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by RavenLrD20k (#47414159) Attached to: The World's Best Living Programmers
Actually, it's not really proving his point. It's not even part of his point. The question he asked was "do we know who came up with the concept for Donkey Kong?" The answer is simply "Yes we do. It's this guy." The fact that he couldn't bring his vision to fruition alone does not negate the fact that Donkey Kong as a concept was dreamed up solely by Miyamoto. It's actually very rare for a programmer to be the visionary of a project, even back in the 8-bit age. Now, a question that would be better aimed at his point: "Do we know the names of all the programmers who wrote the code for Donkey Kong?" And I would have to say that off the top of my head: No, I don't. The only ones I know of who directly worked on DK are Miyamoto, Yokoi, and Kaneoka.

+ - Microsoft's Domain Seizure Causing Outages For SonicWall Customers->

Submitted by cgriffin21
cgriffin21 (1880716) writes "Microsoft's recent seizure of 23 domains from, a Reno, Nev.-based company that provides a popular free dynamic DNS service, is causing outages for millions of legitimate users of the service — and apparently, at least one security vendor. The outages are having an impact on some customers of SonicWall, a vendor of network security and content control hardware appliances, Marc Harrison, president of Silicon East, a Manalapan, N.J.-based SonicWall partner, told CRN Tuesday."
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If a congress can be bribed to make an amendment to the constitution that specifies that money, resources, or commodities cannot be equated to speech, then the verdict of the Supreme Court is nullified by the voices that represent the will of the people.

This is as blatantly corrupt a political argument as I have ever heard expressed.

I agree, but I didn't feel like being Politically Correct and calling it Campaign Contributions, Kickbacks, or whatever the hell else is the in vogue term for bribing now. The only way we're going to be able to get rid of the corruption as firmly seated as it is right now is if we work inside the corruption and use the same methods of bribery to get the law pigs enough of a short term reward that they'd be willing to sign anything...even if it screwed them over long term.

+ - Reading Rainbow Kickstarter heads into home stretch

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An anonymous reader writes "A month ago, LeVar Burton and his friends at Reading Rainbow created a Kickstarter campaign designed to bring their app for the iPad and Kindle Fire to the Web at large. They asked for a million dollars, and quickly blew the doors off their goal, receiving over three million dollars in three days. There are 48 hours remaining in the fundraiser, which has garnered over 4.5 million dollars, and with over 92,000 contributors, is the most heavily backed Kickstarter campaign of all time. To sweeten the pot, Family Guy's Seth MacFarlane has offered to match any pledges over the $4 million mark, up to an additional million dollars."

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That's the legislative check and balance to the court. If a congress can be bribed to make an amendment to the constitution that specifies that money, resources, or commodities cannot be equated to speech, then the verdict of the Supreme Court is nullified by the voices that represent the will of the people. The real trick is getting a congress in office that would agree on passing the amendment.

+ - Windows 9 to win over Windows 7 users, disables Start Screen for desktop

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DroidJason1 (3589319) writes "One of Microsoft's main goals with Windows 9, the next major version of Windows, is to win over Windows 7 hold outs. The operating system will look and work differently based on hardware type. Microsoft is looking to showcase the desktop for desktop and laptop users, while two-in-one devices like the Surface Pro or Lenovo Yoga will support switching between the Metro interface and the classic desktop interface. The new desktop will allow Modern UI apps to run in windowed mode, and have Modern UI apps pinned to the Start Menu instead of a Start Screen. There will also be a mini-start menu. Microsoft is looking to undo the usability mistakes it made with Windows 8 for those who are not on a touch device. WIndows 9 is expected around spring of 2015."

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Them's the breaks. When shit like this starts sending quakes through the portfolios of the general population *MAYBE* it'll be enough to wake up the collective to say "Hey! What the Fuck?!" and break apart some of this complacency iceberg we have going on.

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Actually, unless you are dealing with someone who's over-the-top ignorant, even the die-hard Harley fans will acknowledge other cycle brands. At worst this just leads into sub-classing of the Motorcycle / Biker group. If I showed up to a 1% rally (not bloody likely in the first place) on my Venture, I can expect that it would probably wind up vandalized, but so long as I showed proper "respect" to the members of the head MC, no harm would necessarily come to me personally.

There's also the other bit. It doesn't matter the style or brand you're loyal to or what you say about riders of other brands/styles, if you're riding an open 2 or 3 wheeler, be it scoot, bike, or trike, you're part of the biggest club on the road. You'll be acknowledged by other riders on the road and it's courtesy to acknowledge other riders in kind. If you come onto a road behind a squad of bikes, regardless of your ride, members of the squad will signal of road hazards to you as they see them; and you're free to part ways at any point and you're likely to be waved off in a measure of good wishes.

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With motorcycles acceptable lighting really depends on the state. In Georgia I can run any color under the sun except for blue; and even white, amber, or red must be tied with head lamps, signal indicators, or brakes respectively. In some of Georgia's counties, I can even get away with blue so long as they don't flash, and in other counties headlight modulation can be iffy. There are other states that say that you can't run any lights. There's also a few states where they don't even allow bikes with mounted extra lights to even pass through (I can't remember if this was Mississippi or Tennessee). Doesn't matter if they're actually wired in or not.

In Georgia, the primary reason for the lighting restrictions is that State Government takes impersonating a police officer extremely seriously, thus they banned anything that could possibly be construed as emergency vehicle lighting.

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The simple vernacular that bikers use. Despite what gov't regulations designate as a Motorcycle vs. Car, bikers will call a vehicle based on certain characteristics. To give you an eye opening look into our world:

Scooter / Scoot: Two wheeled vehicle denoted by having an open space in front of the seat where the driver's legs can move freely. Controlled by handle bars. Exposed to elements.

Motorcycle / Bike: Two wheeled vehicle that the driver would have to straddle and feet are fixed on either pegs or runners without much freedom of movement. Controlled by handle bars. Exposed to elements.

Trike: Three wheeled vehicle that typically must be straddled in a similar fashion to bikes. Controlled by handle bars. Exposed to elements.

Cage: Four or more wheeled vehicle with an open floorboard in front of the seat. Controlled by steering wheel. Shielded from elements, often temperature controlled.

Semi: 18 wheeled vehicle (Four wheels per weight bearing axle, plus two directional wheels) with similar seating to a cage. Controlled by steering wheel. Shielded from elements and temperature controlled. Give a wide berth lest you want to be road pizza.

This Thing: 2 wheeled cage that thinks it wants to be a bike but with the amenities of a car. Controlled by steering wheel. Protected from the elements. If you show up to a 1%'er (Biker Gang) rally in one of these, expect vandalism/bodily harm. If you show up to a non-1% rally in one of these, expect to be laughed at and made the butt of jokes for the duration of the rally, whether or not you stay there.

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