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Comment: Re:Why are there still shell scripts anyways? (Score 1) 173

by RaymondKurzweil (#35842994) Attached to: Book Review: Linux Shell Scripting Cookbook

While I value "sane" syntax for certain types of large scale program, there is a reason why shell and make are extremely useful. The sane syntax that makes Python and C# so great, just gets in the fucking way for some shell fu.

Even if you could use the parsing utilities of these languages, you'd end up with something quite close to shell anyway.

Comment: Re:FPGA is nice but not a magic bullet. (Score 1) 108

by RaymondKurzweil (#35841342) Attached to: Cheaper, More Powerful Alternative To FPGAs

It can't grow bluetooth, or gps, yet.

Well, there are devices that can, which are basically just slightly "better" PSoCs .

That's not the point. It doesn't seem like FPGA/PSoCs could ever be as cheap as a dedicated solution. Even if there is a breakthrough in fab that makes FPGAs closer to their dedicated counterparts, those efficiencies should also apply to the dedicated process.

Basically, FPGAs and PSoC always involve some extra overhead for the flexibility. The overhead may diminish more and more, but as things scale up those small overheads become large ones. TANSTAAFL

Comment: Re:I don't know if I'd call this worst... (Score 1) 1200

by RaymondKurzweil (#35460200) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Worst Computer Scene In TV or Movies?

The irony with everyone's disdain for this is that there is nothing in the scene that is completely divorced from reality.

The chick is clearly talking fast... so maybe she is talking about 2 action items
1) Create a GUI in Visual Basic
2) and also track an IP address

Or, maybe she plans on creating a VB GUI wrapper around some networking tool. Because we know they couldn't just use the fucking command line, its gotta have all that pretty graphics and shit. And though you may not like it, there is no technical reason that all the graphical nonsense in CSI is cranked out by some dude writing VB6 or VB.NET code... VB6 is a shitty ass language... but yes you can do anything with it.

There are a number of "realistic" interpretations around what was being said. That being said
1) Any explanation is completely *tasteless* to the sensibilities of an experienced software/networking professional
2) CSI still sucks ass
3) The digital zoom in CSI is sickening, because they use it every fucking time.

Comment: Re:Jurassic Park (Score 1) 1200

by RaymondKurzweil (#35460152) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Worst Computer Scene In TV or Movies?

They were... mostly...

There were real CM-5s used as prop pieces and named "Thinking Machines Supercoumputers" by the animated tour guide.
The workstations were all real SGIs. The thing that confuses some people... there was no Mac running UNIX... it was the other way around, a SGI UNIX workstation "running" Mac OS.. What people are referring to is that there is at least one scene where Newman is watching the "live video" feed on his SGI workstation (I believe it is a Crimson), but it is clearly a Macintosh Finder interface running Quicktime on the screen. This was notable because the progress bar for the "live video" was clearly visible.

Comment: Re:Easily CSI (Score 1) 1200

by RaymondKurzweil (#35460092) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Worst Computer Scene In TV or Movies?

The reason CSI sucks ass and always has is because they use "computerz" as a plot crutch for the shitty story. I could put up with once or twice using impossible digital zoom... but they just take it too far... It's always DNA this, or zoom onto someone's eyeball to tie everything up 10 minutes before the end...

Comment: Asswipes (Score 0) 529

by RaymondKurzweil (#34912474) Attached to: Goldman Sachs Says No Facebook Shares For US Investors

For all those idiots that constantly worry about China "owning" the US because we're all living off a Chinese credit-card. Think about this: If Facebook is sold to the "Chinese" that means money and capital is coming into the US, and it isn't a loan. In fact, basically, if you can sell something that doesn't cost very much to make (Facebook) and is basically a worthless piece of crap for a huge sum of money, you're only reversing any problem with getting loans from China (or from brown people in general).

Comment: Re:WHAT? (Score 1) 467

by RaymondKurzweil (#34902276) Attached to: Advice On Teaching Linux To CS Freshmen?

That school that I guess is not going to be named (CMU), they also attempt to have a legitimate software engineering program. While I sorta appreciate the idea of making software engineering a real discipline, it seems like CMU is just a way for the creeps that think theories and writes-up about pair-programming are not weird at all to have a shot at tenure.

Comment: Trolling Finally becoming mainstream (Score 0) 231

by RaymondKurzweil (#34856090) Attached to: How Open Source Might Finally Become Mainstream

After seeing that Amy Chua satire-that-really-isn't piece about not letting her kids go outside and now this that worries about the fate of the US once AOL(!!) is in foreign hands the US media is finally trying to beat the forums and blogs at their own game. It's not so much extremism to promote buzz, its just putting so much garbage that people can't look away, so it's a little different than what they usually do.

Comment: Re:Software engineer vs. computer programmer? (Score 1) 337

by RaymondKurzweil (#34801524) Attached to: Study Says Software Engineers Have the Best US Jobs

In the US, we license engineers, but they are licensed in specific areas and software engineering ain't one of them. That same licensing system doesn't license train engineers nor operations engineers nor process engineers, all of which are used in industry as titles. The licensing applies to those that practice independently or need to offer "engineering services". it just isn't the same thing and although you might not like it, that's the way it is, So just eat a bowl of dicks you git.

Comment: Re:BASIC (Score 0) 709

by RaymondKurzweil (#34695876) Attached to: Why Teach Programming With BASIC?

While "right tool for the job" is a nice sentiment, it is actually one of the easiest things to say for those that know close to nothing and actually have very little knowledge of the available tools. That you would go on about Lisp, and state that it is a functional language and yet NOT a procedural/imperative language pretty much demonstrates you don't know shit about it. Few Lisp dialects are purely functional... and this is exactly why there was actually quite a bit of real world programming done in Lisp (no matter how uncommon in the grand scheme of things).

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