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Journal Journal: New foes

I seldom bother checking the messages that I get on Slashdot, since they're usually nothing particularly interesting. For shits and giggles, though, I did just a couple minutes ago. Apparently, two people have made me their "foe," just today: morie (227571) and Somegeek (624100) don't seem to like me for some reason.

So I went looking back through my comments, and I can't find (given an admittedly cursory and quick glance of about 4 seconds) anywhere that I've interacted with them. Maybe they read something I wrote and decided they don't like me. I took a look at the comments they've made, and they're the typical banal crap you find on Slashdot, nothing remarkable.

Me, I decided I wanted to be friends, cause I'm just a nice person way deep down. Also, because making you my foe, particularly because you made me your foe, just seems so... high school. I'd say it's tough being the grown up in all this, but it's not.

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Journal Journal: I think slashdot might just suck it bad

Moderation. It's a problem because the community here is full of fucktards and so therefore you have fucktards moderating people. Fuctards are a problem cause they don't know fucking shit. This community has sucked for a while.

What do you think?

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