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Comment: Re:Suits, obviously (Score 2) 157

by Rendonsmug (#36393764) Attached to: The Ongoing Case of Rakofsky vs. Internet

It is intellectually dishonest to see an unambiguous, clear-cut chain of events and announce the cause to be somewhere in the middle of the chain, don't you think?

This is hardly a clear-cut chain of events. For example there is no casual link between "You get fired" and "You show up to work anyways". The actual chain of events is more like "You trespass" > "You get in trouble for trespassing." To pretend that calling your boss a name is absolutely intellectually dishonest.

Comment: Yes, it does run on Linux.. (Score 1) 452

by Rendonsmug (#30039518) Attached to: Review: <em>Dragon Age: Origins</em>
Dragon's age does run in linux. I am playing it on wine 1.1.32 in Ubuntu 9.10. When it hangs at the end of installation you have to quit out and download the nvidia physx driver's from their site and install them first. I have played all the way through the mage tower segment. It doesn't run perfectly though, cinematics show blank screen (even though audio works) and all visual effects had to be turned to the lowest setting so it didn't wonk out. Otherwise it runs great on linux. (Note, in-game cutscenes work fine, cinematic ones don't.)

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