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Comment Pity there isn't a -1 ; Conspiracy Theory mod (Score 5, Insightful) 157

Slashdot needs ones. Seriously, for a community that claims to hate FUD, the OSS types sure like spreading it when it is about the "right" groups. If you actually care about what kinds of things the telemetry communicates back at various settings, the information is all out there for you. No, SSH data isn't one of them. However I am going to imagine you don't, and this is just crap you want to fling at "the bad guys" because you can.

Also a thought for you: Your OS, by definition, has access to anything any program on the system is doing. What would stop it from looking in at any 3rd party SSH server you ran, if you think it does that?

Comment Re:With the ever-looming cyberpunk future (Score 1) 163

Are you asserting the denizens of slashdot are not an accurate reflection of society at large? Because I find that hard to believe.

Absolutely. If I want to know what technologies will and will not end up being meaningful, I look at what Slashdot predicts. Then I assume the opposite.

This methodology is significantly more accurate than chance.

Comment Re:One possible argument for lunar industrializati (Score 1) 83

It seems like the Moon's surface could be a fantastic place for an absurdly large optical telescope.

Put it on the back side and you don't have to worry about any light pollution from the Earth. And, you can also set up a huge radio telescope back there because you won't have to worry about any interference from all of the the Earth's broadcast communications.

Submission + - Design flaw of European Mobile-First Bank puts 100.000 Users at risk (

An anonymous reader writes: Number26, a 100.000 User heavy bank with a mobile-first approach in managing our account has put their users in a MITM/MITB(rowser) attack risk for over a year. Now that the issue is fixed, one might ask if anyone should trust the technical capabilties of this bank ever again. A full recap on the design flaw can be found at

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