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Comment Ya I'm having trouble imagining it (Score 1) 104

Everyone I know, even the cheap types, keeps some kind of wired Internet. It is usually faster than wireless and always cheaper per GB. If you were an EXTREMELY light user I suppose you could go all wireless all the time, but even for the casual user who likes to surf the web on a daily basis and watch cat videos, you'll easily use more data than a wireless provider is interested in letting you have cheap and they'll charge and/or throttle.

Simple example: T-Mobile gives me phone, text, and 1GB of data for $50/month. It would run me $30/month more to get unlimited data (they'll throttle if you get too excessive though). That's for a single device, and gives 7GB of tethering. Speeds are in the realm of 40mbits max, 20-30mbits normally. So that'd work only if your phone is going to be the one-and-only device you use for most things, and do a little surfing on something else. If you want to add a tablet to it you'd be talking adding another line/device which brings it up to about $100/month with 10GB of data per device.

Ok well then having a look at the cable company for about $60/month they'll sell you a 50mbit connection with a 350GB soft cap (meaning if you go over they complain at you and try to upsell you, they don't charge or throttle). You'll really get those kinds of speeds too, pretty much all the time.

That's more money, but not a ton more. Presuming you would have the basic phone plan anyhow you pay about $30/month more than the unlimited or $10/month more than the two devices. With that you get a faster connection, the ability to connect as many devices as you like, enough data to watch Netflix, download games, and so on. Also, you can, of course, upgrade your speed. They'll happily sell you 100mbit or 300mbit for a bit more per month (about $75 and $100 respectively) whereas the mobile speed is what it is.

Not surprising then that all the people I know keep a wired connection. Personally I don't find I need much LTE data, I use WiFi most of the time at work and home, so the 1GB cap is fine for me (more than fine actually) but I need a lot more on another connection. Looking at my usage I used about 350GB last month. Not the kind of thing a wireless provider would be ok with.

Comment Why do they need ANY info? (Score 2) 165

Ok, why do they even need to know if the car is in MOTION at all just to play music??

All of my car stereos so far, have never had to have any connection to car info to play my songs as I barrel down the road. On custom installs, I've never hooked to any of the car data, etc.

Why would an entertainment system need to know any of that information at all?

Comment Re:PT Barnum (Score 1) 114

Agreed. The only machine-type game that has any kind of consistent hope is playing odd/even on a roulette wheel with a single "0", which gives you a 48.6% (or so) chance of winning (a "00" on the wheel drops your chances to to 47.4%). Any other game that uses a machine will only get worse from there.

At least with single-deck poker (and no card-counters) you have some sort of chance... but only if you know what you're doing and are more skilled than your opponents.

Comment Re:Outsider (Score 1) 114

Actually, since the information they have is essentially the same, it's more like a slot machine tech working at one casino making slot bets at another. There's still a chance that the guy will lose, but his odds are way better than most, especially if he knows of certain bugs in certain machines and can leverage them.

It's a big reason why folks like the Nevada Gaming Commission demand that technicians not gamble at all (IIRC, it came in the wake of a technician exploiting a bug by way of a palmed magnet back in the 1990s(?) or so.)

Comment Re: They demanded my ID and power bill (Score 1) 206

I know many people who are not known by the name printed in their passport.

Wow, I don't actually know many people that HAVE a passport?!?!?

I know more folks in Europe have them, but most Americans do not own a passport.

I've never been on Facebook, but are they really asking for identification documents like this JUST to have an account on FB?? If so, wow....another good reason to NOT be on Facebook...

Comment Re:Who? (Score 5, Insightful) 384

Although this project will probably never end up being used in any wide way, shouldn't the Linux community be concerned that it's running talent away with a poor culture?


Anyone with any real experience in hacking the Linux kernel already knows what they're getting into. It is also very widely known that Linus is incredibly fair in his assessments. If you provide useful contributions, no worries. If your commit is a total brainfart, you'll get a rejection, but the abuse won't come unless you decide to be a dumbass or get all arrogant about it.

It's about as fair as it gets.

You know, Callahan's is a peaceable bar, but if you ask that dog what his favorite formatter is, and he says "roff! roff!", well, I'll just have to...