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Comment: Re:CrackBerry: Just say no ;) (Score 1) 191

by ReiDragon (#27701511) Attached to: Obama To Get Secure BlackBerry 8830
My work gives me a crackberry to use on the job. It makes sense because depending on what's needed, I may be away from my office/laptop for 2-3 hours at a time, and that's the only way for me to get emails. That being said, I leave the blackberry *at work*. I plug it in, lock my computer, and go home. They can contact me at 8am the next morning when I show up.
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Time Warner Broadband Cap Trial Rescheduled In Texas 353

Posted by timothy
from the dump-their-tea-in-the-gulf dept.
jcrousedotcom writes "Time Warner cable apparently has heard that folks aren't too happy with their plan to meter their unlimited connections. From the first paragraph of the article: 'Time Warner Cable's proposed trials of consumption-based billing were originally slated to begin in several markets this summer, where customers would be a part of a tiered pricing scheme. Pricing would have started at 1 GB per month for $15, and go up to 100 GB per month for $75, and include a per-gigabyte overage fee. The public's reaction was less than favorable, and the trials in Texas have been rescheduled.'"

Comment: Re:I see your free software and raise you? (Score 1) 417

by ReiDragon (#26829231) Attached to: MS To Offer Free Windows 7 Upgrade To Vista Users
Wine doesn't work with everything. Also there is not as much driver support for linux which prevents a LOT of people from moving over to it (myself included. My sound card cannot work in linux.). Games do work through wine, yes, but they have crippled performance from what I've seen. I was looking at 60-70+fps on WoW with higher settings in vista where I was getting ~30-40 in linux at lower ones.
Every time I've tried linux there has been multiple reasons for me to say "Okay, back to windows." It's not a worthwhile system for most people, no matter what anyone may want to believe.

Researchers Test Whether Sharks Enjoy Christmas Songs 142 Screenshot-sm

Posted by samzenpus
from the what-now dept.
Scientists plan to test whether sharks enjoy listening to Christmas pop songs, after US research showed fish could recognize melody. Chris Brown, senior marine biologist at the Loch Lomond aquarium, said seasonal music would be played through walkthrough underwater tunnels where they can be heard by dozens of nurse sharks, black-tip reef sharks, and ray species. Experts will then monitor the sharks' reactions to different songs. We'll play everything from Kim Wilde and Mel Smith's Rocking Around the Christmas Tree and Merry Christmas Everybody by Slade to Wham's Last Christmas. We may find they prefer something softer like White Christmas by Bing Crosby," Brown said. Thank you for answering this question science.

European Police Plan to Remote-Search Hard Drives 260

Posted by timothy
from the oh-you-needn't-come-into-the-office dept.
Smivs points out a blandly-worded story from the BBC with scary implications, excerpting "Remote searches of suspect computers will form part of an EU plan to tackle hi-tech crime. The five-year action plan will take steps to combat the growth in cyber theft and the machines used to spread spam and other malicious programs. It will also encourage better sharing of data among European police forces to track down and prosecute criminals. Europol will co-ordinate the investigative work and also issue alerts about cyber crime sprees."

Comment: Re:I foresee a day when (Score 1) 244

by ReiDragon (#25959013) Attached to: EMA Suggests Point-Of-Sale Game Activation To Fight Piracy

All games have to be played online. There won't be single player games anymore, there'll just be web based games or virtual worlds you can play single player-style or massively multiplayer style, but in either case the data for the game world will only be on the server.

That point is when I will stop playing games all together. I can't stand playing games online most of the time, especially FPS games. If there's no chance to play a game by myself, without the interaction with another player, then there's no possible way the game will be good enough to warrant my attention.

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