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Comment Re:Gun Control (Score 3, Insightful) 513

Would you prefer if I rephrased to say 'deadlier for Americans'? You can argue the semantics, but the point stands. More Americans died from gunshots on the streets around Obama's home than in the streets sounding the former palace of Saddam Hussein.

I want the Senator to tell us whether he believes that peoples of Chicago should be prevented from owning handguns to protect themselves in their homes. Because, the police aren't able to do so, and we can't all have a security detail stationed at either end of our block.

Defending RIM Blackberry Against Productivity 120

Jasksk writes "Is Blackberry causing masses to lose productivity? This article on clears the myth. The author writes, 'Ever since the patent litigation has settled between NTP and RIM, Blackberry has recaptured the headlines, but this time, it's because of the device itself. While numerous users, generally corporate executives, adore the device, the environment surrounding Blackberry isn't too positive. A number of recent reports and columns are portraying Blackberry (and similar solutions) as time wasting, productivity lowering behemoths that don't deserve to exist.'"

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