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Firefox 38 Arrives With DRM Required To Watch Netflix 371 371

An anonymous reader writes with this excerpt from VentureBeat: Mozilla today launched Firefox 38 for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android. Notable additions to the browser include Digital Rights Management (DRM) tech for playing protected content in the HTML5 video tag on Windows, Ruby annotation support, and improved user interfaces on Android. Firefox 38 for the desktop is available for download now on, and all existing users should be able to upgrade to it automatically. As always, the Android version is trickling out slowly on Google Play. Note that there is a separate download for Firefox 38 without the DRM support. Our anonymous reader adds links to the release notes for desktop and Android.

Comment: Re:Problems with projectors (Score 1) 330 330

We have a "fake" ceiling - similar to an office environment. honestly if your building a finished basement I highly recommend it, gives you a ton of flexibility. What I lose out to in quality that only a video-phile would notice, I gain in an 8 foot screen. Can't actually buy a TV that big as far as I know, at least not unless your Elon Musk level rich.

I'm sorry you don't like projectors, and they don't suit you - but to blow them off completely is a bad way of going about it. It's all about being the right tool for the right job.

Comment: Re:What about Windows 9? (Score 1) 570 570

I read that it was because of lazy programmers who did a windows version check vs the text line in the windows version, basically if it returned windows 9* it meant it was windows 95, 98, 98Se... so Windows 9 will be mistaken as Windows 95/98/98SE... and thus old... like me...

Comment: voicemail to email (Score 1) 237 237

My Cell transcribes all voicemail to text, my work and home voicemail forward a wav to my email... This is imo a much more efficient way to handle voicemail, rather than seeing the 100 "as a valued westjet customer you are awarded 1000 reward points please press 1" and having to listen to each one and delete each one, I can see oh yeah, skip, skip, skip, oh I was waiting to hear from that guy, lets see what he has to say.

I log into my work voicemail once every 3-6 months to change the outgoing message to say i'm away... I usually have to change my voicemail password at that time too...

Email is a much better way to get a hold of people these days.

Comment: Radiation? (Score 3, Interesting) 67 67

since it's a suborbital flight, that doesn't say much about deep space. sending it on a trip around the moon would be a better test. at least get out of the Van Allen belts and get into the cosmic radiation, before you can see if it actually does survive a trip through space.

Comment: Re:When the rocket is standing on the pad (Score 2) 67 67

in a word... Fairings -

The seagull poops on the fairings (if it's even able to get that far, i'm sure they have cannons, falcons, and a lot of other usual bird removal methods at a launchpad, probably more than your average airport), the bugs splatter against the fairings, the actual probe/vessel that was sterilized before putting it into the sealed fairing, will remain sterilized as long as the seals hold. they are removed long before they get to the destination and become space junk...

Comment: Re:performance never measured in MHz (Score 1) 151 151

Actually, back in the 386/486 days... YES you did compare amd and intel by MHz... in FACT that was one of AMDs big sellers... Intel's fastest 386 ran at 33MHz, AMDs? 40 MHz..
486- Intel had 33Ghz, (66 and 100Mhz for DX2/DX4)
AMD had 40Ghz (80 and 120Mhz respectively)

they were famous for exploiting the MHz = speed myth... that was the first fall of AMD from grace following that, with the K5 and K6 processors, they wouldn't get back into the mainstream until the Athlon, which also competed on the MHz scale... (an Athlon 450 was roughly comparable to a P3 450...) with the added overclocking ability...

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