, made by some hobbyist a couple of years ago. Maybe it's the best source of information on the topic.

Comment: Re:Skeptical (Score 4, Informative) 157

by Repton (#27782589) Attached to: LoTR Fan Film &mdash; <em>The Hunt For Gollum</em>

There's more detail on the hunt for gollum in Unfinished Tales. Still not a lot, to be honest.

The most interesting thing is the explanation of how Gollum escapes from Thranduil. Basically, Sauron had been unable to completely break Gollum - perhaps because of Gollum's hobbit heritage. So Sauron had let Gollum go, in the hope that Gollum would find his way to the Shire or Baggins - both names Sauron had got out of him, but both things Gollum didn't know the location of. So Sauron let Gollum go, but kept an eye on him.

Then Aragorn captured Gollum, just outside Mordor. Now, Sauron knew (from Gollum) that the One had been found, but he did not realise anyone else knew this. So he was now worried that Gollum's new captors would discover this information, and thus Sauron would lose an advantage. Hence he arranged for an orc-raid to capture or kill Gollum. However, Gollum escaped. There were also Nazgul in the area, searching for the Shire in the guise of black riders, so in terror of the orcs and the black riders, Gollum hid in Moria./p.

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