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Comment UX is not always UI! (Score 3, Informative) 189

A few thoughts

- UX is not always UI. Most discussions on this topic end up being about UI aesthetics, the Metro look, and what not. UX is about the user experience. Eye candy certainly has the bling aspect to it, and might even get you into the door with certain clients. However, I do feel that for complex products (ERP certainly is one!), what is more important is that the application functionality and application data should be structured around the way people *want* to use the application. It should not be based on how product designers or even UX experts think that people *should* use the product.

tl;dr - You can improve UX significantly by making small changes in a legacy user interface.

- From what I have seen, big bang approaches to UI overhaul (or even functional overhaul) almost *never* works for a large complex product. Think about chipping away at the problem instead. Think about the 80/20 rule of getting the most bang for the buck by making a few quick changes that can significantly improve the UX of your product.

- Consider a survey or face to face interviews or best, both. If you can measure the benefits of the changes you are making, or even get enough qualitative anecdotal feedback (especially from power users and from key clients), you will have a much stronger case for making more far reaching changes.

- This is a topic of debate and some controversy - but consider the Net Promoter Score. It gives you at least one way to measure what your clients think about your product.

Comment Re:Crowd Funded = Scam Artist (Score 2) 211

Read "The Road to Wellville". It is set during the great breakfast cereal and processed food boom in the 1890's. A pattern followed by the great railroad buildout, the automobile boom of the late 1800s to early 1900's, the tech boom ofthe 50's, 70's, 80's, 90's, and later. The oil boom, cattle boom, etc. Nothing ever changes.

Comment Re:Not actually that impressive.... (Score 1) 179

GPU floating point performance has been leading general purpose x86 CPU floating point performance by an order of magnitude - for many many years now. There's nothing new in what you are saying.

What is indeed new is that this is the first general purpose x86 based solution that gives you similar floating point performance as a graphics card. And you get all the advantages of the general purpose CPUs as well as all the x86 codebase you might want to support.

There must also be a reason why the number 1 supercomputer on the planet, the Tianhe 2, uses Xeon Phi.

Oh, and while the dedicated RAM allocation is much smaller than the nVidia card in question, it is also much higher bandwidth, and is stacked RAM, similar to AMD's HBM.

Comment Re:Estimation of distribution algorithm (Score 1) 48

I'm curious about the claim "any complex model". Really? ANY complex model?[1] Is this the silver bullet? The Holy Grail? After testing it on two "complex" (definition please) models?

So yeah, I was curious and it looks like they are doing sparse parameter estimation of sorts. I wonder how they deal with non-uniqueness and convergence on local maxima.

What is just as import is knowing parameter sensitivity. If a parameter does not add much to the accuracy of the model, throw it out. This has it's own pitfalls and is why modeling is a black art.

I'll have to dig deeper into it but this is my first impression.

[1] I had a Prof. with a PhD from MIT. It was his favorite phrase "we can model any situation using equation ". Of course this was after making assumptions which resulted in the problem becoming linear with deterministic behavior and a unique solution. I wasn't impressed.

Comment Re:This is bullshit (Score 1) 145

No if you do not discuss and focus on the root causes it will never change. You will have more and more reactionary forces crawl out of the woodwork which will make matters worse. That is another goal of terrorism, to make their opponents look worse than the terrorist are. Mao said it in his "Little Read Book", and it worked.

Comment Yawn... it's been done already (Score 1) 83

Yawn.... same old model. Cab companies have been leasing to prospective drivers for years and car companies, rental agencies, and dealership have been leasing for years to other drivers.

Wake me when they come up with something truly innovative. You know, something that is new and not just has "on a mobile device" or "on a computer" tacked on the end.

Comment Re:I remember living in the dorms (Score 1) 412

One aspect of dorm living was being forced to deal with people you may not agree with and never have met. At a local Uni. they have something called "Residential Learning Communities" where students united by interest can live together. I have a problem with it as it creates an insular intellectually inbred community. I think getting thrown in with random people is more realistic, as you often have no choice who you will have to deal with in real life.

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