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Comment: So while all of this was happening (Score 2) 798

A police officer makes him delete his recording, he then gets in trouble for the recording, then he was forced to testify and then was found guilty, and through all of that no one thought to ask the what the fuck they were doing. The problem with this is if he went to the principal and said they were bullying him he would have passed it off like nothing ever happened. You are told in school to tell an adult when something happens and when you do they don't ever do anything about it, but when the kid gets proof that he is being bullied he gets in trouble and they don't get punished at all(and they probably beat him up for telling on them). And everyone involved just says they were only doing their job.

Comment: Re:Good riddance to bigots like this jerk (Score 1) 1746

by Renozuken (#46653781) Attached to: Brendan Eich Steps Down As Mozilla CEO
You act like it's the same as me or you having a difference in which star trek is better, it's nothing like that. he argues that some people deserve less than what everyone else gets, he thinks that a group of people doesn't get to do something. my argument is that everyone should be treated equal. He can go on believing they are going to hell or whatever, but as soon as he spends money on trying to make it so they don't have the same rights as other people it's a problem. although I don't think he should have stepped down over this.

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