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Actually, those states sought to replace the religious worship of gods with religious worship of the state. North Korea is a perfect example of that. They can't abide a possible rival for the hearts and souls of the people, so they just replaced the religions. It amounts to the same thing as any organized religion, with the exception of the state and their leaders being real actual things, while religions that have nothing but an unprovable promise.

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Good pick!

The Bible has has intrigue, death on a massive scale, hypocrisy, and damnation, the makings of a great work of fiction. And that's just the parts the character god plays, never mind the other players that come and go. As you move through the stories, you get a sense of the ruthlessness of all involved (especially the writers) to stop at nothing in their attempts to control those around them through fear and intimidation. Thrilling!

On the minus side they forgot to do a continuity check after the constant re-writes that were done century after century to "update" it to current "standards". This leads to a fair amount of contradictions the subplots, such as what a person can and cannot do to anger the main character (spoiler: He gets mad at pretty much anything that has to do with personal pleasure, or things that don't involve group chanting and prostrating).

It is an epic read though, and if you can stick with it you are certain to come away with a greater appreciation of those afflicted with mental illness.

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Umm, what the hell are you talking about? No one here is hating on the Chinese for this, and I dare say the pictures aren't exactly proof of anything. It's a couple of pixels with an arrow pointing to it. I'm not saying the lander is a hoax though, and didn't know anyone was.

You do come across like one of those paid Chinese propagandists though, mr. anonymous coward.

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My first thought as well, another attempt to justify spying on everyone. Let's reel in the guys we been pushing and prodding for months into saying something incriminating. I'll wait to see more details before I believe it.

It's terrible that my first impression on news like this is "ya, right...", especially after the Kenyan incident.

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This increases the labor for the pirates and actually gives you some labor flexibility on producing content.

You clearly have not seen the tenacity that pirates are capable of. For most, it isn't about ripping someone off, it's about sharing something. Add to that a lot of people with with a lot of time on their hands, and they will work tirelessly to put those articles together, day after day, month after month.

The other posters suggesting the value-adds mixed with free are bang on. Forums, article archives, lots of "free" stuff, and a reasonable price will potentially get you far more revenue on the net than your print editions would. Embed short videos or effects that help get the article's point across. That's tougher to include in pirated versions, and generally won't be, so you have one up one the pirated version. Use the medium to it's potential, and they will come.

Most important, work on eyeballs for advertising revenue, not necessarily subscriptions. You have the potential ,make so much more money on the web if you have good content.


Global Warming Has Made the North Greener 398

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New submitter ceview writes "NASA has released its latest green data showing a creeping of green towards the northern hemisphere. From the article: 'Results show temperature and vegetation growth at northern latitudes now resemble those found 4 degrees to 6 degrees of latitude farther south as recently as 1982.'"

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Here sir, please put this thin foil hat. You'll be fine.

Ya, right. MS has shown over the years that they are above that sort of behavior, right? Suspecting that they have ulterior motives is completely misplaced and without precedent? And the whole Scroogle thing is about them being concerned for the public's best interests, rather than just trying to discredit Google as a company any way they can?

Anyone who has watched the industry over the last 10 years fully expects MS to be doing whatever they can to monetize whatever they can, at anyone's expense that they can get to pay or contribute. Given that history, how could anyone not suspect them of doing exactly the same thing, only not as well as Google?

I pity you, you must constantly fall for the "Pssst, come into the alley and drop your pants. I have candy for you and just want to be your friend...".

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sl4shd0rk (755837) writes "Apparently the privatizing of Dell is going to leave some employees who hold corporate stock options empty-handed. Dell announced in an "obtained" email that employees holding stock below $13.65/share will get a pay-out however those who obtained shares above $13.65 will get none."
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