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Google Launches Online Spreadsheet System 485

Accommodate Students writes "In a move that is sure to cause even more discussion of Google's intentions to go head-to-head with Microsoft in the Office Suite arena, they have launched a spreadsheet. AP is reporting this as 'Google further invades its rival's territory.' You can share spreadsheets with other users and can chat while you're editing -- multiplayer spreadsheets! It can read both CSV and XLS formats." More from the article: "Google is targeting Office, which generated $2.95 billion in sales and $2.09 billion in profit in Microsoft's third quarter ended March 31. Microsoft plans a new release this year and is trying to get Office into more consumers' hands at a cheaper price while persuading businesses to buy higher-priced versions."

UK Parliament Questioning DRM 107

Lasting News has a story about a UK parliamentary report on DRM issues. According to BBC News, the All Party Parliamentary Internet Group has expressed its concerns about the over protection caused by DRM. This report is insisting on the need for information. Both consumers and DRM makers should informed of UK copyrights' legal context. According to this report, consumers should be aware about how they are able (or not) to switch from one gadget to another media player. The report also raises fresh concerns about copy protection software implemented by some DRM makers that could be sued under current UK laws.

A rock store eventually closed down; they were taking too much for granite.