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Comment Re:So what should we do? (Score 1) 562

That really depends on the strength of the spring they use in the button. Some cars, button's locked until the lever is lifted a bit and won't press for nothing. Other cars will let you push the button while the lever is still at rest...but it takes a good bit of force to do so, and when you lift the lever the button could either be very loose, very stiff, or anything in between. It all depends on what the manufacturer decided to spec for the design.

Comment Re: No problem (Score 1) 654

If they want their income, they can present it in a form that doesn't waste my time, bandwidth, processing power, and doesn't put my data at risk. They can host non-scripted banner ads on their own servers and have other companies pay for the screen-space to display them...

If they want to lose reader eyes faster than you can say bankruptcy, they can keep doing what they're doing with annoying the readership.

Comment Re:Grace? (Score 1) 582

Actually, In the Official Code of Georgia, there is a written grace:

Title 40 Chapter 14 Article 2 Section 8 subsection (a)
40-14-8 - When case may be made and conviction had

(a) No county, city, or campus officer shall be allowed to make a case based on the use of any speed detection device, unless the speed of the vehicle exceeds the posted speed limit by more than ten miles per hour and no conviction shall be had thereon unless such speed is more than ten miles per hour above the posted speed limit.

Note that it does not specify the same restriction for Georgia State Patrol / Department of Public Safety. They're the only ones who can make a case for 1 MPH above the limit (but will usually not enforce and only provide warnings until 5+ mph due to possible speedometer calibration miss adjustments...or they're just having a bad day). The only noted exception to this limit on county, city, and campus officers is in marked historic districts, marked residential zones, or inside designated school zones during the time period of one hour before and one hour after the times that school is in normal operation (zone active times are normally posted or the reduced speed limit signs are equipped with flashing amber lights. In this case, speed limits are automatically reduced up to 20 mph lower than standard posted limits [65+ mph areas will have school zone limits no lower than 45 mph; 55 mph areas will have school zone limits no lower than 35 mph; 45 mph areas and lower will have school zone limits no lower than 25 mph]). Definitions of marked historical districts and marked residential zones are noted in other parts of the O.C.G.A.


Why the Calorie Is Broken ( 108

New submitter writes: Cynthia Graber and Nicola Twilley explain how we are still using a century old method for measuring the calories in our food and the calories spent in different human activities. Essentially, there is a very big difference between burning stuff in a bomb calorie-meter and the extremely complex ways our body extracts energy from food. In fact, the exact process of digestion is yet to be understood sufficiently at a micro level, and years from being replicated to any close degree. Plus, the way our bodies spend calories for a given activity is hugely different from the way a car consumer gasoline and dependent on a number of parameters — some of which are not even known currently. Therefore, balancing calories in to Calories out is not so stupidly simple as it seems to the underweight layperson . Update: 01/28 22:09 GMT by T : Sorry for the duplicate post; it was a long night.

Comment By their logic (Score 5, Insightful) 171

By their own logic I should have just as easy of a time to be able to set up my own cell towers and siphon in all the location data that comes into it, and the government can't say boo about it. I should be able to know where everyone who connects to my personal cell tower is located at that moment, in an effort to stalk my girlfriend without her ever knowing about it. As noted in other threads already: They can't legally expect to be able to go through the mail of an entire neighborhood at the post office level, as such, they should not expect to be able to do essentially the same thing with setting up their own cell towers.

Submission + - Latest Version of Daz3D Introduces Cloud-Based DRM with Version 4.9 (

DreamsAreOkToo writes: Daz3D, a stock-art marketplace, announced release version 4.9. With the new release, all previous versions became unavailable, and the announcement that all future content will become encrypted. Previous purchases will slowly be updated for the new encryption. The change is, of course, being listed as a feature. The forums shed some light on the decision.

Daz_Steve wrote:

"Nearly every Daz customer is trustworthy. But for anyone to say that there is not a small segment of people who buy content, then illegally share it is simply not realistic. When people do this, it takes money from Daz and it's ability to support the store and offerings, and it also takes money away from the artists. This means that, either there is less money to for Daz to roll out new features and figures, and less money for the artists to live, or that prices go up and the honest people pay more."

This was not intended to mislead or bait and switch anyone... I will also use free items to entice people to adopt encryption.

After spending 20 minutes on the forums, it was abundantly clear to me the mods were busy removing threads and posts that were critical of the change.

Comment Re: Politician-Speak (Score 1) 875

If the WTO finds against the US then the US would be subject to sanctions.

Wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing. It would force the US to find ourselves again. Spin up our own mines to make the high quality steel again. Start using our own oil reserves instead of relying on foreign oil, and thus have all the problems with the Mid-east. Force us into having real discussions in how to be self-reliant again. Force us to make real progress into alternative energy forms to relieve the sudden strain on our home-grown oil. It absolutely wouldn't be without its growing pains as we have to re-teach a whole generation of Americans and get them trained up to the task of being true engineers, miners, farmers, drillers, manufacturers, etc. I can think of a lot of people that it would be a slap in the face to as well (particularly those who have the whole "my college is supposed to be safe and comfortable" mentality).

At this point what it really is going to take to make this country great again is, unfortunately, adversity. We really can't afford be nice to each-other anymore. We can't afford to step on eggshells to avoid hurting one another's feelings. It's turned us into a collective of weak-willed pansies. We need to be able to tell each other "Step up your game or you're just proving that you're a worthless pile of shit and carbon" and, instead of getting offended and crying and wanting to start a discussion group about how the bad man hurt our feelings, we need to step up, get offended, and put that offended energy into working our asses off to prove that motherfucker wrong. Don't tell off that motherfucker. Step up and prove that motherfucker wrong through your actions! If you want to make it in life, you need to build the right connections and work your ass off for it for the greater good. If you can't do that, then you deserve the gutter.

At the same time...opportunities should not be the expense level that they are now. To be a qualified engineer should not require and individual accrue more than $20,000 of student loan debt; let alone the $200,000+ student loan debt that makes it into the news regularly. That is just America shooting itself in its foot. Seriously, what good is an engineering education if one has to grab for the highest paying available job just for a sliver of hope of paying off the debt of getting that education before their retirement?

To summarize: We need the adversity. We need to end Political Correctness and the right for people to not be offended. And we need to stop collectively shooting ourselves in the foot by having high education costs and high healthcare costs. We're a society. We do need Social Services and regulation to ensure progression of the greater good to make sure we're not, at any point, shooting ourselves in the foot. At the same time, we need to make sure that the Society as a whole is receiving real "Physical Therapy" through these Social Services...and not just getting a permanent societal crutch.

Comment Re:Crescent won't learn (Score 1) 329

If you have a section of gravel or asphalt and put the back edge of the ramp in it, that could help with the plant. Smooth concrete doesn't tend to allow the ramps to bite in as easily and even rough concrete could just have the ramps scraping. As far as climbing without going over, make sure your ramps are as close to perfectly aligned with the wheels and each other. In some cases, wedging the ramps as hard as you can into the tread where it meets the pavement can help with the plant, grip, and alignment.

When you're ready to load the vehicle onto the ramps, if you're front wheel drive - should be good enough, manual 4 wheel drive - use it and you're golden, rear wheel drive only...pray the ramps bite under the weight and you don't turn into a bulldozer. Feed the throttle slowly until the wheels just start turning, then edge up the throttle as you start putting more weight on the ramps. If you can, hang your head out the window while you're doing this and watch the driver wheel to make sure it stays aligned with the ramp as you move up and also watch for the lowest point of the wheel to just get past the crest of the ramp before it starts falling into the well (most ramps have a slight dip for the wheel to set in.) After the cresting, as soon as you feel the front start to dip and the load starts to let up on the engine, hit the brake and you should stop in the depth of the well without going over the back side. As with anything else, it's something that can take a few rounds of practice to get right.

Submission + - 3D Printing Technique Uses Ultrasound To Produce Complex Composites (

An anonymous reader writes: A research team has designed a new style of 3D printing which is able to print combined materials using ultrasonic waves. The engineers demonstrated the novel method in which ultrasound is used to position millions of microscopic glass fibres into a reinforcement framework. The layer is then placed using a focused laser beam, which cures the epoxy resin and prints the object. The researchers showed the ability to build a plane of fibres into a reinforcement framework, and precisely orientate the fibres by switching the ultrasonic standing wave pattern during the printing process. This technique, the team argues, allows for the creation of almost any type, size or shape of fibre, including complex fibrous architectures, such as those required in high-performing products (tennis rackets, golf clubs, aerospace components, and fishing rods etc.)

Submission + - RIP Alan Rickman, AKA Hans Gruber, Severus Snape

TigerPlish writes: Variety reports Rickman died after a short bout of cancer, and was surrounded by friends and family when he went.

While some may question how is this News for Nerds, I'm of the opinion that Harry Potter was, is, and will always be a nerd favorite.

Comment Re:What about (Score 1) 63

No. He means for the scenario where someone makes a statement that is so blatantly wrong that there's no worth in attempting to correct the point of view and just click a couple buttons to mod the ignorance into oblivion.

Of course, we all know that there is no way on this earth that such a mod would be abused in any way. /sarcasm

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