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Comment: Re:not really (Score 1) 239

by Red_Chaos1 (#46778633) Attached to: SSD-HDD Price Gap Won't Go Away Anytime Soon

Only to a certain point does capacity increase equate to a performance increase in SSDs, and the gap closes very quickly. SSDs don't have things like spindle speeds and areal density to work with to increase throughput, nor do they need them.

My 60GB Corsair Force GT hits a few MB/s under 500MB/s in write speeds, and near 520MB/s in reads. At those speeds the difference between drives is in a few MB/s only. I'd be surprised to see a significantly larger SSD significantly increase speed over that. My 120GB OCZ drive only manages it by a couple MB/s.

Comment: Seems it would be easy to gather entropy.. (Score 4, Insightful) 143

by Red_Chaos1 (#46483587) Attached to: Weak Apple PRNG Threatens iOS Exploit Mitigations

..on a smart phone like the iPhone. Use the gyros/accelerometers, make the user draw randomly on the screen, maybe use random info like wifi network names currently available, generate random info based on images on the phone, etc. etc. Plenty of data/means available to create the entropy needed.

Comment: Re:Keynsianomics (Score 0) 398

by Red_Chaos1 (#46081195) Attached to: Detroit Wants Its Own High-Tech Visa

Always makes me laugh to hear ignorant folks like you spout off like leaving people flapping in the breeze is a good way to do things.

People having 0 income, slowly losing everything they own up to and including a place to live, and being unable to drive anywhere to find jobs or make it to interviews certainly won't increase employment. So tell me, Mr. Smarty Man (or Woman), what's the better way to do things? You're clearly a pillar of economic know how, tell Detroit exactly how to get out of the mess their in.

We're waiting.

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by Red_Chaos1 (#45993303) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Are AdBlock's Days Numbered?

Except you're on *their* site which costs *them* money to run. As much as I hate ads too, I have to admit the reality of the situation. As long as we have money and everything has a cost, nothing will be "free" completely.

So yes, you paid for all of your equipment. But you haven't paid anything to view the content if you block ads. Why do you have absolute right to view it without some kind of compensation to the owner for their costs?

Comment: Perhaps it's just that I'm ignorant... (Score 1) 213

by Red_Chaos1 (#45897823) Attached to: 23-Year-Old X11 Server Security Vulnerability Discovered
...of the specifics, but can someone tell me why it's even possible for something like a fucking font to cause a security issue? I'm not a coder, it's not something I can wrap my head around. I can sometimes get the gist of what a bit of code is doing when I look at it, but that's beside the point. It just seems to me so many things that should not be able to pose a security risk somehow get manipulated into being such risks, and it just blows my mind how it's even possible.

Comment: Re:Acrylamide (Score 1) 165

by Red_Chaos1 (#45830507) Attached to: What Would French Fries Taste Like If You Made Them On Jupiter?

You're being disingenuous and just a little bit hyperbolic. The very article you link clearly points out that humans do not ingest enough acrylamide to be a problem from either a neurological or carcinogenic standpoint.

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