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Comment: Re:well then it's a bad contract (Score 2) 285

by RavenLrD20k (#49563419) Attached to: ESPN Sues Verizon To Stop New Sports-Free TV Bundles

Don't like it? Fine no Disney/ABC/ESPN channels for you! And no Marvel or Star Wars titles. And no Muppets while we're at it.

And nothing of value was lost... (I was almost going to say "except for maybe the Marvel movies", but then I realized: outside of their initial theater runs, I've not watched a damn one of them aside from filler noise at friends houses, and I have no desire to.)

Comment: Re:This is stupid (Score 3, Interesting) 92

by RavenLrD20k (#49559933) Attached to: Stephen Hawking Has a Message For One Direction Fans

What next - don't mourn the passing of your child - in another universe they might be alive? Fat lot of good that does for anyone here - after all, neither their nor their child's doppelganger in another universe would be an exact replica.

Wasn't that the core plot to Fringe? That the entire series wouldn't have existed if a crackpot physicist didn't muck up the balance of things by stealing a different version of his kid from a universe where he didn't die, thus starting an interuniversal war?

On a different note: Is there any character that John Noble has played that wasn't some kind of Crackpot? If not, what does that say for the psyche of Mr. Noble himself?

+ - Pepsi stops using aspartame in Diet Pepsi because people think it's dangerous->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes: Pepsi believes sales of diet soda are falling because of aspartame and how the general public think it is a dangerous substance to consume. So rather than education, they choose change, and aspartame removal is being turned into a marketing campaign of sorts with "Now Aspartame Free" printed on cans.
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+ - Audi creates 'fuel of the future' using just carbon dioxide and water->

Submitted by EwanPalmer
EwanPalmer writes: German car manufacturer Audi says it has created the "fuel of the future" made solely from water, carbon dioxide and renewable sources.

The synthetic "e-diesel" was made following a commissioning phase of just four months at a plant in Dresden, Germany. Germany's federal minister of education and research, Dr Johanna Wanka, said she has already used the fuel in her Audi A8, and the company hopes to produce at least 160 liters of the crystal clear fuel every day in the coming months.

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Comment: Re:King Frosty the first (Score 1) 327

by RavenLrD20k (#49559023) Attached to: The Future Deconstruction of the K-12 Teacher
I know this is an FP troll...but it may not be as off topic to the summary as people, even the troll him/her self, may think (regardless of the horrible grammar). The dipshit spouting this dream is advocating a type of Rockstar Teacher model. That's too much power for one person to have. "The hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world." The critical point of having multiple teachers of multiple backgrounds educating children through their lives is so that the child is (theoretically) not exposed to a single point of view in their development. Having this singular person pushing a singular agenda over the minds of millions of children at a time is begging for Oceania to become a reality. In effect, the teacher on the thousands of big screens will be effectively telling millions of children: "Kneel my peasants. I am the King!"

Comment: Re: #2 (Score 1) 366

by RavenLrD20k (#49539201) Attached to: iTunes Stops Working For Windows XP Users

New MacBook??

Is... is that what you're talking about? $1300 for at best a 1.3 GHZ dual-core Intel M (I don't care about "turbo" freq)? Dell has a comparable one for $200 and that gets you a 2.5 GHz dual-core Celeron at worst. The Dell is what fills options 1,2, and 3 above. The Mac breaks 1 & 3. 4 & 5 can most likely be fixed for another $100-400 to pay someone to either rip out 8.1 or skin it to look like XP. You're right in that Apple is Targeting the basic need user. But they're not targeting the basic need user with a limited budget ( the kind of Customer jbolden is talking about above), they're targeting people with more money than sense and a distinct need for "New Shiny"...as they've always done.

And to your last point... Do you really honestly believe that OSX is even CLOSE to XP's interface? The Closest Windows UI that anyone says OSX replicates best is Windows 7, and even then...there's no Start Menu. I've worked with computer illiterate people that had to migrate from XP for one reason or another. The Start Menu has always been critical to the flow they've been comfortable with for 20 years and you wouldn't believe how much teeth pulling was involved to get them to understand the concept of the Aero Taskbar. I mean seriously, have you ever worked with a Windows 9x+ box? Ever? The only MS created interface that even remotely looked or behaved like Mac OS and later OSX was Progman of 3.x fame.

Comment: Re:Buying cars based on fuel price... ugh (Score 1) 621

by RavenLrD20k (#49530951) Attached to: Cheap Gas Fuels Switch From Electric Cars To SUVs

they are in for a surprise on how little you can put in an SUV, though

I dunno about this. My little S-10 Blazer was able to transport a queen futon without much trouble fitting, aside from having to have the window Hatch Open and bungies to secure/flag it so it was legal for transport. My crossover (Chevy Traverse) has just as much volume.....but (un)surprisingly they engineered the freakin thing into an egg-shape that wouldn't let the futon fit in at any angle. Also, having the hatch instead of a gate / window, I wouldn't have been able to let the thing hang out the back either. Piece of crap, I wish I never got the fucker.

Comment: Re:Progressive Fix 101 (Score 1) 621

by RavenLrD20k (#49530363) Attached to: Cheap Gas Fuels Switch From Electric Cars To SUVs

Honda CRV = CUV.

Toyota Rav4 = CUV

Still haven't proven me wrong. I'm talking about an honest SUV, where they sit with enough ground clearance that I can take a dolley, lie down under the thing and more or less move from front to rear without hitting my head on anything. A Highlander is an SUV. A Nissan Pathfinder is an SUV. An SUV requires a better than delicate drivetrain and suspension to be able to handle moderate off-roading.

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