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Comment: Re:Other Motives (Score 1) 275

by Rennt (#45676033) Attached to: Munich Open Source Switch 'Completed Successfully'

Ubuntu has always been a commerical distro, and yeah - nobody is surprised that they make a "product" that puts Cannonical's bottom line above needs of the user.

But we've always had to clean distros without the commercial cruft. We call them "community" rather than "city" distros, but it amounts to the same thing. Debian, Arch, Slack, Gentoo... the list goes on and on.

Comment: Re:Hard to take CM privacy concerns seriously (Score 3, Insightful) 118

by Rennt (#45648945) Attached to: CyanogenMod Integrates Text Message Encryption

That's kind of a re-invention of history. CM simply didn't integrate pdroid because it was a support nightmare waiting to happen. At the time of the pdroid discussion, Steve said that they were already working on a bunch of privacy features that would meet the usability standards they were aspiring to... and here we are.

Don't forget that this message encryption follows on from the App Privacy Mode that they have successfully deployed since then (and makes much of pdroid redundant). They are taking a measured and transparent approach to privacy. Just as a serious organisation should..

Comment: Re:Yelp should idemnify her (Score 2) 424

by Rennt (#42211731) Attached to: Virginia Woman Is Sued For $750,000 After Writing Scathing Yelp Review
Before we get too excited about ruined businesses, it's best to remember that Yelp has a fairly enthusiastic but narrow user base. I'd be surprised if even 2% of the contractor's potential clients had read the review (before the Streisand Effect kicked in of course).

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