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Comment: Some more usefull info (Score 1) 70

by Reemi (#49509021) Attached to: Chrome 43 Should Help Batten Down HTTPS Sites

This feature allows authors to ask the user agent to transparently upgrade HTTP resources to HTTPS to ease the migration burden.

So it is the content provider which decides if this is being used.

It is not only a Google thing, check the Firefox bugzilla:

And the W3C Draft:

This is in my opinion a good thing, it leaves all control in the hands of the content provider and supports the move to encryption everywhere.

Comment: Re:Is there any way to block the use of old cipher (Score 3, Informative) 89

by Reemi (#49177049) Attached to: FREAK Attack Threatens SSL Clients

I extensively make use of this site for cypher selection:

There are 3 levels of configuration proposed which you can use as a starting base for your own selection. The EXPORT cyphers are explicitely marked as 'Mandatory discards'. Any serious website running with these cyphers should be fined for exposing their visitors.

Comment: Krita: alternative for Mac (Score 3, Informative) 39

by Reemi (#47270191) Attached to: Adobe To Let Third Party Devs Incorporate Photoshop Features

Sorry for being a little off topic, but isn't it time that we start supporting alternatives to Photoshop?

Krita impresses me with the frequent feature updates they provide and they are running a kickstarter at the moment:

What would be really great is if they could reach their super goal which will mean they are going to port Krita to Mac as well.

Comment: Re:Then again, maybe it’s not the suits at a (Score 2) 357

by Reemi (#46251923) Attached to: Under Armour/Lockheed Suit Blamed For US Skating Performance

Besides those numbers are for both winter and summer olympics combined, let's look into more details.

Sweden: 191 gold, 10 mln inhabitants
Hungary: 167 gold, 10 mln inhabitants
Switserland: 91 gold, 8 mln inhabitants
US: 1063 gold, +300 mln inhabitants

It is rude and unnecessary to call Americans fat and poor at sports, but in order to compare it with other nations one should not take grand totals.

(And yes, I hand-picked those examples but on the other hand I left out Norway with 5 mln inhabitants and 107 gold medals at the winter olympics vs US 87)

Comment: Re:Tyranny (Score 1) 252

by Reemi (#46197883) Attached to: Finnish Police Board Wants Justification For Wikipedia's Fundraising Campaign

The analogy is wrong, as a book would have to be in my possession first to be opened. The service is provided when the book is transferred to me.

WP is engaged in sending information not already in my possession. Hence they do provide a service.

Anyway, just broke my rule w.r.t. responding to an AC. Shouldn't do that.

Comment: Re:Tyranny (Score 2) 252

by Reemi (#46197323) Attached to: Finnish Police Board Wants Justification For Wikipedia's Fundraising Campaign

Wiki is doing business in Finland, they provide information services to Finnish citizens by providing access to their website.

It is irrelevant if the Finns pay for it or not (payment can be made in different ways, money, bit-coins, advertisement, information gathering etc). Furthermore, being a non-profit organization doesn't mean you are not doing business.

Don't get me wrong, I think Wikipedia should be allowed to collect money in Finland but only within the Finnish law.

Comment: Re:Tyranny (Score 2) 252

by Reemi (#46196379) Attached to: Finnish Police Board Wants Justification For Wikipedia's Fundraising Campaign

A website OUTSIDE a sovereign state does not get to dictate the laws WITHIN said state.

Wikipedia, not any other organization has the right to do business on their terms just because they can hide themselves behind a server.

Note, the Finnish police asked for clarification and if Wikipedia answers it will not accept payments from Finnish citizens then there is no problem. If they want to receive payments from them, they will have to follow the Finnish laws. Period.

Comment: Re:Tyranny (Score 1) 252

by Reemi (#46195889) Attached to: Finnish Police Board Wants Justification For Wikipedia's Fundraising Campaign

It also means that when I donate money it is on record what the purpose of the donation is and who is receiving the funds. This could very well protect the Finns from fund-raising scams.

Calling it a tyranny without considering the other side of the story nor knowing on how hard it is to receive such permit is.... (I'm just lacking the words for it.)

Comment: Re:Ethics (Score 1) 85

by Reemi (#42994285) Attached to: PunkSPIDER Project Puts Vulnerabilities On (Searchable) Display

How about you borrowed your expensive camera to a friend and you noticed he left it visible inside his car on the parking lot. A parking lot known for many burglaries, in other words he was inviting somebody to steel your camera.

Would it be ethical to check if he locked his car so you can protect YOUR OWN belongings?

I agree with your statement, but looking at my log-files I wonder why the good guys should not be allowed to perform one scan while the bad ones are performing hundreds a day. Why should the bad ones have all the information?

Comment: Re:Very little incentive to innovate (Score 3, Interesting) 174

by Reemi (#42504563) Attached to: Futuristic Highway Will Glow In the Dark For Icy Conditions

Some governments consider roads as critical for their competitive position. Without a good road-network, the Netherlands would loose their position as transport country and the work generated by the Rotterdam Harbor would dry up.

Accidents cause road-blocks which cause traffic jams. Hundreds of people in traffic jams idling costs enormous amounts of lost productivity and is bad for GDP.

With a social system ensuring everybody for health-case and a decent life standard when not able to work, avoiding accidents becomes an economical question.

I'm not stating the government does take all this into account, but at least the importance of a good and safe road-network for the whole country is understood.

Note, roads are not only there for those driving a car. Even if you do your groceries walking, ask yourself how your food ended up at the store. Ask yourself how the Ambulance managed to come to you when you need it.

Comment: Re:Key part from TFA (what it's really about). (Score 1) 102

by Reemi (#42177203) Attached to: Ericsson Seeks US Import Ban On Samsung Products

Samsung is moving into the mobile network infrastructure market and hence is planing to become a competitor. This is probably the key for the dispute, Samsung will most likely use the IPR in other product segments than mobile phones only.

Ericsson has as well a 50% stake in ST-Ericsson, selling mobile platforms for manufacturers like Samsung. note, the S3 mini is based on an ST-Ericsson platform. Samsung has an own LTE platform as well. So Samsung is both a customer as a competitor to Ericsson in this area.

Yes, they do not compete on the mobile phones themselves but they do compete in all other areas. Stating this is only about the money or not is pure speculation. This is a rather complex situation.

Money can't buy happiness, but it can make you awfully comfortable while you're being miserable. -- C.B. Luce