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Comment Re:It CAN be done (but not always is a good idea). (Score 2) 438

I had the same issue with the movie. However one of the people I saw the movie with claims that the parachute ropes (and the people hanging onto them) were slowly rotating around the station. If there were some centrifugal stuff going on, then the scene would make sense.

Comment Re:Macbook Retina a major success, not failure (Score 1) 424

Unfortunately the retina MBPs aren't straight upgrades from the non-retina ones. If you get one with a retina display you lose a few things.
  Ethernet port
  CD/DVD drive
  Firewire port
  Audio in

I believe the retina macs also don't let you add more RAM or upgrade/replace your HDD/SSD


Submission + - Valve Software Confirms Work on Steam Client for LInux->

oakgrove writes: "Valve Software today in a new blog devoted specifically to Steam on Linux called Steam'd Penguins has confirmed that for more than a year a Steam client has been in the works for Ubuntu Linux. Also, in the blog post it has been confirmed that a working port of Left for Dead 2 is currently fully playable."
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Submission + - Google Unveils "Project Glass"->

redletterdave writes: "Google unveiled one of its secret projects from the Google X laboratory on Wednesday, called "Project Glass." Using pieces of smart glass and a heads-up display (HUD), Google's wearable solution mixes communication technology like social networking, calling and texting, with real world elements like people, places, and things. When it all comes together, "Project Glass" creates a type of meta-reality, or "smart" reality. A video explains all of the eyeglasses' features, including calling, getting directions, setting reminders, social networking, and picture and video recording."
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Submission + - Google Introduces Gmail Tap — A New Way Of Writing Emails-> 2

Diggester writes: Say Bye-Bye To the Qwerty key pad folks! Google has introduced a new way of writing your emails, called the Gmail Tap. Now, you don't have to tap all the keys on your keyboard or phone to write an email— combination of just a dash and a dot will solve your problem.
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