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Comment Re:Equitable pay? (Score 1) 429 429

calling anything vaguely related to money that displeases you 'socialistic' is dumb beyond words.

The poster did no such thing.

Um...yes he did. Emphasis mine:

Google employees can [share] their salaries all they want, the rest of the world does not want to follow this socialistic route.

And if to you the rest of the world is limited to the USA, you might be right... A good portion of the western world is actually more socialist than we are.

Lastly, sharing bonus and salary information is the way I ensure that my employer wishes to stay competitive in all aspects of what they do. Not just sharing that information with other employees, but using sites like to get a "temperature" of where my wages fall in line with other people who have similar Education/Experience, which when review times come up I always bring a copy of reports from several such sites, as well as the public financial numbers of the company, to the negotiation table. So far, this has served me and my bosses well in keeping my salary at a level that's comfortable and competitive for everyone.

Comment Re: ... and the hype for Windows 10 begins.... (Score 1) 405 405

They're also ugly as hell having absolutely horrible color schemes that make me want to rip my eyes out every time I see them. Neon Orange on Smoke Gray transparency? WTH?? Also, there's no dimensionality. It's all flat. The quick bar isn't so bad and I can get used to it...but those damn tiles all over the place in the start menu itself? Ugly as damn sin.

I grant that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but what I behold in Win10 is ugly as shit to me. If you like it, fine. I'm happy for you. Enjoy that shit all you want. Me, I'd rather have a bit more complexity to my desktop icon design and I'd be less annoyed if MS allowed me to stick with Aero in the same way 7 could be made to look like WinXP or 98 with the classic theme. I was one of the weird ones who, while I didn't have anything outright against the plastic look of default XP and thought it looked leagues better than the 9x UIs, I saw the Aero UI in Vista and wanted to jump over that...but I didn't want the quirky shit of Vista's UAC. Thankfully in the interim there was WinXP Dark Edition that applied the Aero look to XP's core. When 7 came out and did away with several major issues I had with Vista (still had plenty of issues that I could live with that were patched out in SP1 anyway), and had the stability and usability of XP, I swapped as soon as I was able. Then they came out with windows 8 and not only did they come out with a crap interface I can't stand to look at, but also threw usability to the wind. Windows 10 as far as I've been able to discern has resolved most if not all of the usability issues, but kept the UI that makes my eyes bleed. If I can't stand to look at the OS UI to use the system, how am I going to get any real productivity going? Every time I move out of an app to a different one I'm going to be jarred out of the zone through noticing the UI "faults".

Comment Re:Why are we even discussing this again? (Score 1) 213 213

All they knew on each question which 2 letters represented clearly wrong answers and were able to reason out which of the remaining two was the red herring on a sufficient number of questions to make a passing score.

As someone who's taken the CCNA and hasn't used it yet (As in I purposefully did not list it on my Resume since I'm stronger with coding, and as I came to find out I make more money now as an Analyst here than I would have as a Certified network grunt on the same level.) I can vouch that knowing everything on that test will only guarantee a near perfect score without having to use the full time to take it. My courses to prep me for the CCNA had us take the previous session's test so we could gauge where our weaknesses were and focus on those as we went through. I still passed by a significant margin with the technique listed above, and it took me only about 20 minutes longer to complete than the actual test (I had 10 minutes to spare on the practice test as opposed to more than 30 minutes left after the actual test).

Long story short: To someone who actually knows his shit Certs aren't even good enough to make toilet paper; unless you're going for worse than Soviet Grade. To someone in HR, they're good for nothing besides CYA: "But he had the cert. I'm no IT guy...but shouldn't that mean he knew his shit? It's not my fault he turned out to be a complete idiot!"

Comment Re:11 rear enders (Score 1) 549 549

On my full size Van with ABS I wired in an auxiliary set of red flashing LED lights above the standard brake lights going to a separate pedal switch set further down in the pedal's travel. Under normal braking, I never have to push down on the brake to activate the aux lights. If I start doing an emergency stop, however, the aux lights begin strobing until the pressure is relaxed off the switch. I've had several people tell me already they were glad for the extra warning since they couldn't see the road conditions in front of me. I also have a similar setup on my bikes, though instead of being pressure sensitive the brake lights will always flash several times before staying solid.

Comment Re:There are always options. (Score 1) 628 628

I do it all the time on my dev box; especially if I'm moving between nVidia's proprietary driver, CUDA, and nouveau.

In the rare cases where it breaks video (more often caused by a config change in the X-Server) the worst I'd have to do is Ctrl-Alt-Backspace, which hasn't caused me to lose active work or forced a new login yet.

Comment Re:Did you notice how all the drones were white?? (Score 1) 87 87

About a 2 hour drive south of Atlanta, who's trying to make themselves into a combination Silycon Valley / Hollywood for the South East

This should have read: Macon-Bibb county is about a 2 hour drive south of Atlanta; Atlanta being the one who's trying to make themselves into a combination Sillycon[sic] Valley / Hollywood for the South East

Comment Re:Did you notice how all the drones were white?? (Score 1) 87 87

Good thing this is Georgia and not Alabama. About a 2 hour drive south of Atlanta, who's trying to make themselves into a combination Silycon Valley / Hollywood for the South East. Atlanta has already started considering towns as far north as Ellijay and Blue Ridge to be "Suburbs" with a combined sustained population less than 50K over 825 square miles. Up in this region, most of the local EMCs have rolled out Fiber capable of 50Mbps symmetrical or better all over the rural mountains. These are towns about 100 miles north of Atlanta, and within 10 to 20 miles of the North Carolina Border. In 20 years time, I expect the state of Georgia above Houston County to the NC border to be known as Atlanta-Georgia; From Waycross south to become Savannah-Georgia; and everything inbetween to be Da-Sticks of Georgia.

Of course, I still have to agree with you on the ethical conduct part. Technical Competence, though? Metropolitan Georgia is in a lot better position with their Technology Infrastructure than anyone gives them credit for. Almost scarily so.

Comment Re:Associate of Science in Networking... (Score 1) 173 173

If I wanted an enterprise level overkill solution, I'd have grabbed a couple of Cisco 1800's for <$200 off eBay with the necessary modules and configured the proprietary VPN through IOS like I learned in college (this route is still not off the table either, just not preferred). Your SSG5's are going for about the same price on ebay and would require me to learn a system I'm not immediately familiar with, which wouldn't be a problem if I needed this to work in my own lab only. Just because I'm not current on consumer and open source options doesn't mean I don't know my shit on the enterprise level. I specifically asked this question because I'm trying to AVOID enterprise equipment in a home environment, retard (to show you the same courtesy as you have shown me)!

I want a solution that I can either use my equipment on hand, or be able to buy/build for less than $200 that my dad would be able to troubleshoot through a web interface and know WTF he's looking at in the event something goes south when I'm not immediately available. Any solution I go with I am going to have to take a vacation week to walk him through troubleshooting and he doesn't do well with command line.

Comment Re:TeamView FTW (Score 1) 173 173

Not quite so easy.

Modem with 4 connect points is outside the house next to the Power Meter which is double locked, one for the service key and a padlock for our access to the connect points which my dad has the key for. There's an ethernet line on one of the connect points that comes out of there and goes into the basement where it goes into a locked closet with a thick metal door and deadbolt. Inside this room the cable comes into a large locked metal breaker box flush mounted in the wall just for this purpose; again, only my dad and I have the keys to this box. Inside this box is where we set up the wireless router, with the antennae removed from the unit itself and connected outside the room using extension cables with BNC connectors. All the physical connections in the house have to come into this box.

Diverting the outside connection to a server locked in the room and another line going back into the box to the router would be trivial to set up. I also have a lockable metal box with powered ventilation that a desktop workstation could fit in nicely with plenty of room to breathe (acquired from the local RadioShack when they were selling off their fixtures after the bankruptcy). Though based on most of the responses here I'm probably going to find some cheap routers (sub $100) that can run DD-WRT and OpenVPN to replace the one there and keep it inside the locked box. As far as wireless, I'll likely set up an AP or 2 on the main floor instead of the current setup that's not working very well outside the basement (for obvious reasons). Now that it's my dime going into this, my dad is more willing to let me have reign on the network and how things are set up.

Comment Re:TeamView FTW (Score 1) 173 173

Be prepared for him to learn how to bypass things...that's what kids do ya know.

Fully prepared and expecting it. He likes to figure out how things work like I used to. If he takes interest in trying to bypass the security it'll escalate like a chess game. So far he's more interested in building and programming electronic projects than getting online much. It can often be a battle of wills to even get him to use the internet to find his own answers when he's stuck.

Comment Re:Chrome Remote Destkop (Score 2) 173 173

If he's going to be using my or my Parents' network resources and the government says I'm responsible for what he does until he's 18, you bet your ass I'm going to do checks to make sure he isn't doing anything that will warrant a visit from the Feds. Beyond that, he has a pretty good amount of freedom and leeway on the web.

That said, I'll have to look into CRD to see if it'll work given the apparent constraints that my Parents' ISP has placed on the connection. Windows Remote Assistance was working for a while and that is primarily what we used whenever they needed some quick work or a tutorial on something they wanted to do with the computer... Unfortunately it just stopped working all of a sudden. We figured out that their ISP had started blocking ports; upon contact the ISP made it clear they weren't going to be helpful in opening them up for us. This is the reason for the desire of a VPN where every machine on my Parents' network will look like they exist on my local NAT so I can easily just point the RDP Client or SSH session to a known IP address and have the full access I need. Using RDP would also eliminate the need for someone to actually have to be at a desktop while I did maintenance. To facilitate this more, I plan on setting my parents' computers to respond to WoL packets as well.

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