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Submission + - German Publisher Axel Springer Bans Adblocking Users From Bild Website (

An anonymous reader writes: Major European publishing house Axel Springer has instituted countermeasures to users who employ adblocking software on its Bild news outlet, which represents a daily publication with a print circulation of 2.5 million,. The website now presents readers with a request to either turn off the adblocking or pay a 2.99 euro monthly subscription fee. In a statement the company insist that online journalism must be funded by one of the 'two known revenue pillars’ — advertising or sales.

Submission + - The software behind the Large Hadron Collider and the Higgs Boson (

mikeckennedy writes: The largest machine ever built is the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. It's primary goal was the discovery of the Higgs Boson: the fundamental particle which gives all objects mass. The LHC team of 1000's of physicists achieved that goal in 2012 winning the Nobel Prize in physics. Kyle Cranmer is here to share how Python was at the core of this amazing achievement!

You'll learn about the different experiment including ATLAST and CMS. We talk a bit about the physics involved in the discovery before digging into the software and computer technology used at CERN. The collisions generate a tremendous amount of data and the technology to filter, gather, and understand the data is super interesting.

Comment Re:Consumers reject advertising (Score 1) 317

Sure... problem is that the biggest complainers against ad-blocking are the ones that have "In yo face shouting autoplaying video ads and ad images as far as your mouse can scroll on every page touting out 'This one neat trick...', 'The new rule in your state that insurance companies don't want you to know...', flash here, flash there, more flash than can be found in a comic book store... buy buy buy click click click $$$$$ $$$ $$ $ $... 4,000 pop-up windows ready to go with every click of the close button!!!!" and the actual content amounts to about ten lines per page...spread out over 20 pages of "In yo face shouting autoplaying video ads and ad images as far as your mouse can scroll on every page touting out 'This one neat trick...', 'The new rule in your state that insurance companies don't want you to know...', flash here, flash there, more flash than can be found in a comic book store... buy buy buy click click click $$$$$ $$$ $$ $ $...4,000 pop-up windows ready to go with every click of the close button!!!!" This is what takes whatever abated disgust from a site with well balanced content to ad ratio and makes it rage back with a vengeance to find the best Ad-Blocker to get that crap off their connection.

And if you don't like the format of my post and find it difficult to read, Dave...GOOD! This is what badly designed sites that give more credence to ads than content feel like. This is what makes people want to hit the nuke button on terrible ads. This is why many of us are beginning to say "see no ads and get very little content? What a refreshing thought! Still better than getting bombarded with ads and wondering where the real content was supposed to be."

Comment Re:Games are not Sports (Score 1) 110

Being able to take the recoil without knocking yourself in the head with the gun or throwing out/dislocating your shoulder. Even a weak recoil from a .22 can give you a black eye if you don't know what in the hell you're doing. Also, aiming a real gun and shooting a target accurately isn't the same as aiming what amounts to an oversized plastic flashlight at a screen; or even lamer, moving your hand/thumb to place a cursor over some avatar's eyeball and clicking a button.

Comment Re:Whew.. that's good to hear (Score 1) 99

Kinda gives a new meaning to "Come to the Dark Side, we have cookies." ...or maybe it doesn't. Might be what they meant all along, and us being all innocent thought of the tasty kind instead of the tracking kind.

You know...the more I think about it, the more it looks like the Dark Side are supposed to be bad guys...

Comment Re:Batman (Score 1) 79

Seriously, who else did he have to program that huge Mainframe/Supercomputer he keeps in his basement? With all his trust issues, I highly doubt he'd be using any Kernel that he didn't develop himself from scratch. Also, he's gotta have some kind of mad hacking/networking skills to be able to pull data off of GCPD and Fed DB's without ever getting detected. All the infrastructure was in place long before anyone else joined the team, save Alfred. Maybe some help from Lucius, but I still wouldn't that much trust in anyone else if I were in his shoes and just as paranoid about my identity.

Comment Re:Popcorn ? (Score 1) 688

I say hold off on the box. If we get another post that mentions either of the two who already bailed with some relevant update to say that the ship jumpers past, current, and future are joining forces on this fork... then you'll probably want to grab the box. Hell, I might even chip in then and just watch the fun.

Oooh! If a couple more join the fray I might even print up some "Butthurt Bingo" cards to pass around...

Comment Re:Benefit to end users? (Score 1) 688

I confirmed AvitarX's statement a few months back with some spare mod points. Despite the lack of warning when the "Post Anonymously" box is checked, moderations done within the article where a post is made, whether with a username or not, deletes the moderations from record. Uncomfirmed: The only way to possibly not do so is to logout and close the browser and/or delete the session cookies before making the post. This presumes that the site doesn't use the IP address and/or UserAgent string as a way to track posts modded or made.

Comment Re:Uh, seriously... (Score 2) 231

You missed the point. This isn't about IT jobs. That's been a known sticking point of H1-B's already. This is new. This is taking general office entire administrative office (accountants, purchasers, middle managers, etc...), hiring H1-B's to observe how these people do their job to the finest detail, then firing the entire office and shipping all its operations over to India.

This is trashing the rest of the middle class jobs that thought they were safe from being outsourced because "you can't outsource core clerical business like you can IT." We've told them it's only a matter of time before companies found a way. Well, they found a way, and now the rest of the middle class is going to be gutted like a fish...just like we warned. It's not just an IT problem anymore. It's a core middle class office problem. How long before the executives get outsourced? Probably the next economic crash when India takes over American companies from the Top all the way down.

Comment Re:Is the NYT Racist? (Score 1) 231

My preference for president: Sanders > Trump > anyone else. In the Democratic primary I'm going for Sanders. In my precinct, I'm probably going to be out voted in favor of H. Clinton (for her 3rd term as President). On the Republican side, I can't affect the primary, but I'm hoping Trump gets it (so far it looks like he might). In next year's election for the office, if he's on the ballot I'm going with Sanders. Being in a very much Red state, I'm most likely going to be drowned out. If he's not on the ticket, but Trump is, Trump gets my vote. If neither of them are on the ticket, I'm writing in Sanders...and then writing off the rest of America as nothing but idiots who deserve what they get while lamenting the fact that I have to be drug into that hell with them. Same answer for if either one of them wind up in the final election against any other member of their respective opposing party and loses.

Comment Re: That's just... dishonest (Score 1) 229

No, it's not cost prohibitive to go with 5 year old tech that costs more a brand new modest PC. It's just a better value for a developer just starting out to go with Android over any other platform. The barrier to entry for developing on Android is considerably cheaper than trying to build for WinPhone or iOS. Hell, if I was strapped for cash but really wanted to develop a mobile app (basic logic and sanity questions notwithstanding) I could easily go down to Goodwill and pick up a Tower ($35), Keyboard ($3-4), Mouse ($2) and Monitor ($15-30) for less than $75 all together.

I personally don't have anything against using a Mac. There are times that I work with the Mac at work, enjoy the way it does certain things and get to thinking about buying one for home. Then I see the price they cost for the specs they offer and it always makes me sick to my stomach. The few kludges that I have to work around in a CentOS 6.7 Linux desktop to do my Open Source/Android dev-work is well worth the extra money I would have had to spend to get the "just works" system with not quite near the system specs I have (most certainly won't have a built in CUDA).

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