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Comment: Illegal in most areas? Design flaws? (Score 5, Informative) 252

by RealSalmon (#38001508) Attached to: Gadget Allows You to Keep Bees In Your Apartment

I am an avid beekeeper (yes, yet another on /. . . . very odd we have so many here). This thing looks all kinds of screwy to me. There a are quite a number of design flaws on this thing, of which a very small sample follows.

  • --Last I checked, in most areas it is illegal to keep bees in equipment w/o *removable* frames. In looking at the equipment here, I'm not sure it meets that requirement.
  • --Bees prefer to build their comb strait down, with the cell just slightly angled up. Among other things, this prevents gravity from taking its toll on the contents. The angle of the "frames" on this contraption do not allow for this.
  • --The queen prefers darkness. All that exposure to light seems to me to be an unwelcome source of stress for her. If mama ain't happy . . . ain't nobody happy.
  • --I simply don't think that there is enough room in this "hive" to house a healthy colony. They will quickly leave for a more suitable location.
  • --The insides of hives do not stay sexy. All that gorgeous, new, white comb very quickly becomes dark and brittle (in the brood nest, anyway), and they tend to build burr comb in places you don't like.
  • --Being able to drain honey from the hive whenever you may please . . . yeah, that's a good idea. In a hive this small (see above comment), they aren't going have enough room for surplus even if you never took a drop. They will starve in this thing over the winter . . . and probably over the summer too, depending on weather conditions. Again though, I doubt they will stay long enough for that to be an issue.

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