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Comment Re:Comparison? (Score 4, Interesting) 245

Big Pharma, in its chase for the ever mighty dollar, has made medical science into a farce of what it should be by now. Don't get me wrong, there's been a lot of progress made...but a lot of the information coming out from the companies backing the publishing of irreproducible results is leaving a large shadow over that progress; it's beginning to give me the perception that we're coming upon a plateau in our rate of advancement. It's also not easing my cynicism any.

Comment Re:How times change (Score 1) 191

My Opinion: I think that the big change in mindset stems from the notion that even with only a fraction of tech that was dreamed about in the 90's becoming a commercial reality in the years "Beyond 2000"(tm) there's been more than enough evidence that once a piece of tech comes to market there's always a significant cost to our way of life that moves us further and further away from Gene Roddenberry's technologically enlightened utopia and more into an Orwellian dystopia.

Case in point: The Smartphone. In the 90's the dream of having a computer more powerful than the conventional desktop of the time, all in the convenient form factor dangling from the hip... oh what dreams may come! The reality of it, however, has become a veritable privacy nightmare. Another: Infotainment systems in vehicles. Being able to talk to our cars to get navigation, make phone calls, fall asleep behind the wheel and let the car drive, etc... it was all the dream of being the Knight Rider. The real implementation? Yeah, our cars can have critical operations systems screwed with through an interface that's not even supposed to be connected to those systems...likely to fatal ends.

No, in the 90's when tech was all dreams and conjecture of what could be possible in the future, we've lived to see the reality of those dreams always implemented in ways that they only become living nightmares. I really believe that it's because the reality of implementation has almost always gone so awry from what the initial idea is, and it's happened so rapidly that people can actually be there to see both the the utopian plan and the dystopian implementation it became, that more and more people are rejecting many more 90's ideas from seeing the light of day...because they feel they know the implementors are going to fail them again, as they already have on so many other previous projects.

Comment Re:Exceeds state authority (Score 1) 191

1500' is too high. It would put drones in direct flight line with small aircraft, and as such the drones would need to have a way to respond to commands from ATC Towers, need to be identified and registered, as well as most likely need some form of navigation lights so that they can be seen by other aircraft. 500' is the ceiling for unlicensed craft to occupy where they would not have to self identify to ATC.

Comment Re:Cry me a river (Score 1) 191

For my monthly Sam's or Costco run where I'm buying bulk, I'm taking my G20 Van and loading it to the gills. For the weekly Grocery trip, I'm taking my Yamaha Venture Royale with two large saddlebags and a trunk. Becoming dependent on daily drone delivery for the day to day necessities will actually increase my costs because it will be similar to when I was doing daily grocery shopping on my way home from work (thus, fuel costs were not a factor since the store was on my direct route home) just for that day's dinner ingredients. Pushing that out to a weekly grab actually saved roughly $100 per week in food costs.

Also doing the periodic bulk run encourages me to take a monthly inventory and rotation of my food stock so I always know how many days I can live without power or transportation availability on my current stores (I've learned through the school of hard knocks: never drop below a one week emergency supply of water and canned food, I don't care where you live). Becoming dependent on drones (how many drones does it take to transport the cargo volume of a G20 High-top Van, anyway?) will likely mean that I won't be as diligent in maintaining the emergency stores, and it's likely that attempting to be as diligent while using drone delivery would be prohibitively expensive.

Comment Re:Tell your story walking. (Score 2) 202

It's actually not as bad as it sounds in this case. Search for the "Top 20 Best free porn sites" on google. The site you're afraid to ask about has made it to several of those lists, so you can get a synopsis of what it's about and its features without having to do a direct search and risk the rule #34 crosstalk that may occur from a direct search for the site name.

Comment Re: Boost Mobile (Score 1) 112

Oi...numbnuts. GGP ended his statement with "Fuck Sprint..." while arguing for Boost Mobile plans. Going with Boost Mobile doesn't fuck over Sprint very much because Boost Mobile's money gives revenue directly to Sprint. Generally, when someone says "Fuck Sprint" that means that they don't want any money going to that company and will be using a competitor for service. Going with Boost actually means they get screwed in the ass by a bigger dildo with a Sprint logo on it. No roaming (tied to either bigger cities or Interstates only for signal), crappy phones at best, and the plans are actually a bigger rip off over the long term (doesn't even help your credit). If someone says "Fuck Sprint" that means by extension they need to say "Fuck Boost and Virgin USA too," otherwise they're just getting even more fucked by Sprint and Sprint will be laughing all the way to the bank.

You do have one thing right though. Boost != Sprint; Boost < Sprint. Boost is 100% Sprint's prime bitch getting pimped out.

Comment Re: Agreed (Score 1) 285

It's because the < and > symbols around the library name (presuming stdio.h) made the comment window think it was supposed to be an html tag instead of a library include statement. Preview button would work wonders. (Incidentally, my post would have had the same problems if I used the actual Shift-, or shift-. keys instead of using the ampersand codes for less than and greater than.)

Comment Re:Men and women are the same (Score 2) 388

23.5C (~74F) is the absolute maximum temperature for me to be comfortable...and it's not even the temperature that gets me. Here in Georgia (USA), when the thermostat is set to 23.5 the timing of the compressor is just shy of perfect. At just the moment when the humidity reaches the level where the sweat isn't being wicked away, the compressor will kick in and drop the dew point in the room below 50% humidity. I think if we ran dehumidifiers instead of AC around here, we could probably save a considerable bit on energy costs by setting the cooling system to 26-27C (78-80F roughly) and letting the dehumidifier keep the humidity 50%. Hell, use a clean enough system in the dehumidifying process and you'll get a decent supply of good distilled potable water out of it too.

Comment Re:Equitable pay? (Score 1) 430

calling anything vaguely related to money that displeases you 'socialistic' is dumb beyond words.

The poster did no such thing.

Um...yes he did. Emphasis mine:

Google employees can [share] their salaries all they want, the rest of the world does not want to follow this socialistic route.

And if to you the rest of the world is limited to the USA, you might be right... A good portion of the western world is actually more socialist than we are.

Lastly, sharing bonus and salary information is the way I ensure that my employer wishes to stay competitive in all aspects of what they do. Not just sharing that information with other employees, but using sites like salary.com to get a "temperature" of where my wages fall in line with other people who have similar Education/Experience, which when review times come up I always bring a copy of reports from several such sites, as well as the public financial numbers of the company, to the negotiation table. So far, this has served me and my bosses well in keeping my salary at a level that's comfortable and competitive for everyone.

Comment Re: ... and the hype for Windows 10 begins.... (Score 1) 405

They're also ugly as hell having absolutely horrible color schemes that make me want to rip my eyes out every time I see them. Neon Orange on Smoke Gray transparency? WTH?? Also, there's no dimensionality. It's all flat. The quick bar isn't so bad and I can get used to it...but those damn tiles all over the place in the start menu itself? Ugly as damn sin.

I grant that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but what I behold in Win10 is ugly as shit to me. If you like it, fine. I'm happy for you. Enjoy that shit all you want. Me, I'd rather have a bit more complexity to my desktop icon design and I'd be less annoyed if MS allowed me to stick with Aero in the same way 7 could be made to look like WinXP or 98 with the classic theme. I was one of the weird ones who, while I didn't have anything outright against the plastic look of default XP and thought it looked leagues better than the 9x UIs, I saw the Aero UI in Vista and wanted to jump over that...but I didn't want the quirky shit of Vista's UAC. Thankfully in the interim there was WinXP Dark Edition that applied the Aero look to XP's core. When 7 came out and did away with several major issues I had with Vista (still had plenty of issues that I could live with that were patched out in SP1 anyway), and had the stability and usability of XP, I swapped as soon as I was able. Then they came out with windows 8 and not only did they come out with a crap interface I can't stand to look at, but also threw usability to the wind. Windows 10 as far as I've been able to discern has resolved most if not all of the usability issues, but kept the UI that makes my eyes bleed. If I can't stand to look at the OS UI to use the system, how am I going to get any real productivity going? Every time I move out of an app to a different one I'm going to be jarred out of the zone through noticing the UI "faults".

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