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Comment: Re:Might I suggest you try to call them? (Score 1) 593

by Rendus (#25961941) Attached to: Recourse For Poor Customer Service?

Yep. I saw it.

Doesn't change a thing. He wants a resolution. A phone call will lead to one. Thus, he should make a phone call. If he cannot, he surely has someone in the US (or whatever region the system was purchased from) that could place the call on his behalf.

It's not difficult. The first answer to "I want something..." should be "So ask for it.", and not "Chargeback! Email carpet bomb! Consumerist!"


What You Don't Know About Living in Space 298

Posted by CmdrTaco
from the roughing-it-is-rough dept.
Ant writes "There are spectacular moments, as well as the mundane, in space. Over the years, living in space has forced astronauts to make a few concessions to things you would not give a second thought about when staying at a hotel/motel. The article lists a few things that people may not have known about living in space." Your iPod needs to be modified to use Alkaline batteries. And also, did you know... that in space... you only get one spooooon. And some people, are spoon millionaires...
PC Games (Games)

+ - EA: No patches, no support for a 5-month-old game

Submitted by Xyston
Xyston (666) writes "It's been five months since the release of EA's Rise of the Witch-King, and fans who were hoping for a patch were let down again this month when the promised patch never materialized. The game, which has been plagued by bugs, cheats and imbalances since its late November release, has become the source of frustration for gamers at several fan communities. While EA programmers admit they've neglected the game in favor of Command & Conquer 3, their last official statement was that a patch "should" have been available weeks ago. Gamers are still waiting."

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